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Why is the Administration Afraid of the Word ‘Genocide,’ asks AMAC

capitol-flagThousands of innocent Christians throughout the world are being systematically eradicated.

WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 11 – It’s hard to get the image out of your mind: 30 Christian men in orange jump suits lined up on a beach in the Middle East, their captors set to behead them.

“It is genocide, pure and simple.  Yet the administration still refuses to use the ‘G’ word.  Why?  Is it because it is politically incorrect and offensive to those committing these crimes against humanity?  Just days ago, Secretary of State John Kerry could not bring himself to say the word in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  When pressed, all he would say is: ‘It does require a lot of fact-gathering.  I mean you have to get the facts from the ground, more than just anecdotal.’  The video was hardly anecdotal evidence of the deliberate, systematic extermination of Christians by ISIS Jihadists,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The so-called frog march of Christians on that bloody beach was not an isolated incident.  Convents and churches have been burned to the ground throughout the region over the past few years.  Whole communities of Christians have been dislocated; if they don’t leave they are murdered.  A few of the lucky ones are forced to give up their property and their religion and then are shunned.

The Associated Press reported last week that Jihadists in Yemen targeted a mission founded by Mother Teresa, killing 16 people including four Catholic nuns.  The rounded up their victims, handcuffed them and then shot them in the head.

“The incident was not widely reported.  Neither was the passage by the House Foreign Affairs Committee of a genocide resolution.  Meanwhile, the White House is coming under extreme pressure to declare these atrocities as acts of genocide, something it seems unwilling to do.  Perhaps because it might force the U.N. to take the matter up and, ultimately, round up the perpetrators and put them on trial by an International Tribunal for war crimes,” Weber said.

“While all of these incidents are obviously part of a bigger, more ominous, story, they have gone virtually unnoticed because of a lack of focus whether it be deliberate or not.  The important thing is that the voices of protest are growing louder and, perhaps, the world will begin to pay attention.  Thousands of innocent people throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in Asia are being systematically eradicated and while their attackers bear direct blame for the slaughter, it is the ‘globalization of indifference,’ as Pope Francis put it, that is allowing these atrocities to continue.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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Virginia Tschanz
5 years ago

Obama identifies more with the Muslim faith he learned in Indonesia than the Christian faith of most of our citizens.

Jeannine Smith
5 years ago

By not acknowledging “man’s inhumanity toward mankind”, we place ourselves in a position of “tacit allowance”. Is that the way we want ourselves or our nation to be perceived? Just another Rwanda, only this time history should tell us what is coming!

Dolores Adams
5 years ago

It’s because Obama does NOT care about genocide.

Louis Lee
5 years ago

I am as shocked and disgusted at the Obama administration failure to act against this real “genocide”. The man in the White House tells Americans he is a Christian,yet he looks the “other way”, while “HIS” brothers and sisters in Christ are being slaughtered?? We need our civilized religious institutions to demand press conferences to answer for HIS inaction.

Charles Lopresto
5 years ago
Reply to  Louis Lee

The Obama Administration now chooses to target companies and individuals who they regard as Climate Change Deniers while ignoring the genocide that is going on, which is a real threat to the lives of many people. When they don’t care about something they manage to blatantly ignore it and when they are totally involved they behave in a very “Orwellian” fashion. In a similar fashion he enthusiastically goes after our possession of firearms. Then what happens if the genocide reaches our shores? To some extent, as in San Bernardino, it already has. And Loretta Lynch, like Eric Holder, is not in her position to be a impartial judge and advocate of equal justice, but a person assigned to do Obama’s bidding.

5 years ago

In addition to reporting this – AMAC – please give us government email addresses that we can contact to push them to declare this as genocide. We citizens want/should help

5 years ago

This policy of not recognizing terror for what it is is completely ineffective. We are trying so hard not to offend Muslims, yet they continue with this raging holy war. Of course, that is a very cruel joke itself. This holy war is anything but holy. What more would these terrorists do if really offended them? Political correctness has no basis in a free world. Liberalism only destroys and never builds anything. I guess it is only liberalism that can equate mass murder to a peaceful religion as being one in the same.

Susan Doty
5 years ago

It’s an atrocity & a disgrace to have people such as John Kerry representing me as an American! I can’t even believe the double wording cover /up that comes from their deceitful lips! May God forgive us as a nation for allowing O’Vomit from ever even having the opportunity to try & be the President! Yes a Muslim from the Getgo & His Lofty Co-Horts in crime!! Pelosi…Harry Reid…Al Sharpton …on & on…

Charles Lopresto
5 years ago

President Obama has continually and consistently called out many groups for criticism, including the Police, the Tea Party, Republicans, the NRA and Trump supporters. But he has been somewhat quiet about Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.org, and the campus protestors.
These protestors are now disrupting not only Donald Trump rallies, but to a lesser degree, rallies for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
With the increasing levels of violence starting to take place prior to a long, hot, and politicized summer, how long will it take before these groups, individually or collectively, turn into another Weather Underground? You know them, that earlier, radical, violent, “anti-everything” organization, including such members as Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Kathy Boudin.
We were told in 2008, that then candidate Barack Obama’s association with Bill Ayers was relevant and somewhat non-existent. Add to that the Nation of Islam, where I suspect the Obamas get their Muslim leaning background and their association with Rev. Wright and that other phony preacher, Rev. Sharpton, and you get a very dangerous version of a fundamental transformation of America.

Kate M
5 years ago

I am voting for Trump. Except for Ben Carson, another outsider, all other candidates are against Trump and trying to suppress the majority of the people.

We have Ted Cruz, conservative, great man of God. Except he lies, he is sneaky, he is underhanded. He stole the votes from Ben Carson in Iowa; he sent out illegal flyers in Iowa telling people if they didn’t vote for him they were in trouble. Then tricky Cruz, did the same thing to Rubio in Hawaii, robo called to tell people that Rubio was dropping out. He is an obstructionist, he shut down the government, and has repeated over and over that he will not be flexible. It is his way or no way. We have had that for the last 7-1/2 years – no more.

The real Rubio finally stood up. Yup, Mr class act, finally showed his true colors. Came out and lied about Trump and his businesses Let us not forget about the “small hands” remark. It was Marco Rubio that make the remark, and he talked about it at every crowd for about a week, before Trump finally said something and shut it down. So why was it Trump’s fault. It would have gone on is Trump had not shut him up.

Then we have Kasich. He did this, he did that. Ohio is doing so good. Maybe, but not according to those that are not being helped. He is a great one for give-a-ways. He will not denounce common core. He said he is above the fray. He is calling Trump toxic. He is telling us that Trump will not be our President. Another insider that is telling Trump backers that we are to stupid to know any different. If you watch him in the first debates, he was jumping all around and flailing his arms too,

Hillary, liar, should have been held accountable for the death of 4 Americans in Bengazi. E-mails claiming she did nothing wrong.
The Clinton foundation is as crooked as they come. Let in all illegals – we are not broke enough.

Then the Socialist that is promising everything for free. Open the borders and let them in. We can pay for them too. His followers must have rocks for brains. There Is No Free Ride. He is telling them that they will pay 60% or more tax, and they are eating it up. If my kid was in college and didn’t have better math skills, I would pull the funding right now. No way would I knowingly pay to graduate an idiot.

All of the above have said that they want people to go back to work, give them the skills, but the skills to go where? We need businesses to come back to the USA. The only candidate that has told us “HOW” he was going to do this, is Donald Trump.

The Establishment is scared to death that he will be President. That will be the end of the ‘good ol’ boys’ club in Washington DC. Mitt Romney – total loser – should have won – choked on the final leg. Now out (looking like a fool) yelling about how bad Donald Trump is.

Wake up Americans – why are they so afraid of someone that has been successful? If Romney had ranted and raved about Obama, maybe he would have won.

What is Washington DC hiding? How much more do you want to give of your money and life and receive zero? He is not racist. He is for ALL Americans. Listen to him. He wants Americans to have more than they have had in many many years.

For all the money that is going to Washington DC, where is it going? We cannot run our households like that.
Kanye West has tried and he is failing, why does our government get away with it?

Vote Trump. Vote for America. Vote for ALL Americans. Vote Trump.
We owe ourselves a new start and a better life. Give him 4 years. We may want him another 4 years.

Just Joe
5 years ago
Reply to  Kate M

ALERT TO AMAC MEMBERS: it appears to me that we are being manipulated by this website: I voted “down” on Kate’s above idiocy, but the website disregarded the vote repeatedly (it claimed I already voted, although the up/down vote remained 0/0). This member (“Kate M”) presents uninformed opinions, like typical Trump & Obama supporters… which are about a “nickel’s worth” of difference… note that a huge share of Trump support comes from Traitorcrats invading Republican primaries. Just saying…

5 years ago
Reply to  Just Joe

The voting mechanism seems to work for me both up and down. I just tried it. You only get to vote one time on each post. While AMAC may not be a web site devoted to either Constitutional or fiscal conservatism based on their publicly advocated solutions on a number of issues, they haven’t gotten to the point of manipulating the user feedback mechanism to user posts. Just saying…

Sally Waler
5 years ago

It’s because our President, Mr. Obamma, is secretly Muslim himself!!

5 years ago

I may be wrong, but doesn’t Rev jeramiah wright, who’s church Obama said he went to for 20 years dress up like a Muslim cleric? Same outfit Cassius clay belonged to!

Charles Lopresto
5 years ago
Reply to  Ralph

As I said in a comment to the contributor named Woodcock, the group is called The Nation of Islam. Other members include Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obamas are members as well. They were a radical group going back to the sixties, preaching violence and bigotry against Jews and Whites.

John Barleycorn
5 years ago

“Because, deep inside of their Muslim hearts, they feel no pain for infidels.” This administration is packed full of Muslims and Muslim sympathizers.

5 years ago

I totally agree with you. Obama has just elevated Robert Malley, a know sympathizer with extremist, as his Senior Advisor for the Counter- ISIL Campaign in Iraq and Syria. I believe this is Obama and his supporters way to destabilize our country and bring it to it’s knees.

John Barleycorn
5 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

I have often shared that same thought.

C. Perez
5 years ago

Kerry states we need fact finding mission on the ground! Trouble is no one there! Typical same BS from this administration! Sorry to say, they give the same BS line and no action ! How many christians later! They will ride to the end of year, sad to say! Eight years of inaction, hope it will change. I guess that’s the change in “Hope & change” the left wanted. Where are the left wing Christians? I would not want them to cover my 6!

Glenn Stull
5 years ago

US Admiral (Retired) James (ACE) Lyons said, “Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion,” and “Obama is anti-American, anti-Western, Pro-Islam, Pro-Iran and Pro-Muslim Brotherhood.” I believe, Americans have failed to grasp that Islam is just like the Progressive Left movement, they want to control every aspect of peoples lives. The Left now controls the Democratic Party, Labor Union’s, Federal Reserve System and many in the Republican Party. I’m disappointed in the Pastoral leadership in America.. Charles Finny of the Second Great Awakening, born in 1898 said, ” It would be a Pastoral leadership failure if America ever failed.” Hillary Clinton and Obama will go along with Genocide because they want the Muslim American vote.

Dr. Scott
5 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Stull

Glenn, I’m a Christian, and I do pulpit supply for some churches in the area. I have heard pastors from these churches preach consistently about this topic, but with an eschatological bent. Many believe that this is possibly a sign of the times when the Parousia could take place. Most congregations are way down in attendance, and that is frightening to me.
I’m not disappointed with the clergy, but I am in the American people who have turned their backs on the Christian Church.

Tall Paul
5 years ago

My goodness; when are people going to realize that the election show is just that – a sham, a production on a massive scale that is designed to suck in the voters into thinking that they are really making a choice. The president is preordained and all you are watching a “Reality TV”-type show.

Remember that absolutely brilliant marketing first campaign to elect this phony “Messiah” in the White House that said nothing – “Hope & Change”? What is that supposed to mean? Everyone was sucked in by his looks, suave demeanor, slick speech, blackness – an obscure senator from Illinois whose only claim to fame is that he was a community activist. The Greek columns? Up against a broken down old soldier?

I am no conspiracy theorist – let’s be clear on that. But good grief – how demoralized can we go? And who is REALLY pulling the strings in the running of this country?

Wake up everyone – we are being lied to on a grand scale because most people are spending an incredible amount of time so trying to protect their families and their assets, while they are burying their faces incessantly in various devices. How can the average person possibly take notice of what is happening in Washington with that amount of pressure and distraction being foisted on them every day?

The reason Donald Trump is succeeding is because he is saying all the things people are thinking and what they want to hear. He has played the system in his various business endeavors very well without breaking any laws – isn’t that what business survival is all about? He may be ruthless – but he has created more jobs that our current president ever did.

And then there is Hillary – it is a sad reflection that so many people are willing to install this known criminal in the White House when she has failed as everything she touches. I don’t call amassing millions of dollars into an illegal foundation from foreign sources a success. Do you? All that she touches ends up into some scandal or another. Maybe that is what people want, a criminal as president who will continue to allow our societal bar to be lowered even further that our Indonesian Muslim pretender presently occupying the White House has taken us.

BHO’s wife telling us what we shout eat.
Affordable Health Care mandate.
Scandal of the month.
Debt limits.
$19 trillion in debt (not including the unfunded liability of government employee pensions.
IRS targeting 501C3 organizations.
Climate change and the expense associated with that fraud.
Red lines in the sand that made us the laughing stock of the world.
Cutting military spending.
Extreme political correctness.
Making robbers and rioters heroes instead of out police officers.

Ned I go on?

Just a few thoughts.

5 years ago
Reply to  Tall Paul

To tall Paul- You are right on the money !
I wish people would watch the movie “13 hours”, and really see what Hillary and Obama did NOT do to help our people in Libya. 26 survivors made it home – ONLY due to the CIA agents AND the Libyan government ! NOTHING was sent by America. Hillary AND Obama lied to the families of those men who died in Benghazi – standing right in front of their caskets ! the shame ! Then Hillary said at the Senate hearings – “what does it matter now”? Maybe she should ask the families of those slain ! There is a special place in Hell for people like Hillary and Obama. The belief in that calms the anger inside me when trying to believe WHAT Americans who supported him and now her, were and are thinking. How DUMB can people be ?

It is easy to become angry when we see our country being taken down ON PURPOSE by those who pretend to love her, but please know that there is an old saying …. :You can fool SOME of the people ALL the time, ALL the people SOME of the time, but NOT ALL the people ALL the time”. I would add one important statement – “You can fool God, NONE of the time”. Their time WILL come, and ETERNITY is FOREVER, not just 4 or 8 years !.

In addition, the takeover and ruination of America has been well planned for MANY MANY years.
Obama’s father made it his goal , and Obama swore to uphold his dad’s beliefs and to “bring the 3rd world countries UP by taking the superpowers DOWN”. His entire life has been to please a dead father who deserted him as a child. In a way it is sad. He had a good mind, and education, but wasted it all on this idea of destroying a country to please his Dad. Think a good therapist might have been able to make him understand that he can NOT “buy his dead Dad’s love” by ruining a country and perhaps bringing down the free world in the mix. He is like a child trying to buy love, yet living and knowing it is futile. Kind of sad. He could have been so much more if he chose a different path to walk down.

Please pray that our country does NOT make the same mistake again by electing Hillary. I am NOT sure our country could survive another 4 years of despotism, lies and deceit. How can we even have someone running for the highest office in our country -who may well be under indictment for 16 or 17 felony crimes ? She is very sneaky . Says she never sent or received any documents MARKED CLASSIFIED in her emails. That is true -only because NO documents are EVER marked CLASSIFIED. They are marked – CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET or TOP SECRET.
Wonder why people don’t wonder why ALL the emails between her and Obama on the night of the Benghazi attack are so SECRET that even the FBI can’t open and read them ? WHAT does THAT say to you ?

Seriously, this is the time to PRAY with all your heart every day that the Lord will lead people to the truth and save our country……………….. there isn’t much else left. PEOPLE put down your cell phones, close the laptops, turn off the TV and PRAY…………….as the song says it IS “Now or never”.

Leonard Scaturro
5 years ago

If Pope Francs is so concerned about this atrocity, why didn’t he use his time before congress & our Muslim president to voice his outrage instead of pushing Obama’s leftist Global Warmng agenda?

Rick B.
5 years ago

Leonard, can you spell J-e-s-u-i-t?

The Pope is going to build a wall around the Vatican and make the Romans pay for it.

5 years ago
Reply to  Rick B.

You have obviously never been to Rome. There is already a wall around Vatican City.

5 years ago

Leonard – I have also wondered exactly that – not a fan of this Pope at all, he is NOT following what Christ said and did, only what MEN in ROME say and do.

Kathleen Eriksen
5 years ago

Prophet Kat Kerr’s message about what God the Father said, who will be the next President:
1 The liberal media is so terrified of this man as he is like no other candidate who will expose many things not only in the government but in biased media. They were not expecting what he has already delivered so far and they are plotting together against him to flood FB and youtube with ridiculous stories and lies about him. You will see them coming from everywhere very soon as they want to STOP him. He cannot be bought because he does not need their buyout schemes nor their approval.
2 He does not need anyone’s money and he is not about to throw his away in order to secure ‘safe passage’ in Washington. He is very dangerous because the people have already chosen him too and it is because God’s hand is upon him. None of the elite can wrap their heads around this avalanche of support from the everyday masses. They will not figure it out because they will not consider that Heaven is involved.
3 Remember that there is another still to be included as half the team; the future Vice President (the unexpected one) who balance the new President. Declare over both the new President and the other half of his team. It will be a surprise as God is not saying any names right now.
THE FATHER SAID TODAY: ” Although I WILL win him to Me in time, I have not chosen this man to be your Apostle, your Prophet, your Pastor, your Teacher nor your Evangelist; I have chosen him to be your President – Donald Trump will WIN.

On God’s own Timeline in His Throne Room, there is a mark that says “Kingdom Age” and therefore change MUST happen because it is now His time and no longer man’s time to decide if God really exists or not. Do you know that even the secular world wants change in America? It is a good thing, because God has already started change even though some of His own do not see it as His hand moving on their behalf. God has truly chosen the next President for His purposes but He has also CHOSEN YOU to be an important part of this change. We all declare in agreement that His Will, His Way be done in our Nation! May His LOVE consume you.

” He will make quick decisions for what is best for America as far as justice and freedom are concerned. He will overturn any unjust self-made laws (forced by the current administration) that have hurt the American people by loss of hope, choice or hindered or stripped away their rights to live in peace and happiness including worshipping My Son, as did their ancestors for generations. What was once considered sacred has now become a crime and treated as such. It should not be so for I have marked this Land as Mine and many have died for the opportunity to protect and defend this Land but even they have been directly scoffed at, belittled and even harmed through decisions of the current administration.
Those who enter into this Land with intent to kill or destroy, will be dealt with harshly by the next President instead of being excused or helped. He will be a man of action so do not expect any boring days once he takes office! He does not fear man or their threats nor is he influenced by the liberal media of today. No matter how they attempt to insult or abuse his statements, I will cause him to lead far out in front. He will be recognized (even by other nations) as a STRONG leader and cause the return of honor to the title of President. He is far from perfect and many would not choose him but I do not choose the qualified; I qualify the chosen. He will make a wise choice for his running mate and will encourage him to have a voice.
I do not always explain My choices and even though I have done so this time, some of My very own will harshly disagree and strike out against Me. It will be like tiny pebbles throwing themselves against a Great Mountain, but still I have chosen him to win. You have desperately prayed for help to change this nation and I Am answering those prayers with My choice for President and the one he chooses as Vice President. My Spirit will speak to them and even if they do not always know it is Me, they will not reject it as others have. He will change in time. If I could love you before you knew Me; then I too can love him. I see him through My eyes, not yours and even though he may not be fully mine YET, the devil fears greatly what he will do for Me and for this nation!
I AM HOLY and I have been from the Beginning to the End and from the End to the Beginning and I created it ALL. You may choose whom you want but My vote also counts!” Selah
“The one who will sit in the White House as President is in big business and because of that he already has within him the ability to change the status quo for business and will restore many Made In America businesses and create new opportunities in the marketplace to cause American made products to flourish. Hope for a bright future will explode into creativity and new inventions and many in the world will begin to change their opinion of this great Country founded by Me to be a Light to the Nations.
As I have stated in the past; those countries who have financially benefited for years from their own products (sometimes poor in quality and made from questionable materials) being continually sold in America, will in this new season be running to purchase Made in America products and putting millions of dollars back into this country! The economy in America will prosper greatly and will do so for generations to come because of the wise decisions made through the new administration.
I have purposely timed the birth on earth of MANY (in this country and other countries) who now know Me and Love my Son, that I will prosper openly and will excel in Business, Government, Society, Education and Arts & Entertainment (rated for family enjoyment) before the eyes of the world. They will become examples of living the Truth without compromise and will be sought out for their wisdom by many. Do not resist what I have chosen for this Age and do not think it is time to escape but rejoice that you are living in the time when My manifest presence and Spirit will touch ALL flesh. Will you be willing to carry the Glory (without spot or wrinkle) or will you hide from it. How changed will America be? The day is coming when it will be popular to be a Believer or the friend of a Believer because the Nations will be drawn to the Light, BECAUSE I say SO and when you think you know more than Me, tell Me”! STOP FIGHTING, for My eyes are on you all.
“The next American President will be a Strong leader who is an ‘All – American boy’ who will be ‘All for America’ and is passionate about it! He is already a Leader of Leaders”
“He will not befriend America’s enemies nor will he fear them, but will help America’s longtime Friends and he will restore a strong military base to protect and defend”.
Over the couple days, God will continue to share about the next President and what type of team will develop in the next administration and how important they will be to His plans for America and the next generation and beyond.
This is the Father’s time to be seen and heard through the Believers and those who will become Believers, so lay down your opinions, stop blasting the candidates and PRAY that God has His way above all else. On earth as it is in Heaven is already here, do not let your flesh interfere and miss being a part of tremendous restoration and Blessings! “STOP FIGHTING ABOUT IT and AGREE THAT HIS WILL, HIS WAY BE DONE. You may have your own opinions, but do NOT allow them to turn into wrath. You will BE quite surprised who the Presidential nominee picks for his running mate (a most unexpected pair); and they will ‘balance’ what areas they both need help in. TOGETHER they will be unbeatable and make a loud sound, because I have chosen them and I know what they are NOW and WHAT THEY will BECOME.”
May all who read have their spiritual eyes and ears open to hear what the Father and the Spirit and the Son is saying and doing to answer the cries of their hearts!!

Wynewmac Woodcock
5 years ago

It couldn’t be that this administration is reluctant to criticize the extermination of Christians because it is a Muslim administration? Convert or kill is their edict. We come to the aid of African nations’ genocide and decry the treatment of protesters in China but ignore the abuse and killing of Christians worldwide. Double standard? Or part od the New World Order Plan? Does it not follow our own governments efforts to remove anything Christian from our public places? Didn’t we witness this same situation in Nazi Germany and Socialist Russia? What would our Founding Fathers think of us who have stood by and allowed this atrocity happen to their creation of God’s country?

Charles Lopresto
5 years ago

I can’t help but think President and Mrs. Obama are members of the radical organization called the Nation of Islam, best known as the group that includes as its members, the late Malcolm X and Louis Farrahkan. This group, very active in the sixties was considered by many to be a hate cult. It is obvious that President Obama has managed to take us back to the comfortable confines of the Left wing better known as the 1960’s. We have Hillary who was radicalized by Saul Alinsky in the 60’s/70’s, and Bernie the folksinger. Are we going to have riots at the convention like 1968? We will probably remember the three most divisive years in American History…1860, 1968, and 2016. Thank you Obama and Company.

5 years ago

It seems one side is fighting a religious war and the other is fighting a war of influence expansion. Like it or not, this is a sort of “crusade” in reverse. Our heavy handed tactics in the region has multiplied their numbers. Scandals like Abu-Graib will be used for recruiting for the next hundred years! Military Intel did a survey of people incarcerated in Iraq around that time. They found out that 90% of them were not anti-American until someone they knew and loved was killed or abused by the occupying force. Sure we have always had some enemies in the Middle east but by our bad foreign policy, we have manufactured our own enemies.
Maybe we should stop being ashamed of the Crusades of 800 years ago. They went there because of the Muslim forces victimizing the Catholics (all Christians were Catholic for the first 1,500 years) in the Holy Land. Schools indoctrinate children into thinking waging war for religion is hypocritical. Is waging war for land, oil, plunder better than fighting for TRUTH? Islamic State fighters are fighting for their ideals. We need to determine what ours are, and then fight for them.

Charles Lopresto
5 years ago

The “list” can get quite long. We have all heard about what the IRS has been doing to Conservative political groups. We have seen freedom of speech shut down in academia. Must recently (last night as a matter of fact) students at the University of Chicago stopped the Trump rally. Obama Care is all about shutting down religious freedom by pushing abortion, and supporting Planned Parenthood, an organization originally founded by Margaret Sanger to push Eugenics and controlling the make up of the population. We have seen our military turned from being a fighting force protecting our liberties to an organization of social engineering and experimentation. Just yesterday, in the spirit of the IRS, Attorney General Lynch wants to clamp down on Climate Change “deniers.” And the supporters and proponents of this administration want to call Donald Trump “Hitler-like.”

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x