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AMAC Army in Pennsylvania Answers the Call for Voter Reform – Governor Wolf Vetoes the Bill


AMAC members in Pennsylvania responded to multiple calls to action and sent nearly 4,000 messages to the General Assembly telling them to pass HB 1300, the “Voting Rights Protection Act.” Their voices were heard as this comprehensive election reform bill passed the state House and Senate and was sent to Governor Tom Wolf for his signature.

As expected, the bill, which counted the banning of ballot harvesting (trafficking), enacting a Senior Citizen Voter Bill of Rights; enhancing voter ID; banning third party funding of election administration; and increasing access to voting among its many progressive provisions was vetoed by Governor Tom Wolf. While the veto was anticipated, it came despite the efforts by AMAC members to send another 3,770-plus messages to the Governor telling him to fulfill the will of the people of Pennsylvania and sign the bill into law.

Representative Seth Grove (R-York), who wrote the Voting Rights Protection Act, said, “AMAC members were critical in grassroots support for HB 1300. Without it, we’re not sure we would have had the support to pass it to the Governor.”

The veto comes amidst strong support by Pennsylvania voters for election reform, including having to show identification when voting. According to a poll conducted by Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, 59 percent of registered voters surveyed supported reforming Pennsylvania’s election laws. Showing an ID before voting was heavily supported by Republican and Independent voters by significant margins, 95 percent and 79 percent, respectively. In contrast, only 47 percent of those who identified as Democrat voters and who were also oversampled in the survey supported voter ID.

Representative Grove, who chairs the House State Government Committee, wrote HB 1300 after considering testimony from a series of ten hearings concerning election law earlier this year. The Committee heard testimony from county election directors, the Pennsylvania Department of State, and election experts.

When asked what is next for election reform in Pennsylvania now that Governor Wolf vetoed HB 1300, Grove said, “Since the Governor never entered into good faith negotiations on election policy, we will be taking our case for election integrity directly to the people of Pennsylvania.”

Indeed, the Senate recently passed SB 735, a constitutional amendment that would require voter identification prior to voting in Pennsylvania elections, with one Democrat joining Republicans in support of the measure. The bill now goes to the House. It must be approved by the General Assembly in two consecutive legislative sessions and would then go to the voters. The earliest voters may consider the amendment would be 2023.

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Mark L
1 year ago

Ya right! It puzzles the heck out of me when Politicians state they are representing their constituents. To me all that seems to occur since President Trump was cheated out of re-election is politicians talk smack claiming they represent us but all they are interested in is making themselves wealthier!
The U.S. Government has turned their backs on Main Stream America and back these goons in the White House. I believe Trump won by a landslide and he should be reinstated while the other two wing nuts are terminated without perks and/or benefits!
Let them all get a taste of what it’s like to wonder how you’re gonna make this payment or that payment, who do I pay first and who will evict or repossess something you make payments on?
It’s been a dog and pony show at the White House since President Trump

Paul Busket
1 year ago

Tom Wolf has always been a disgrace to PA. He and his crime partner Kathy Boockvar who were in cahoots with the rigged election in Pa. Boockvar has since been forced to resign and Wolf won’t run again, however the carnage they oversaw should be punished with jail time for both of them.

1 year ago

Gov Wolfe is gonna be burnt toast Senator Doug Masterono is gonna run to get Wolfe out praise the Lord all mighty Amen

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

If the corrupted voting system in PA isn’t broken, why fix it according to Gov. Wolf. Just like in Washington, DC, the CROOKS are running the show, despite what the majority of voters actually demand from their state government…Pennsylvania is the poster child of a total lack in Election Integrity followed by the state of Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan & Minnesota…Truth be told, the problem extends beyond the ( 6 ) Key States, hence the 20+ states set to have AZ style Election Audits performed…The truth will come out, hence this explains all the Democrat stonewalling across this nation, in particular, Pennsylvania, hence the illegally certified electors evidence was NEVER heard on on Jan 6, 2021 in the House Chambers, hence the Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Capital Police & the FBI involvement in the breach by BLM/ANTIFA under a FALSE FLAG…
I repeat, the truth will come in all eventualities because American patriots will NOT stop until it does.
Bill on the Hill… :~)

James H.
1 year ago

Comrade Wolf should move to Russia were his actions would have been common practice.Why are there so many stupid people in this country now who can’t see what’s going on or don’t care.What happened to the patriotism that follow 911. This commercial running on mainstream media now about the proposed voter laws threatening our Democracy actually makes me sick Everytime I see it!!

1 year ago

I think the election in each state should have its electoral votes devided by the number of counties in each state and whoever wins the most counties wins that states city would no longer dictate the outcome for tbe entire state and voter fraud would be all but eliminated.would love to here your thoughts

1 year ago


1 year ago

Wolf will go down in true history as the worst and most controversial governor in PA history. Honestly, I get nauseous to even look at this rat or hear his voice. He is a power hungry little rat, who is only interested in moving up politically and having the power rush going to his tiny brain be fed more and more.
Problem in PA is Philthadelphia and Pissburg control the State wide races, that’s why the governor and supreme court of PA end up so corrupted look at the numbers, those two cities have the highest, by far numbers of ballot harvesting and also other voter issues. It is hard to get a good solid candidate to compete for these races knowing the challenges they face before the election even starts. They probably have 10 points to make up before a vote is cast.
That is why the governor is so afraid of voter rights and audits, he would lose favor with the juggxrnaught of diverting funds to maintain liberal power. Now also as more people are leaving these corrupted areas on both ends of the state, because they can’t handle the crime and corruption, they are bringing these same failed ideas to neighboring counties and corrupting them. I am a lifelong working class conservative Democrat but this party has moved so far to the left, I don’t agree with them on anything. Heck in fact the Republican party has even moved to the left of me, my ideas and values haven’t changed, but the way the power structure is now in politics, they only listen to the mainstream magaphone lobbiest who are in the minority on issues, but get the biggest payback. Even on the National level, Toomey never responds to anything, and is also looking for a power bump to maintain relevance and Casey is afraid to break rank knowing he will get slapped down, and his biggest fear is to be reprimanded publicly by the Democrat establishment. We need independent free thinking working class conservative reps in PA who are not afraid to think for the majority of people, not the minority with a big megaphone. Sorry for the rant but this has been going on too long now.

Tedd Kunkel
1 year ago

Wolf was fraudulently reelected. He does not want to change the rigged system.

Valerie Hall
1 year ago

Well maybe Mr. Wolf will wake up when he is voted out of office. He is a just another political looser!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Valerie Hall

Unfortunately, he is not running for re-election.

Richard Edwards
1 year ago

he is scum I can`t share on facebook as I am in their cupcake jail hope this gets shared 1000%

1 year ago

He’s a self important petty tyrant.

1 year ago

Pennsylvania the state that cried Wolfe and is still crying over the way he is running this state.

1 year ago

Wolf is no longer able to be elected to office. So him listening to the will of the people (if he ever did during no election years) is not in his interest. He must be pouting that we are no longer under a State of Emergency due to the so called Pandemic (more about cases). So now he will be taking out his ire on the people of the state. We so need the bill on the ballot so the will of the people can be heard.

1 year ago

Tom Wolfe is Pennsylvania’s version of Joe Biden. The Democratic Party and its agenda comes first and the citizens of Pennsylvania a distant second.

1 year ago

When a Public Official such as Governor Wolf ignores what the Legal Citizens Of Pennsylvania have strongly Established how they want future elections to be handled, He Must Be VOTED OUT!!

1 year ago

Wolf is the absolute worst! He did not receive my vote nor will any Democrat ever again.

1 year ago

Wolf is as bad as Rendel–neither is/was doing this for the betterment of Pa

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