5 Times The Obama Administration Helped Russia At The United States’ Expense

Russia PutinIf Russian President Vladimir Putin really did think a Donald Trump presidency would be good for Russia, the first year of that presidency must be quite the disappointment. There has been no indication that the Trump administration’s policies are influenced by Russian preferences.

Perhaps that’s why some found interesting a recent Daily Beast article claiming Trump National Security Council senior staffer Kevin Harrington recommended withdrawing U.S. troops from Eastern Europe to curry favor with Russia. This, the article states, was “something that smelled, to a colleague, like a return on Russia’s election-time investment in President Trump.”

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From - The Federalist - by Rebeccah Heinrichs

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4 years ago

Didn’t Obama get caught making a comment to the Russian Ambassador before he realized that the microphone hadn’t been turned off that “he could do more after he was re-elected”??? … If the American Communist Party had ENDORSED OBAMA BOTH TIMES, anybody with a lick of common sense would know the Russians surely had more to gain from a Hillary presidency than from Trump. Yet nobody points this out. Why not???

4 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Obama made that comment to Dmitry Medvedev, who was the stooge Putin had installed as acting President of Russia after he couldn’t run for a third consecutive term. He corrected that “flaw”, as he called it at the time, in the Russian constitution once he regained power. Now Putin can be President until he dies. So it was not the Russian Ambassador, but the so-called President of Russia at the time.

The thing you have to remember Rik is that before Hillary lost to Trump, the Democrats were always big supporters of the Russians and their policies. Socialism and communism are good and capitalism and a representative republic controlled by the people are bad according to Democrats. Unfortunately after Hillary lost, Robby Mook and John Podesta, who ran her Presidential campaign management team, needed some BS story to explain the embarrassing loss to Trump to the Democrat voter base. After all, Trump had spent only 1/7th of what Hillary did. He had no support from the mainstream media and the administrative state was behind her and the progressive agenda 100 percent. So the Hillary campaign needed something to deflect blame away from the loss caused by a losy candidate and the public’s unwillingness to embrace a continuation of the ruinous Obama era policies that were destroying the country. So they cooked up the phony Russian collusion story and spoon fed it to a very willing press to feed to the American public non-stop. From there it is history. This is all laid out in a book on the subject of the 2016 election.

Look at how dumb at least half the country is. They bought the BS story hook, line and sinker and not only do we have 5 Congressional committees spending millions of taxpayer dollars and wasting precious time that should have been devoted to enacting the Trump agenda, but we’re also paying for a Special Counsel in the form of Mueller, who has assembled a staff of mostly Democrat and Clinton supporters to also investigate Trump for the same BS nonsense. Also costing us several more millions in taxpayer dollars and with only one real goal: Get Trump in a perjury trap so he can be impeached.

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