9 Wasteful Programs From Massive Spending Bill That Can, and Should, Be Reversed

trumpPresident Donald Trump is right: There’s a lot of ridiculous gimmicks and wasteful projects in the new massive spending bill.

And the good news is there’s something that Trump can do about it, even though he recently signed the huge COVID-19 stimulus and omnibus spending bill into law.

While signing the bill, the president released a statement announcing that he would use his authority to request that Congress rescind wasteful spending from the bill.

Under the Impoundment Control Act, the president can propose that Congress rescind, or cancel, specific unspent budget authority from programs he has determined are unneeded.

The rescission package would be considered by the House and Senate under expedited procedures, without being subject to a filibuster in the Senate, and with protections for a minority of members to prevent the bill from getting bottled up in committee proceedings.

This makes sense. The 5,593-page behemoth spending package was loaded with overspending, gimmicks, and dozens of unrelated other legislative provisions. It was written behind closed doors and voted on within hours of it being made public, preventing any member of Congress or the American people from understanding what was actually in it.

Here are nine wasteful programs funded by the omnibus, which has $1.4 trillion in spending, that should be rescinded:

1. Washington Metro: $150 Million

The omnibus provides $150 million for grants to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the D.C. Metro.

This is yet another example of the capital city getting special benefits at the expense of the taxpayers from around the country. No other local transit system gets its own line-item appropriation. The Heritage Foundation has previously recommended this funding be eliminated.

2. DC Tuition Assistance Grants: $40 Million

The omnibus provides $40 million for federal payment for resident tuition support, which funds the D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant program to subsidize the out-of-state tuition for D.C. residents attending college in other states.

Simply put, it is wrong for taxpayers across the county to provide a special subsidy for residents of Washington, D.C., who are also eligible for all the other federal college benefit programs. This program has not even been authorized by Congress since 2012. The president’s budget recommended the program be eliminated.

3. Kennedy Center: $40.4 Million

The omnibus provides a total of $40.4 million for operations and maintenance and capital repair and restoration for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Using taxpayer funds to subsidize D.C.’s swanky opera house is one of the least defensible items in the entire federal budget. The Kennedy Center already received an additional $25 million as a part of the CARES Act. The Heritage Foundation has previously recommended eliminating this funding.

4. National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities: $335 Million

The omnibus provides $167.5 million each to the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

These two programs use federal tax dollars to make grants supporting arts and humanities projects, something that is much better done by private contributions. The two programs also received an additional $75 million from the CARES Act. Both the president’s budget and The Heritage Foundation have recommended these programs be eliminated.

5. Wilson Center: $14 Million

The omnibus provides $14 million for the Wilson Center, a federally subsidized think tank. Federal subsidies make up about half of the center’s budget, and the dedicated appropriation is not needed nor is it appropriate. The president’s budget and The Heritage Foundation have recommended federal funding for this center be ended.

6. Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Training: $93.9 Million

The omnibus provides $93.9 million for the Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Training program, a $2 million increase from the fiscal year 2020 level.

This program is supposed to provide job training for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Even if this was appropriate for American taxpayers to subsidize, it is duplicative of other job training programs. The president’s budget and The Heritage Foundation have recommended this program be eliminated.

7. Senior Community Service Employment Program: $405 Million

The omnibus provides $405 million for Community Service Employment for Older Americans, which funds the Senior Community Service Employment Program.

This program provides grants meant to subsidize part-time community service activities by the elderly. The program is duplicative of other existing programs, is not cost effective, and nearly half of participants do not complete the program. The president’s budget and The Heritage Foundation have recommended eliminating the program.

8. McGovern-Dole Food for Education: $230 Million

The omnibus provides $230 million for the McGovern-Dole Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program, which uses taxpayer dollars to send American food to schools in foreign countries. The president’s budget has recommended this program be ended.

9. Corporation for Public Broadcasting: $495 Million

The omnibus provides $495 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, most of which is an advance appropriation for fiscal year 2023.

Funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has already been provided for the upcoming fiscal year in prior appropriations bills. The organization also received an additional $75 million as a part of the CARES Act.

The federal government should not use taxpayer funds to subsidize television and radio service, a task which is not needed nor appropriate. The president’s budget and The Heritage Foundation have recommended eliminating this funding.

These are just a small handful of examples of wasteful spending in the $1.4 trillion spending package. Even if all of the wasteful or unnecessary spending from the omnibus is rescinded, much more needs to be done in order to have a responsible budget.

Trump proposing a robust rescission package and Congress passing it would be an important first step toward making controlling spending a priority.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Matthew Dickerson

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8 months ago

I have read through some of the links and the text above, it does not include free monies to Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Brazil, and a host of other countries. We are proverbially “robbing Peter to Pay Paul”! LOOK AT THE NATIONAL DEBT! IS CONGRESS STUPID?

I see in Heritage Foundation recommends Close Down the Transportation Department’s Maritime Administration and Repeal the Maritime Jones Act. this is stupid, the Jones Act is the only thing protecting America from total dependence of foreign shipping. Could they must be supporting Foreign investments, and foreign ownership in America? It sure sounds like it!

Congress and the left have destroyed the marine industry. Private shipyards are vanishing every day, ocean going ships are built in Asia and Europe only. The few built in America are simply forced by the Jones Act. God forbid we have a war that requires additional shipping.

Fact, we waited on boots and uniforms to be manufactured in China for the US Army for Iraq war, we had given up all garment manufacturing in the US to foreign countries, how the heck will we supply our armies if we are at war with China?

This list is simply stupid, yes many of the pork project should be cut out, but the biggest waste is giving our enemies our cash. Egypt will buy arms from Russia, Somalia, Sudan will also buy from China and Russia. Brazil has massive oil and gas reserves and mineral reserves and do not need our hard earned cash!

8 months ago

Our federal, state and local governments do such outrageous things — and we conservatives do little or nothing to stop it. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We can revolt by refusing to pay taxes en masse — and promoting term limits, and new candidates who will represent We the People — not crooked lobbyists and big donors. Trump wants to drain the swamp — but did any of us even imagine how deep the swamp is — and how disloyal even key GOP officials are??? OMG. The socialists/communists have been working to take America over for decades, and average Americans are either unaware of it — or indifferent. We won’t realize how precious our Constitutional democratic republic form of America government is until we lose it — and then, it will be too late. WAKE UP, please!!!

John Fallon
8 months ago

OUTLAW LOBBYING and run these criminals out of town, in fact they should ALL be investigated, how many are agents of enemy states? how many are agents of socialism? they are helping to destroy AMERICA by deliberately driving us further and further into debt, LOBBYIST CAUSED THE SWAMP, THEY CORRUPTED THE CARREER POLITICIANS by feeding thier greed with FORIEGN FUNDS, keeping them under control with BLACKMAIL, replace ALL carreer pols now and end the evil. We have the right to recall and investigate our “CIVIL SERVANTS” and replace them if they fail to SERVE US!

Lee S McQuillen
7 months ago
Reply to  John Fallon

“They corrupted the carreer polticians” is inaccurate. Those politicians let themselves be corrupted!

Richard W Morton
8 months ago

how do we get term limits for all elected positions. Government should be about running this country, not careers that enrich the politician financially.

Steve Hackman
8 months ago

Congress will not support the President to rescind these programs because members of congress probably have their families making money off of these sin full bills.

8 months ago

We will sure missed our President. I am not sure how 2021 will go. We know about the Pandemic.

Dana B.
8 months ago

Great article. And I agree with those commenting that the funds designated for other countries need to be eliminated as well. But, please advise as to what we, the taxpayers, can do to make our voices heard on this topic, and what Amac is doing as well. Thank you.

8 months ago

Would like to see which members of the house and senate voted for this BS.

8 months ago
Reply to  Kenneth

You can check any .gov website and find out. I half heard on late-night radio someone listing Congressmen’s names responsible for particular pieces of the pork. That also is probably out there on record for us to read.

8 months ago

To me tuition assistance should be the obligation of each of the institutions of higher learning based solely on their rediculous amounts of money in their foundations.

Joe, Las Vegas
8 months ago

I just read through all the comments so far. What am I missing? Where is the logic is sending $Billions overseas and not taking care of our homeless? The Arts??!!! They should all be funded by donations. Bailouts for poorly run cities? What about a proper increase in Social Security benefits? Finally, why oh why doesn’t the Left see this logic? They have been so brainwashed by so-called educators, and the corrupt media.

Kelly Stewart Chiles
8 months ago

What about gender studies in foreign countries? That is the number one thing that needs to be cut from this bill.

8 months ago

There are hundreds (?) of such nonsensical bones to pick from that very fat side of pork. I’m not totally in favor of handing out money to most citizens (open up commerce and schools instead), but if it will be done, then eliminate any money that was headed for other countries and for politicians’ domestic pet projects and give it to us. It’s our money, after all.

Tim Saunders
8 months ago

why are these “thefts” of American taxpayers not handled differently…so much unnecessary pork all the time in these bills…such a waste of good money gone bad

8 months ago

This is just a small amount of what is going to happen if Biden and democrats get control.

Sandra Billeter
8 months ago

I agree that a single bill proposal should have only one topic…others are constantly being added on at our expense.
George Washington was quoted as saying, we first take care of our own, we then help other countries in need.

George Mason
8 months ago

This bill could not be passed for much of our history. Limiting the power to tax and spend was the objective of our U.S. Constitution. Article 1 Section 8 the enumerated powers provided the our federal government with limited powers to tax and spend. Their ability to raise taxes prior to the misguided passage of the 16th amendment and the specific items that the federal government could spend those taxes on were very clear to Americans through the late 1800s and into the 1900s. Passage of the 16th amendment without any language to determine how taxes were to be accessed and collected, without stating how the funds were to be spent, and without a balanced budget requirement let the monster (Federal Government)out of the box. Our Supreme Court should have ruled that the spending was unconstitutional but they looked the other way. In this case the entire is unconstitutional. The bill represents exactly what the writers of our constitution were trying to prevent. We are all slaves of our powerful Federal Government. The power to set taxes and laws has been taken away from local government.

8 months ago


8 months ago

Line item veto…..NO politician ever wants REAL transparency it hides the paybacks and corruption.
No lobbying for 25 years after leaving office, ALL spending clearly available and transparent for Citizens to see.
A balanced budget with specific detail to revenue in from taxes and out in spending.
Clearly these “SO CALLED” washington establishment,smarter than all could manage these few items???
I guess it depends on your desire and willingness to be honest.
What are the chances with anyone other than President Trump.

David P Nelson
8 months ago

Oh my gosh! It would appear that the Socialist Democrats, actually, feel that us Taxpayers are ignorant idiots and would allow such misappropriation of (our) money. Well, think again!
They ought to be ashamed of themselves!

8 months ago

Lets face it. Commenting on this website means nothing. The reality is that we don’t have the courage or the means to change any
of this stuff we are complaining about. Why are we here on this website ? Just to object and BS and make ourselves feel better while we
know we don’t have the determination to change anything. So just live with it. We are observers and complainers, not doers. If we were
doers we would have NOT accepted the Nov 3 contaminated election. We need to wake up and realize how little we matter because we
allow ourselves to be dominated. We are the perfect “victims”.

8 months ago
Reply to  NeverBiden

Many of us have spoken out and let our representatives know how we feel. How many politicians or state legislators have you contacted? A big rally will be taking place in the nation’s capitol on Jan. 6. If you can, make a poster, and go! Or find a locally-sponsored event. That’s how you can support your president and let everyone know you’re dissatisfied with how the election was conducted. IT’S HUGE NUMBERS OF ANGRY PEOPLE THAT WILL GET THEIR ATTENTION!!

But when you write, “Commenting on this website means nothing”, you’ve already conceded. That’s rolling over and playing dead. Giving up before the war has barely begun. Surrendering. So, why are you here?

8 months ago

When DC passes phony pork bills such as the “Covid Act” or the “Improve America Act” ( we are not america, we are the US) they are
never rescinded. These bills pay for the lobbyists and the financial benefactors who support the dims. Do you really think that Gates, Soros, and
Bloomberg fork over billions for nothing ? Hello ? We go over this again and again. This ship has sailed. DC will NEVER : 1. cut the federal budget or 2. stop supporting pork or 3. stop borrowing from the Chi-coms

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