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2,000 Mules But 0 Consequences

2000 Mules

In Dinesh D’Souza’s successful 2,000 Mules film, a group of experts with extensive experience inspecting election fraud and election security share various forms of evidence that the 2020 election was not properly conducted, with many ballots being illegally harvested. The non-profit organization known as True The Vote was able to conduct their investigation into the 2020 election by pinpointing roughly 2,000 individuals via cellphone data and analyzing video across five key states that clearly shows election-related crimes being committed. 

In total, True The Vote obtained more than 10 trillion cell phone pings and over 4 million minutes of surveillance video from ballot boxes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. To verify the integrity of their cell phone data, True The Vote followed protocols established after Georgia authorities solved the 2020 murder of Secoriea Turner using cell phone geolocation data. After confirming the validity of the cell phone data, True The Vote examined thousands of videos from numerous ballot drop boxes. Video footage acquired by True The Vote shows that some of the ballot traffickers suspiciously dropped off their collection of ballots in the middle of the night. More disturbingly, other vote harvesters wore disposable fingerprint-proof gloves, with operatives even removing their gloves immediately after placing the ballot or ballots that were in their possession into a drop box. This indicates intent and proves that the individuals who trafficked ballots were aware that they were committing a crime. 

Based on a combination of surveillance footage and cell phone data, True The Vote was able to identify ballot traffickers, or “mules”. A ballot mule is an individual that is suspected of illegally collecting ballots from various sources and submitting them to a ballot drop box, commonly in exchange for money. According to True The Vote’s criteria, a person is considered a mule if they are confirmed to have made at least 10 visits to ballot drop boxes and more than 5 visits to leftist non-profit organizations over a four-week period. In total, more than 2,000 ballot mules were flagged. 

In Atlanta, Georgia, True The Vote identified 242 mules who visited an average of 24 drop boxes and 8 Democrat-aligned non-profit organizations in the two weeks leading up to the 2020 election. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 100 mules were discovered, with each mule going to an average of 28 drop boxes. In Detroit, Michigan, approximately 500 mules were observed by True The Vote, with some mules visiting as many as 100 drop boxes. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had the majority of the overall mules, with 1,100 mules being detected in the one city alone. According to True The Vote, Philadelphia’s mules visited an average of 50 drop boxes each. Lastly, in Phoenix, Arizona, around 200 ballot mules were uncovered by True The Vote’s investigation. As previously mentioned, this likely illegal operation was unearthed through an analysis of data in merely five states. One could only imagine what an extensive investigation across all 50 states would uncover. 

While D’Souza’s film manages to capture approximately 2,000 suspected felons and pinpoint their exact activities that influenced the 2020 election, the film also serves as a reminder that Americans were not given justice for the events that occurred in 2020. After all, where are the consequences? If the FBI weren’t being used by the Biden administration for political purposes, such as raiding innocent conservatives or targeting parents concerned about radical school curriculums, they could launch an official investigation into the findings of 2,000 Mules. But instead, Biden’s allies at the FBI have determined that Americans do not deserve such an investigation. As a result, conservative states have realized that they are effectively on their own with regard to election security, and they have been forced to enact various election integrity measures that aim to prevent future Democrat-linked ballot harvesting operations from being as successful as they were in 2020.

2,000 Mules successfully exposed an extensive campaign to influence the outcome of the 2020 election in five key swing states. Now, however, the alleged mules should face criminal investigations, and those proven guilty should be punished. Even though the outcome of the 2020 election can no longer be changed, anyone guilty of election-related crimes should still be fully held accountable. 

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Mike M
1 day ago

IF there is ANY proof the producers of 2000 Mules needed to provide facts to be investigated and charges brought. That will never happen, more Trump Big Lie BS.

14 days ago

This only shows that the socialist/democrats REFUSE to look at any facts. Just like their pet media.

Tim Thompson
25 days ago

Certainly verifies that Biden missing during the election campaign was busy orchestrating ballot harvesting for his up coming election. We now have the proof, if we had any justice at all they would pull Biden out of the White House and reinstate Trump there. Indictments should be issued to each and everyone of the mules they have definite proof of. Trump won that election hands down, the stuffing of ballots especially over stuffing to the tune of 81,000,000 votes for Biden was laughable they made it so outlandish that Americans could only scratch their heads because no one saw Biden during the entire election.

16 days ago
Reply to  Tim Thompson

There is no proof.

Current scoreboard:

People confirmed as mules = 0

People cleared of being mules after investigation = 3

carolyn radke
29 days ago

Am glad God knows.

1 month ago

I can’t believe it is actually a thought out there that Biden might’ve won campaigning from his basement mixing up the laundry list for the grocery list etc. etc. Biden is a three time liar and a loser. This is an example of the perfect storm with the convenience pandemic and the switching of the votes at the last minute and turning off the lights and when they come on voilà Biden is winning. We need to go back to voting day get in line vote and go home. And I’m sure that all you got voted for Biden I just thrilled today did used to walking and bread and water. Let’s go Brandon

1 month ago
Reply to  John

Not as much of a loser as Trump who managed to get 7 million fewer votes than Biden and 2.7 million fewer than Clinton, lost the House, and gave away the Senate with his lies in Georgia.

14 days ago
Reply to  Cam

We must have a spy in the house. Or, why would a socialist/democrat “join” a conservative organization? I am sure Cam that you are elated at what Biden has done TO America and shocked at what President Trump did FOR America.

1 month ago

The best indication we have of what True the Vote was looking at comes from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which in September determined that the data it was provided was insufficient to launch an investigation. The GBI said that the data was “cell site location information” — a triangulated location estimate less accurate than GPS — and that it centered on identifying visits “within 100 feet of a voter drop box.”

That’s significantly less precise than Phillips likes to suggest. During his testimony in Arizona, in fact, Phillips insisted that the military could get GPS precision down to a few centimeters. And that’s true — using specific technology that’s not generally available commercially. Using technology that there’s no reason to think he had. Instead, he insisted that by overlapping different bits of data — WiFi access and Bluetooth — he could get more precise. That’s not what the GBI says it received.

1 month ago

D’Souza’s charge is mind-blowing. He claims that there are as many 54,000 mules that were organized and paid in at least five big cities. In Fulton County (Atlanta), he tells us 92,670 ballots were stuffed illegally into drop boxes.

That’s astonishing — because there were only 79,000 ballots cast in drop boxes in Fulton County!
And in Detroit, it was worse. “Mules” stuffed 226,590 ballots into Detroit area drop boxes — way more than the total number of all mail-in ballots — about three times the number of ballots in drop boxes.

True the Vote’s “expert” tells us he identified mules in Detroit, “That went to more than a hundred drop boxes.” That’s also amazing because there were only 30 drop boxes in all of Detroit.
And with over three-quarters of a million ballots stolen or “trafficked,” not one voter claimed that someone stole their ballot. Because, maybe, it didn’t happen.

14 days ago
Reply to  Cam

IF what you believe is correct Cam, why then do the socialist/democrats REFUSE to investigate ANY part of the “election fraud” debate? If they are so sure there was no election fraud, then INVESTIGATE all the charges and put the issue to rest. Not only the socialist/democrats REFUSE to look at the charges, neither will the socialist media. They ALL seem to have the same talking points. Doesn’t that seem odd to you?

1 month ago

And what about those “non-profits” that paid the mules — 2,000 mules casting nearly a million illegal votes — 817,765 illegal ballots (we toted up their claims) in just five cities — i.e. Black cities. D’Souza tracked the mules to the offices of these “non-profits,” even had an Arizona whistleblower say she herself gathered the ballots and paid the mules out of one office. But the whistleblower is in shadow, unnamed…and D’Souza, oddly, conceals the name of this criminal “non-profit.” He won’t reveal the group because … well, that’s odd.

D’Souza says, “We know that the mules got their stashes of ballots from these activist organizations.” He “knows,” but won’t say how he knows, what evidence he has. Hell, he doesn’t name even one evil organization (and he claims there are many) because… well, maybe they didn’t do it.

With thousands of “mules,” somehow they didn’t name a single one. As a former professor of statistics and investigator for several Attorneys General, I can tell you it would be damn easy to locate a bunch of them. True the Vote has license plates, film of faces, and the list of voters whose ballots were dropped off. They could match the photos to the date stamp on the ballots.

They even had a detective hired by the Republican Party who said he saw and filmed men stuffing the ballot boxes late at night. But he didn’t show the film nor call the cops nor tag the suspects (nor did the GOP). Why not? Because it didn’t happen.

And where did these 817,765 ballots come from? A ballot cannot simply be printed and stuffed into a box: every mail-in ballot is assigned and coded to an individual voter (your vote choice is secret but not the ballot envelope nor the fact you voted). So, it would have been easy to call the voters whose ballots were supposedly stolen and used to vote without their consent to prove these were fraudulent votes. (Yes, it’s time consuming: Our Georgia investigation required 1,200 phone calls.)

Since proving ballots are stolen is easy (though time-consuming) why didn’t D’Souza prove his case? Provide a list of the names on the fraudulent ballots? Because he can’t.

D’Souza and True the Vote insist that tens of thousands of ballots in Georgia alone were stolen — yet there were no reports of ballot thefts. Voters would have found that someone cast their ballot when they tried to vote. They can’t prove a million ballots were stolen or illegally bought (“trafficked” in True the Vote’s terminology) because it didn’t happen.

1 month ago

I was so angry at this criminal voter, I wanted to bust him! Expose him. Arrest him. They have his photo, his car, his license plate number. In fact, their “expert” says these ballot mules have, “bad backgrounds, bad reputations, …violent guys.”

Whoa! So, If D’Souza identifies their “backgrounds,” they must have their names. So why don’t they show us the files? Name the names? Show us their faces? Confront them. Call the cops, the feds!

But D’Souza and True the Vote didn’t bust anyone. Didn’t name a single mule — though they supposedly can identify them. They even fuzzed over the mules’ faces so we can’t see who it is. Nice of D’Souza to protect the guilty. Unless, of course, the Black men weren’t guilty. Or just guilty of Voting While Black. They don’t show us the files of their “bad reputations” because these files don’t exist.

Why did the Black man with the ballots commit a crime on camera that will get him five years in prison? For the money, of course! Did D’Souza know for certain the Black man took money? Of course! D’Souza shows a film of money being handed to someone. OK, it’s a reenactment — the actor gets a credit at the end of the film. But hey, it could have happened. Case closed! Guilty!
D’Souza knows the Black man was paid by a “non-profit” group. They showed a photo of Black candidate Stacey Abrams. But he doesn’t actually say that she or her group, Fair Fight Georgia, made the payments. In fact, he doesn’t say who made the payments. Why?

1 month ago

In this film 2000 Mules, heavily promoted by Donald Trump (who hosted the release at Mar-al-Lago), front man Dinesh D’Souza sets out to prove the Black man is a “mule,” part of a giant criminal conspiracy to stuff ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. The proof? Well, you can see it with your own eyes! The evidence is in your face: There’s a BLACK man and he is dropping off BALLOTS in a ballot drop box. Case closed! Guilty!

D’Souza’s “expert” tells us they tracked the Black mule. “So, in one night this person, this mule went across six counties to 27 different drops.” Wow!

Does D’Souza have the film to prove it? Yes, of course he does, you liberal jerk! D’Souza worked with a courageous group, True the Vote, that obtained ALL the security footage of every ballot drop box in Atlanta — 4 million minutes of film and they looked at all of it!

They have the film, but they … just don’t, uh, show it. Why not show us at least a couple of film clips of the 27 times this Black felon repeated his crime?

1 month ago

So far O “mules” confirmed, 1 disproved.

Surveillance video showed a man pull up in a white SUV and insert five absentee ballots into a Gwinnett County drop box, leading to allegations of “ballot harvesting” promoted by the movie “2000 Mules.”

An investigation revealed he was delivering ballots for his family, which is allowed under Georgia law.

The State Election Board voted unanimously Tuesday to dismiss that case and two similar claims that voters had illegally returned absentee ballots. An investigator told the board that in each case, he tracked license plate numbers, interviewed voters and confirmed that ballots belonged to family members in the same household.

“Just because something looks compelling doesn’t mean it’s accurate,” said Matt Mashburn, the Republican chairman of the State Election Board. “We wanted to reassure the public that yes, we have seen the videos, we are taking them very seriously, we’re tracking every one of them down, and we’ll report back to you what we find.”

1 month ago

D’Souza’s agitprop has been thoroughly dismantled, and claims by the noobs at this site that peddle it aren’t much better than he is.

1 month ago

Yes but they will never do anything about it all you hear is talk talk nothing else

1 month ago

Law enforcment is sworn to uphold the law. If Biden is keeping the FBI from investigating the 2020 presidential election isn’t that treason? Surely these democrats know that this corruption will be investigated when the new administration takes office. The American people are frustrated and upset with these corrupt democrats. We want the swamp drained and justice served. The sooner the better!

1 month ago
Reply to  Randall

Couldn’t agree more!

1 month ago

Liberal fascists need a full dose of American justice.

1 month ago

If the 2020 election was a fraud then why can’t it be changed? If it were the other way around you can bet the Democrats would demand it to be changed. The fact it won’t and conservatives and republicans do nothing the Democrats will simply continue to do what they always do – whatever it takes to remain or take power. The Democrat party is a criminal organization with a secret police (FBI and CIA) and a military by definition the Communist party.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ed

It’s hard to believe the Republicans aren’t on EVERY network raising cane about election fraud. It’s equally hard to believe the Republicans aren’t collectively and in force talking about impeachment of Joe Biden.(and yes I know the consequences). The Dems railed on Trump if he farted in private yet the Republicans are silent on Biden’s utter failure as President. They STOLE the election for what? to put this moron in office? I totally agree with Ed

Ted Williams
1 month ago
Reply to  Ed


Tana Timmerman
1 month ago
Reply to  Ed

I agree 100% and where can I review this film

Joe Hudson
1 month ago

Where can I view this film?

Kathleen O'Brien
1 month ago
Reply to  Joe Hudson

Look up 2000 mules in your search engine. There will be several options. One may be a showing at your local theater.

D Fox
1 month ago
Reply to  Joe Hudson

Look it up on Fandango in your area. We had to drive a bit to go to the ONLY theatre showing the film. Well worth the effort. You can also order the DVD on Amazon.

Roger Moore
1 month ago

It is a shame that, within our federal government, politicians can prevent investigations concerning legal voting. If the voting process continues to be corrupted our freedoms will disappear and patriotism will be neutralized. Where does the corruption end? We the People need to remain active in support of our foundational principles.

Anthony Dellisola
1 month ago

Why can’t the states individually decertify their results which would mean Trump won the election if not done properly. I think the rightful President should be in office as our President. Otherwise what it really happening is an overthrow of our government! Has anyone noticed there are continued distractions, riots, wars to keep our minds off the invasion of our southern border, and that the new regime is no longer following our Constitution. Let’s decertify and put the rightful President in office now. Don’t let them get away with it. Everyone can see Biden is not running this country!

Hill, George E.
1 month ago

I sincerely appreciate the due diligence that is being accomplished by the dedicated Americans in this effort to find and clearly state the truth so as to promote justice and integrity in our elections. Also to hold accountable those nefarious individuals that conspire to damage our democratic republic.
May we not concede to injustice and evil thus allowing our USA to damaged and soiled.

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