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638,000 Jobs Added in October!

jobsStatement from U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia regarding the October 2020 Employment Situation Report:
“The strong economic rebound continues, with approximately 900,000 private sector jobs gained back in September and again in October, and the October unemployment rate dropping a full point, to 6.9 percent. Labor force participation increased, and Asian, Black, and Hispanic Americans all saw substantial decreases in unemployment. The unemployment rate for adult women is now lower than for adult men. As in September, job growth would have been even higher but for declines in government jobs. Teachers’ unions take note: School closures are bad not just for students, but for workers, too.”

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10 months ago

Thank you president Trump, American manufacturing is back because of the policies of this administration. 500,000 new manufacturing jobs in 3 years, America first!

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