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AMAC Action Statement on H.R. 1868

H.R. 1868The wasteful spending by Democrats in the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package that President Biden signed on March 11 have triggered automatic cuts to Medicare plans and providers. It’s shameful that Democrats are now seeking bipartisan support for a situation they created by not offsetting their spending. We cannot allow their actions to impact the health care America’s seniors receive and urge all Members of Congress to vote in favor of H.R. 1868. We hope future negotiations include cutting wasteful spending to help rein in our national debt and deficit.

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Matthew Knudson
10 months ago

Look at the bright side of life, folks. Guess who showed up at the Summit today?

For all who are scared by this illegitimate administration, take pleasure in knowing this man has these commies shaking in their boots. He’s not in the limelight anymore, the top story of every fake news broadcast, or been seen by many for a long time.

Why do you think the commies who think they are in full power are racing like they are participating at Church Hill Downs? They know the real truth and what is coming full speed at all of them in the near future. The former President wants you to enjoy the show being put on by the commies. Why fight an enemy who is defeating themselves? They are exposing their own evil daily.

Our former President cares so much, he’ll stop by to serve the popcorn while asking you, “Are you enjoying the show?”

10 months ago

If the $1.9 trillion package is supposed to help those adversely affected by the pandemic, then ALL the funds should go there and NOT to the dems’ pet projects. If that $1.9t were divided up and given to EVERY American (regardless of income) and not to those boon-doggle projects, EACH OF US would see about a $5700 boost to our checking accounts and piggy banks.

This is not good for the country, it’s disastrous to our economy and our livelihoods, and the dems don’t give a [email protected] Open up the country!

Last edited 10 months ago by Kim
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