ABC Ignores Maxine Waters Encouraging Harassment of Republicans, After Sanders Refused Service

Maxine WatersAfter White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service at a Virginia restaurant last Friday evening from the shop’s anti-Trump owner, Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters, called for attacks on the Trump administration at a rally in Los Angeles Saturday: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Following these incidents over the weekend, ABC completely ignored both ends of it– Sanders being harassed and Waters’ inflammatory comments, during their morning coverage on Good Morning America. NBC’s Today show also didn’t cover Waters’ comments during their regular two hour programming, but waited until Megyn Kelly’s show later in the morning to talk about it. CBS was the only network to feature both stories back to back on This Morning, June 25.

After a brief on Sanders being refused service, NBC waited until the 9:00am EST hour of Megyn Kelly’s Today to discuss Waters’ controversial comments. Instead of condemning Waters, the NBC panel downplayed the significance of a leader encouraging public bullying of people they disagree with politically.

One of the panelists, NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk, tried to argue that Sanders was treated well. “It would’ve been uncivil if they had pushed her, it would’ve been uncivil if they had shouted at her, this was a very civil, ‘Please leave my restaurant.’ It was a protest,” Gosk gushed.

Fellow panelist Karamo Brown, host of the Netflix reboot Queer Eye also defended Waters. “I don’t really think that Maxine is really wanting someone to attack someone,” he said, while Kelly and legal analyst Daniel Goldman argued President Trump set a standard for bullying.

While NBC defended Waters, CBS This Morning rebuked Waters for encouraging public harassment. After a report on the story, King condemned Waters:

GAYLE KING: Made me sad when I heard that story over the weekend that Sarah Sanders– Regardless of how you feel about her or Donald Trump, she ought to be able to eat where she wants. That made me very sad. And on the other hand, I don’t think the conversation that Maxine Waters is putting out–I respect her, know her, but I just don’t think that’s going to be helpful either.

“Civility really matters, especially now,” she added, as the rest of the CBS panel agreed with her.

A little hypocritical coming from King, who herself harassed a Mexican-American who believed in legal immigration that he needed to “be easier” on illegal immigrants, on the show last week.

This latest incident comes on the heels of other Republicans being attacked by liberal protesters in public. Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was bullied by a liberal mob at a Mexican restaurant in D.C., and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was heckled at by liberal activists Sunday outside a screening of the new Mr. Rogers movie.

From - NewsBusters.org - by Kristine Marsh

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marianne compton
3 years ago

unbelievable! the best medicine for all of the left, progressive, democrat, socialists’ behavior, is to absolutely make sure that President Trump is elected for a second term!!! so every one of us needs to vote! and vote in all the republicans in all the races and mid-terms – as much as you may not want to, vote the party. om goodness, i can only imagine!

Kelly Smith
3 years ago

It’s time to push back!

Rebecca Drummond
3 years ago
Reply to  Kelly Smith

Yes, but not with the same words or actions the left is using. Sarah Sanders set the example for us and
it is perfect. The left cannot justify their actions by pointing to her actions. Let’s try to emulate her. Also,
as much as I appreciate what President Trump has and is doing, I’d like to see him emulate Sarah, too, by tempering his words a bit. While I recognize and laugh at his sense of humor in a lot of what he says, so much of it could be really funny in a private setting (except for leakers), I would not wince at the repercussions I see coming.

Also, voting for President Trump and other Republicans (to help him get his efforts through Congress) is probably the best “push back” we can do.

Martin Steed
3 years ago

At the time, I was living in CA., and remember well that it was Maxine Waters who started the chant, “No Justice, No Peace” which led to the riots and burning of a lot of property in South Central LA when the cops were on trial after the Rodney King incident. Maxine is a VERY rich lady who is a race baiter and a poverty pimp and stays in office promising her constituents freebees and welfare. Sadly, they fall for it and keep voting for her.

Saundra Finleon
3 years ago

We used to always watch GMA when Charlie and Sam were there, longer even. But for many years now, “news” isn’t reported as news…it’s very bias at times. We enjoy the liveliness, joking atmosphere and fun things that happen, but when news is being reported, it should be more bi-partisan. If GMA wants to be a “talk show” format, then let them change. But quit being so liberal against anything Republican!

B. Y. A.
3 years ago

I believe she is 100 percent right. We’ve had enough of the bulling and Lieing from the White House and that president dictator. Time they
get a taste of their own medicine. And why so interested in what Waters had to say and no interest in the child internment’s camps.
Double Standard Republicans

Rebecca Drummond
3 years ago
Reply to  B. Y. A.

From what I have read, President Trump has done nothing other than what the former president did. As far as bullying and lying from the White House, I remember many times where the former president said and did things that were questionable, maybe even dictatorial. I even remember him giving us the finger! Why did no one comment? Anytime someone said anything about Barack Obama that wasn’t glorifying him, they were labeled “racist!” It got old very quickly!

The temporary homes given to the children of illegal immigrants are not “internment camps.” They are a place to keep the children safe from danger while their parents get their acts together and, hopefully, they all can be safely sent back to their homes of origin. Interesting that you use the language of the Third Reich in describing the accommodations.

The United States cannot take every immigrant in the world into our borders. We are a sovereign nation, a Democratic Republic governed by laws, not by what feels good at the time. I often wonder what everyone who thinks all these people must and should be permitted to stay in the U.S. would do if they were housed next door to them. Not one of them offer their homes for shelter. Millions of tax payer dollars have been spent over the years of this debacle, money that could be used for the benefit of the citizens of this country who were forced to pay those taxes. It is not right that the people who want what is in the United States (but have not given even their talents to benefit this country) only become wards of the state at the taxpayer’s expense.

To use your accusation back on you: Double Standard Democrats!

3 years ago

Publicly commanding people to commit assault (push back) falls under the “inciting a riot” laws.

3 years ago

Maxine Waters is a disgrace as are so many others.

Papa Coach
3 years ago

The far left liberals are similar to radical Muslims. They have lost their minds. It’s their way or no way. They show zero tolerance. If you’re a conservative there is real danger in voicing your political views or saying anything positive about President Trump.

3 years ago

Good “OLD” Maxine is a real rabble rouser. Just think if this had been done to Obama. She would have been out in force, yelling Discrimination. This sort of behavior is going to lead to something ugly and I will not blame the person who finally pushes back. This was a free country, where people of all parties could sit down and eat at a restaurant without harassing one another. What gives???

3 years ago

Good job Maxine Waters! She is the only one fighting bullying, hatred and prue evil. Hate begets hate not kindness.

Rebecca Drummond
3 years ago
Reply to  Lee

Hi Lee. If only Maxine Waters was fighting bullying, hatred, and pure evil instead of instigating it. Look at her face as she spews her hate and unkindness, all towards the other half of the citizens of the United States. Hopefully, the other half of those she despises will not follow her vile lead and encourage people to surround her or her followers everywhere they are seen. She’s foolish to even say such things which raise the volume and temperature which cause someone like, say, the man who shot Representative Scalise and planned to take out the entire Republican baseball team last year. These are dangerous things to say to a nation that has so many unstable people living in it. The result is provoking violence instead of encouraging calm debate.

Poque Mahoney
3 years ago

Are we really surprised? I don’t think so. ABC is a branch of the DNC.

3 years ago

Are there any folks on the Left with a conscious? It is a sad day when we allow in ignorant fool like Waters in politics who hasn’t an ounce of a brain. She improves on her ignorance with her every word.

3 years ago

As a citizen of the greatest country in the world I’m always surprised at how the left is never punished for the vial, disgusting, immoral language they spew. My question is: As a free and decent society Why Do We Accept This As Norm? Above all, Why are we not seriously boycotting the media? I am not a good organizer but would love to see someone step up too organize a series of large rallies against Main Stream Media and their bias.

Robin Z
3 years ago
Reply to  George

It’s BECAUSE we are a free and decent society that we accept this, but certainly not as the norm. Let these lunatics rant and rave and make their threats in the name of one sided freedom of speech and one sided freedom of expression. It is better to know who our enemies are, as they expose themselves in many unpleasant ways that will surely bite back at a later date. The nation is watching.

Sweet Lady Mary
3 years ago

Maxine Waters has mental health issues. I can’t believe that she is still in WA. She needs to go home and seek mental help. The Democrats are all sticking together and not speaking out about this harassment. Unfortunately, the Republicans are also keeping their mouths shut and not speaking out against the harassment. I am almost to the point that I believe that liberals are so hate filled that they have lost their common sense and respect for others that don’t agree with them.

3 years ago

Why isn’t Maxine called out on her standard of living – wall, security gates surrounding her corner block mansion and not the area she represents. Call out the source of OPA, Soros funded protests, etc. So much to push back on. Maxine, loosen up your wig stitches – you don’t make sense.

Barbara S.
3 years ago

Maxine is way off her game here. this is sick to tell her crowd to incite trouble if you see members of the opposing party in public, and to carry a knife….what is her purpose? someone needs to ask her….this can’t be ignored, she must be confronted and told to stop this kind of rhetoric…there are people all worked up already over politics who will not be able to control themselves and another person will get hurt….why? because some loudmouth Congress member thinks she can talk like this in public? wow, shows how far down in the gutter Congress people have fallen. I emailed my Congressman Gus Bilirakis today about Maxine, I fear someone will get killed by someone already not stable and doesn’t get her rhetoric…her attention getting loud mouth talk….for shame Maxine…you and Nancy…..disgusting humans..and we never did find out whose girlfriends/boyfriends got paid off with our tax money by sitting House and Senate members….

pat c
3 years ago

She should be in jail. FOR REAL!

Ed Mahoney
3 years ago

More senators HATING and they get publicity for it.

Paul W
3 years ago

This brain-dead, ignorant, classless moron should be in cuffs for incitement. The right has been far too tolerant for far too long. When is the right going to react. Having tolerance is one thing, not pushing back is another. It’s pathetic. Furthermore, not reacting is going to cause pressure to build and build until… The outcome will not be pretty.

3 years ago

The mobs are most likely organized by ex-president BHO via his radical far left Organizing for America operation intent on continuation of Alynsky based divisive and disruptive tactics. Well past time for a RICO investigation of BHO’s operation to totally transform America into a large scale Cuba .

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