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AMAC Call to Action Gets Results: CMS Shelves Regulatory Changes to Medicare Part D – For Now

by Andrew Mangione –  CMS shelves regulatory changes to Medicare Part D – for now – 

We asked and you responded.  Well over 1,400 AMAC members made calls to their Congressional representatives and Senators through this week requesting that Medicare Part D be left just as it is–a public-private partnership providing seniors with choice and low cost medications that works.

Thanks in part to AMAC members’ actions, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has pulled its proposed regulatory changes that would have had profound negative effects on prescription drug plan choices and premiums.  Your voice was definitely heard in our nation’s capital.  We can confirm this because while we were in Washington this week, we heard from staffers who told us that they fielded many calls from concerned AMAC members regarding the Part D issue.

Thank you, AMAC members, for helping us to flex our muscles in Washington! But please know that this battle over regulatory changes for Part D and other aspects of Medicare will have to be fought again and again, and you can take comfort that AMAC will be here watching, advocating and ready to alert you when it’s time to take action.

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7 years ago

I have no comment.

Allen Skiles
7 years ago

I never look at our Congressmen as Republican or Democrat. We should look at them as Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal. It’s easy to tell how a Conservative or Liberal will vote on a given issue. It’s the Moderates you have to watch out for. For example, the Speaker of the House and his cronies. The leadership in the house has to change.

Edward B. K.
7 years ago

Now we have to convince, or hope, all hard right and Libertarian factions, that come November elections – IT WILL NOT BE THE NUMBER OF HARD RIGHT CONSERVATIVES THAT WE ELECT TO THE SENATE BUT, THE NUMBER OF REPUBLICANS (non Democrats)— READ MAJORITY.

Pete Fischel
7 years ago

Thank you AMAC. I strongly concur with those who urge voting OUT the democrats who have given us this mess we now have in the medical field. I am a Senior, and want to point out that Obamacare has CUT $716 Billion out of Medicare over 10 years!! That’s in the bill. I read it. Every US senator who voted for it (100% democrats) should be voted out of office if up for re-election this November.
President Obama has kept only one promise–that is, to “transform America!!” If we don’t stop it by electing Republicans to the majority of the US Senate, then we have only ourselves to blame..Wake up America!!

Fran Otto
7 years ago

Just read several emails from very intelligent citizens who are quite concerned about where our country is going. Thanks to all of you, I don’t feel so all alone………I share many of your ideas and opinions. Let’s keep things moving, especially this up coming election in November!

Bob Levy
7 years ago

I am a medicare user, I have a LOT of very mixed feelings. I suspect the same is true about “affordable care”.
I also suspect that when it started (1966) it was not the same as it appears today.

My current situation explains my “concern”. Medicare has a cap they will pay my Physical therapist. Period!
When that limit is reached that is the end of the therapy.
After surgery the script says 2-3 times/weeks for 8 weeks.
Medicare will only pay the cap fee and supplemental will not pay when Medicare stops.
At the end of about 30 days, it is over.

The bottom line is that Medicare determines what the patient gets, not the Doctor!

Prescription is an even larger mess. I spend HOURS attempting to understand a specific drug’s cost and it is close to impossible. I said COST, not what I pay. What I pay is not either but attempting to get the best price I pay is close to impossible.
Recently discovered the cost of the exact same drug will very in the same store chain based on location.

I suspect there is major “collusion” between the insurance companies, the Pharma industry, and the government.
Would love to see an AMAC research in the pricing issue.
I suspect Obama Care and Medicare are getting closer to each other.
Would also love to understand how many employers will stop providing healthcare and pushing people to Obama Care.
The “pension” crisis is related since it costs all taxpayers. Pensions in Private industry are gone and shifted to 401K’s.
Same is happening with healthcare. Shift cost from employer to employee.

I am very upset about all the “Obama Care” money the “low income” people get since that money comes out of my pocket and is driving up MY taxes and lowering MY income.

The government is NOT forcing people to get a real job. Just the opposite.

Ranting, you bet!

Robert Qualls
7 years ago

I am not crazy about Part D as currently constituted — I believe that it is over-complex. Now, however, I can’t imagine a worse policy than to allow the current Administration to “fix” it the way that they have our health insurance system as a whole. Anyone who doesn’t believe that the current crew at HHS/CMS wouldn’t do anything other than to make it far worse, with far higher premiums for far fewer choices and many fewer drugs covered at all, hasn’t been paying attention. I’m surprised that this wasn’t sold with the tagline, “If you like your drugs, then you can keep your drugs.” They have show us that there is no aspect of our system that can’t be changed for the worse in the name of “reform”.

7 years ago

The only way to ensure that this regulatory change stays shelved is to turn out in over-whelming numbers this November and vote Republican. No excuses! If the Democrats retain control of the Senate, this administration will be emboldened to try this tactic again. We have to be as relentless as the Democrats in never backing down or taking our eyes off the ball when it comes to ANY changes or expansion of control on the part of the federal government.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Well said PaulE. Seniors & whether you call yourself a Conservative or Republucan, we all need to get out and vote in November. Encourage everyone to vote out all the Democrats. This is a critical election!!

7 years ago

we have to stop being door mats for the liberals to stomp on …..Speak Up— Wake Up America

Kate Redford
7 years ago

You did your part by alerting us to a critical and immediate problem and we did ours by contacting our Congressional Representatives. May we all remain vigilant.

David Stitzer
7 years ago

I really hope that republicans get control in November. Hopefully they will grow a pair and do what needs to be done

7 years ago
Reply to  David Stitzer

I have always voted for Republicans, they do what is right for America

Susan Leber
7 years ago

Thank you for being there for us!

7 years ago

Now we need to get the government out of other areas of our life.

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