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5 ‘Terrifying’ Policies to Brace for Under Biden

court bidenDonald Trump has been a unique president for a lot of reasons, but one in particular: he keeps his promises.

Anyone who’s seen former Vice President Joe Biden’s priorities has to be praying he doesn’t become president. They make Hillary Clinton, who ran on the most extreme platform of any candidate in history, look like a Sunday School teacher.

And unfortunately, Biden’s agenda isn’t a collection of radical policies we think he’ll push. These are things he’s said he’ll do. And as CNS News’ Terry Jeffrey points out, it’s a terrifying list.

Most conservatives don’t want to think about a Biden presidency—let alone what it would mean for our country. But as the clock ticks on and the election drags out, we can’t ignore what might be around the corner if the former vice president takes the reins.

Based on what we’ve outlined to people over the past several months, it will be an all-hands-on-deck moment for every God-fearing, freedom-loving American in the country.

Now, Jeffrey must have been limited on space, because he only highlights “5 evil things” Biden plans to do as president. If you’ve read the Biden-Sanders manifesto or perused Biden’s campaign website, you know there are many, many more.

For now, though, Christians, pro-lifers, and anyone who cares about freedom needs to brace themselves for these significant moments—and be prepared to fight back.

The very first, Jeffrey explained on “Washington Watch” on Wednesday, is to codify Roe v. Wade—making it impossible for states to limit or ban abortion for any reason. “Joe Biden wants a federal law that makes abortion nationwide a quote-unquote ‘right.’ Which I say is evil.”

And, to add to that evil, he wants to force every American to pay for it.

That’s No. 2: Biden wants to end the Hyde Amendment. In other words, every federal spending bill could be used in some way to fund abortion. The pro-life Hyde Amendment, which has stood in the way of that radical free-for-all for more than 40 years, would be gone, Jeffrey said.

Beyond that, he wants to create a ‘public option’ under Obamacare, which he describes as a Medicare-like health insurance plan that would cover abortions. So, in two different ways … he would make everybody who pays taxes in America fund abortions.

And then he would go beyond that to force businesses, private family-owned businesses to provide health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs.

No. 3: Biden would reinstate the Obamacare mandate, demanding that every business and nonprofit cover abortion-causing pills and contraception in their health plans.

As Jeffrey points out, “Unfortunately, the Supreme Court never really settled that issue, [so] this is a place where Joe Biden right away could do some serious damage.”

No. 4: Biden says that on Day One, “he’s going to force public schools and colleges to treat biological males as if they’re females. He literally says they’re going to have to let transgenders pick their own gender identity … So literally, Joe Biden will order public schools to say that anatomical males can play on the girls sports teams, use the girls’ shower rooms, and use the girls’ restrooms. Completely outrageous, absolutely evil.”

Last but certainly not least, the Obama vice president says he would order insurance companies to cover gender-reassignment surgeries—not only for adults, but young, impressionable children. Similar to [the] Hobby Lobby case, he’d make family-owned businesses provide that “treatment,” which is actually mutilation.

“These issues, particularly those last two,” Jeffrey said, “did not get nearly the kind of exposure and discussion they deserved before the election. I think there are many Americans who have no idea that Joe Biden is going to order public schools to let boys play on their girls sports teams and let boys use the girls’ locker rooms.

“To me, that’s such a huge [overreach]. And it’s not just evil. It shows a distortion of [Biden’s] mind and heart. And I don’t think there’s any way he could defend it … .”

Some of these things, of course, he can’t do without Congress’ help. And that’s where you and I come in—encouraging our senators and congressmen to stand firm.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Tony Perkins

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10 months ago


10 months ago
Reply to  JIM BILECI

You are correct and hit the root of the problem. Illegals who only come here for gain. Selfish with no thought to contribute to MAGA just want anything free we are handing out and take the rest by whatever crimes necessary. We are being overwhelmed by takers.

10 months ago

The single MOST IMPORTANT threat that a Biden presidency would mean is eroding our SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!!!
If Biden steals this election, the time for USING those weapons, for the constitutional cause of repelling a tyrannical government, will be upon us.

10 months ago
Reply to  Dave

Dave, Agreed! It suddenly became even clearer tonight as I read a new children’s book, The Spider Who Saved Christmas. Mary & Joseph were on their flight to Egypt fleeing Herod’s soldiers killing all boy children under age of two. Soldiers come to the cave with swords. Joseph had only a wooden staff. Disarmed citizens equals Totalitarian Government.

Patrick Jennings
10 months ago

If true, Biden is not practicing his religion.

10 months ago

Yes, I read about a year ago that a priest in a small town withheld communion from Biden at Mass due to his support of abortion…there’s no “if true” about it.

10 months ago

Biden will NEVER BE PRESISENT. The next place where his inauguration will take place is GITMO. When all the truth comes out, Biden won’t be the only inhabitant of Gitmo, but he will have several corrupt guests going with him

Clark Kent
10 months ago
Reply to  Debra

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

Clementine Mizgalski
10 months ago

In my opinion, you have to be brainless not to have seen the coming abomination with Joe Biden as President. The Democrats have espoused the above mandates for YEARS, and Joe Biden stated as much when he “campaigned”, such as it was. Also, with his health situation he may not be President for long. That’s where Kamala Harris comes in. Do the voters for Joe Biden have a brain process? As I suspect, the feminists are thrilled the “glass ceiling” was shattered. They also are 100% pro-abortion. But just to make it stick, there is the cheating.

Chiron Venizelos
10 months ago

KNOW FOR CERTAIN that Joe Biden is merely a puppet! He is taking orders from others – mainly China.

10 months ago

#1 & 2 should have been grouped together as one part of Hide’n Biden’s agenda, and a VERY important issue should have been added: The 2nd Amendment and the right to protect oneself and one’s family from crime and corruption (including a corrupt gov’t).

10 months ago
Reply to  NonyaBeeswax

Nonya: Totally agree. Don’t forget that Biden said he would make that idiot Beto O’Rourke his gun czar. Beto is a stain on my great state of Texas. We have a saying down here that relates to the Texas fight for Independence: “Come and Take It.” I would love to be on the scene at the first house that Beto comes to trying to confiscate an AR-15. He may not get the gun, but he most certainly would get all the bullets. Make sure your firearms are in good working order and get a lot of ammo…that is if you can find any. That too I think is another government plot…buying up all the ammo so private citizens can’t get any. The day of reckoning will be coming and I pray it is not pretty for any DemocRAT.

10 months ago

Devout Catholic, my foot. He should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his abortion and transgender views. Whoever, besides Biden, would consider a 10 yo child is able make life-affecting decisions? Isn’t that why a child doesn’t become an adult until age 18?

10 months ago
Reply to  VikkiC

Much less near birth abortion

michael florez
10 months ago

He is sick,alzeimers joe isn’t going to live that long he’s a puppet

10 months ago
Reply to  michael florez

And Pelosi is controlling his strings, what happened to the three arms. What was Hitler’s next move? Starting to sound strangely familiar

10 months ago
Reply to  michael florez

And then kamala takes office.

10 months ago

No one including Joe Biden is President elect. That title is not bestowed on a candidate until they receive at least 270 majority votes in the Electoral College. That has not happened yet. The Electoral College meets on December 14th. to vote. If no candidate receives 270 majority in the Electoral College, then it goes to the House of Representatives. Where each State gets one vote to elect the President. This happened in 1824 when the House elected John Quincy Adams. According to Article 2 of the Constitution the respective State Legislatures have the power over the election process in that State. Article 2 clearly states that the State Legislature can designate whomever they wish to vote for whom they wish. Not Governors, not court judges, not Secretary of State, not Attorney Generals and certainty not the media. We are currently seeing this happen in PA where the Legislature has decided to send pro Trump electors to the College because of all the fraud. If other swing State Legislatures do the same as PA, Mr. Biden has real problem. If it goes to the House of Representatives, each State gets one vote. There are 50 States in the Union. 31 States are Republican majority Legislatures and 19 are Democratic majorities. So, theoretically Trump would be re-elected by a vote of 31 to 19. PULL OUT A COPY OF OUR CONSTITUTION AND READ IT. ESPECIALLY ARTICLE 2.
Aren’t the checks and balances written into our Constitution by the Founders, terrific!

Last edited 10 months ago by Duane
10 months ago
Reply to  Duane

Yes. Joe Biden the so called Catholic pretender a shame to his Faith a lier and their (he going to down stairs when he goes) He needs an adjustment of his frame of mind! God bless him because know one else will!

10 months ago
Reply to  Duane

Duane you give me and the nation hope. Thanks for your insight.

10 months ago

One sick puppy. Time, we true American’s who love this country, get ready for a Civil War. The corruption, fraud, and Communist tactics socialist take to regain power, and implement their sick and psychopathic beliefs, is an out right travesty, against this great nation.

Clark Kent
10 months ago
Reply to  Sackett

It won’t be a Civil War. It will be the second American Revolution.

10 months ago

I’ve already decided … I WILL NEVER RECOGNIZE JACKASS JOE BIDEN AS MY PRESIDENT PERIOD!!!. … If HE is allowed to steal the Presidency, I will absolutely move to Texas where I will push for seceding from the Union before I become a slave under Communism! President Trump should NEVER give up the White House DEMANDING a finding out and exposing of how this election was stolen from him in those swing states. We the People MUST prepare to FIGHT and DEFEND Our Rights and Freedoms GUARANTEED To Us By The CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS at Whatever Price! … Pray, but Be Prepared!

10 months ago
Reply to  Rik

To arms to arms

Clark Kent
10 months ago
Reply to  Rik

‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.

Louis Theriault
10 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Judging by the number of people moving into Texas and where they are moving from (many many from California) I would have to say that state is in peril.Your best bet would be a red fly-over state if you are in a position to live that lifestyle.,

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