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andrew-mangioneAs a member-driven organization, AMAC has a responsibility to discuss the issues that matter to mature Americans with elected lawmakers on Capitol Hill.  AMAC’s rapid membership growth reflects seniors’ desire for an alternative voice when it comes to their representation in Washington.  We are eager to be part of that dialogue, offering practical, member-supported solutions to make America greater.  This week, AMAC Vice President of Government Relations, Andrew Mangione, brought the messages of our members directly to the Hill, meeting with staffers in a number of key Congressional offices in both the House and Senate to introduce them to AMAC and to address the issues about which seniors are most concerned.

To most effectively pursue our priorities in Washington, AMAC targeted the offices of House and Senate members in which substantial numbers of AMAC members reside.  With entitlement reform playing a more important role in U.S. economic discussions, AMAC used the meetings to focus on Social Security and to communicate our plan for ensuring the security and solvency of the program for retirees and future generations.  We also discussed a range of other issues important to AMAC members, including ways to continue to truly reform health care, and how changes in the tax code could impact the strength of private sector investment and retirement options.

AMAC continues to become even more engaged and active in Washington as relationships on and off the Hill are forged and strengthened.  The regular communication AMAC has established with Congressional caucuses and leaders makes it possible for us to keep a spotlight on the concerns of older Americans.

Overall, our trip was very successful, with AMAC leadership receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the meetings.  In fact, our accomplishments on this visit reinforce our commitment to you, to maintain momentum and to keep building upon the gains we’ve made. We remain optimistic about the steps being taken to advance policies on behalf of AMAC members, and we will continue to engage with Congress to advance our cause.  As the issues of entitlement and health care reform continue to be a greater part of the critical discussions being held in the Nation’s Capital, AMAC members can be confident that we will continue to champion your interests and concerns with a clear, realistic, and commonsense voice.

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Jan Garner
7 years ago

I’m confused. I hear advertised to, join America Strong, but when I go online it mentions AMAC. Is it one in the same or are they different?

James Taffar
7 years ago

What is the difference between AMAC and America Strong?

James E Bradley
8 years ago

My wife signed me up for AARP a few years ago, but the more I learn about them the less I like what they stand for. It seems like most of their members follow blindly thinking AARP is looking out for them when in fact it is just the opposite! Thanks to my brother for letting me know about AMAC.

Linda F. Frost
8 years ago

I am interested in what AMAC has to offer vs AARP re: auto insurance, homeowner’s property insurance. Is there a great savings to buy through AMAC vs AARP? Understanding AARP is the Liberal side of politics sort of, changes my thinking of AARP. I have been a member of AARP for years. Tell me what AMAC offers to the retired sector of the population.

I am interested in joining AMAC.

David Hogberg
8 years ago

Why is _entitlement_ a term that has become pejorative? Have not people paid into it for their working lives? It seems to me that does entitle them to receive social security benefits without being ashamed or dipping into a fund they should not.

susan regdos
8 years ago

Amac seems to be a Wonderful organization for the American Citizen, many Seniors, and many who are about to retire…I am very interested in hearing more about your Organization and the plans for the future. Please keep posting, a Big thank You…

Julie A Wendt
8 years ago

I used to belong to AARP – liked the discounts offered and the availability of insurance plans for members. I thoroughly disliked AARP’s stance on just about everything political, though. I was so glad to have found the alternative I’d been hoping for – Amac! I have been a member of Amac for more than year now and have never been sorry that I switched. While there aren’t quite as many companies offering discounts through Amac as there are through AARP right now, that will change as Amac’s membership increases. I am very relieved that my dues for Amac are not being used to lobby lawmakers for things with which I disagree. Thank you, Amac for providing an alternative to the ultra liberal AARP. Now the views of my generation are being adequately represented to my lawmakers. There is power in numbers and I highly recommend Amac to everybody looking for the advantages they offer and are looking for an organization that represents American ideals to our representatives.

Jane Oberg
8 years ago

I would like to know some of the organizations basic beliefs before joining. Is this an anti-abortion? What is your idea on immigration? Where do you stand on the gun issue? Do you believe Congress should have the same health plan offered to most Citizens.

8 years ago


Jordan Grant
8 years ago

I would like to join AMAC! I am retiring July 1 of this year, and want absolutely nothing to do with AARP! Please send me an email and we can correspond privately about my joining.

Thank you.

Jordan Grant

Cynthia Peyton
8 years ago

I posted a comment but it vanished. Second attempt. Finally, an alternative. I look forward to being a part of your organization.

Cynthia Peyton
8 years ago

What a welcome alternative. I would love to join.

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