Advocacy / AMAC Action In The Media

AMAC Appears on FOX News

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Marcia Cahoon
8 years ago

I have Aetna through my place of work. The Rx part of my coverage, in plan, requires generic. If the pharmaceutical companies succeed in removing generic for the most basic medications, I would have a serious problem with my insurance coverage.

8 years ago

without fox news i would never know how corrupt this government is. full of liers

N. Circle
8 years ago

My recent thyroid prescription for synthroid was filled and included a note saying the generic was not provided due to the fact it was more expensive. I thought generic was suppose to be less expensive. Is my medication provider playing games since I hear the drug companies are trying to combat the use of generics?

E. Barry
8 years ago

I take Advair for $40 per month (insurance co pay amount) – when I go into the donut hole it goes to over $120/month. I purchase the generic by GlaxoSmithKline (same company that makes Advair) – actually comes in same container made in the same factory in the UK – for $65 in Canada. Same thing with Spriva. Normally, my total drug cost per year is over $7000 of which I pay about $2800. If I purchase Generics from Canada my total cost is $1200 – as a result medicare and my insurance company’s are not involved. As a result, I am also saving them each about $3000 per year.
My drug store tells me there is not generic – that is because the big companies or the US government keeps them from selling these generics in the USA. Talk about waste!
PS: the drugs work fine – I notice no difference in the generic versus the perscription drug.

Arthur Orofino
8 years ago
Reply to  E. Barry

First,most drugs carry a patent by the firm that developed it.With this protection you pay thier price or you do not get it.Now hear this, we in the great USA have no price controls on the drug industry,if the country of India wants to buy the drug they can negioate the price they have price controls.The the drug industry has a mark up on the drug so HIGH you would not believe it,they can sell the drug to them at a dime on the dollar as they are still doing a higher volume.This is true as I am buying the FDA,Brand and Generic at 50% to 80% from several countries and having them shipped direct to the customers home at these savings.Now the word was the Drug Companies would stop selling to the countries that are selling back to the US but they would not, as there MARK UP was so HIGH and they just increased there volume so they are still making MORE MONEY THAN ANY OTHER INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD including the OIL INDUSTRY and almost all the Fortune 500 Companies put together,check that out,between $350 BILLION and $400 BILLION A YEAR and while your at it I,wrote the old US Attorney General and asked is there no CONFLICT OF INTEREST here when the Drug Industry GIVES THE FDA $400 MILLION EVERY YEAR they are the Agency that PASSES on the Industries Drugs now I hear its around $700 MILLION.Never got a response back,how do you like them apples?? NOW you want some good news FIND A LOBBY STRONGER THAN THE DRUG LOBBY and call me.IN THE WORLD THAT IS.That will never happen.I have a story from a Washington Politician in his 20 years he never saw the arm twisting and conniving as was done to pass HR2427 with about 6 lobbyist per member and a little part of the bill that stops MEDICARE from getting COMPETITIVE BIDS on there Drugs,can you believe this?? The BILL WAS PASSED.

8 years ago

I tend to disagree because my husband takes Lipitor, tried the Generic which made him feel bad. Went to Pfizer website and found they offer a $4.00 copay card to get the name brand medication. I signed my husband up for it and he gets his Lipitor for $4.00 for one months supply which is $6.00 less than the generic so not all drug companies want to take people’s money. I don’t know of other drug companies that do this but there was no mention of income limits so seniors on this medication can certainly go there to get help too. I know our med insurane copay for the drug is $50.00 but not any more, it’s only $4.00.

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