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AMAC Action Advocacy Infographic – May 2022

AMAC Action is pleased to present our monthly advocacy infographic! It details what is happening on a local level by the AMAC Action advocacy team. Each month, we want to provide you with some of the highlights and successes of AMAC Action advocates and keep you up to date on important news. Between numerous Chapter meetings, Delegate visits to local Congressional District offices, and Calls-to-Action, there is so much being done each month. AMAC Action would not exist were it not for the high level of engagement and support of the AMAC membership – the AMAC Army. If you would like to volunteer to become an AMAC Action advocate, please call 855-809-6976 or email [email protected]. We hope you enjoy reading these monthly advocacy updates and take comfort in knowing that you belong to a substantial organization that fights for you and delivers results.

View AMAC Advocacy Infographic Here

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David Millikan
5 months ago

AMAC definitely puts aarp to shame.
aarp supported Obamacare.
Remember, SWAMP QUEEN pelosi said, We HAVE to Pass Obamacare first so we can find out what’s in it.
Which led to THOUSANDS of Doctors leaving profession and LOWERED medical standards with HIGH premiums and MAJOR PREMIUM INCREASES coming in October, 2022.
AMAC let it’s members know first.

5 months ago

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5 months ago

Thank youKeep up the good work you are very needed

Heidi Bauerle
5 months ago

I would like to know chapter details in Indiana

5 months ago
Reply to  Heidi Bauerle

Navigate here and click “Get Involved”.

Gary Lewis
5 months ago

Great job.

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