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AMAC in Action – February 2014

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – This February, AMAC has continued to sharpen its focus and build on its strengths as the fastest growing seniors advocacy organization in the country.  With the support of AMAC’s ever-growing membership base, Washington is starting to take notice.

The second session of the 113th Congress has already proved highly productive for AMAC as the leading voice for conservative seniors and mature Americans.  By the numbers, AMAC has been asked to support eight pieces of legislation, has conducted 36 meetings with lawmakers, has facilitated one town hall meeting, and has added one big-name NFL Hall of Famer – Fran Tarkenton – to the AMAC Team!

While AMAC has already been actively engaged in a number of important issues this year, we still have a long way to go.  Many in Congress continue to lead our country down an unsustainable fiscal path with no concern for the values or principles that made America an exceptional place to live, work, and raise a family.  We’re being forced to accept the unacceptable: slow economic growth; a health care system run amock; mandatory spending programs left untouched; religious liberty threatened; and blatant disregard for the Constitution lurking around the corner of every Federal building in D.C.

Since our founding in 2007, AMAC has revered the Constitution as the prevailing governing document.  We pride ourselves as guardians of this document, and we work daily to ensure that our legislators respect the rights that our forefathers have secured for us.

With this in mind, AMAC took to the Hill last week to meet with members of Congress and their staffs and to discuss the issues of importance to our members.  In each meeting, we had meaningful conversations about the solvency of Social Security, reform of mandatory spending programs, and the impact ObamaCare is having on individuals and families.  In addition, we highlighted our concern for beneficiaries and providers of Medicare home healthcare services, given ObamaCare’s recent cut to this program.

Part of our responsibility as the leading alternative seniors organization is to bring solutions to legislators.  While we boldly take positions on the major issues of the day and speak up when we don’t agree with the direction in which our country is headed, we also offer real solutions to the problems plaguing our nation.  AMAC continues to present the “Social Security Guarantee” as the basis for a reform plan to Congress, and we regularly reference the novel concepts that emerged from our health care workshops as a means for free-market solutions to ObamaCare.

Another way AMAC is able to spread the word about our organization and our mission is by forming strategic partnerships with outside groups.  Last week, AMAC leadership met with two prominent conservative organizations to discuss mutually expressed concerns and interests.  The more people hear about AMAC, the more they are excited to get involved in what we’re doing in Washington and for our members from an advocacy standpoint.

AMAC’s dynamic membership growth continues to be matched by our strong advocacy presence in our nation’s capital.  AMAC strives to deliver positive results through advocacy – giving our members more than just a tangible benefits package.  Thanks to guidance from our members and persistent efforts to support commonsense policies, AMAC continues to make progress in Washington.  AMAC’s mission in Washington remains a top priority for AMAC leadership, and we will continue to press forward until we see our goals accomplished and conservative principles prevail.

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Concerned Citizen
7 years ago

I second Walter’s nomination for Dr. Ben Carson to our AMAC platform! If he runs for POTUS I will certainly support him; if he doesn’t I hope he will at least consider running for Senate or if he wants to remain nonpolitical, perhaps our next conservative president will nominate him to the position of Surgeon General over health care policy and outreach.

Walter Lauf
7 years ago

Have you included Dr. BenCarson in discussions/plans for replacing Obama Care? His bio is incredible and his thoughts and ideas on Health Care are refreshing, NON-political, and should be embraced by AMAC. Above all, he embraces all the fundamentals we (all AMAC members) uphold. Having him aboard would be a tremendous asset.

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