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DC ‘Drug Deal’ – Senior Group AMAC Calls for Probe

‘President traded senior health benefits for drug company support for his reelection’  –

BOHEMIA, NY, Jun 1 – The Association of Mature American Citizens today demanded a full Congressional investigation into charges that President Obama traded health benefits for older Americans in exchange for drug company support for his reelection.

“There is more than sufficient evidence, including tell-tale internal documents, that show the president’s men cut a ‘carrot-and-stick’ deal with Big Pharma for reelection support.  If the pharmaceutical companies cooperated they might avoid higher taxes and reap a few important benefits, as well,” according to Dan Weber, president of AMAC.

“The benefits included a major policy change that would potentially scotch the ability of seniors to purchase cheaper prescription drugs from offshore sources.”

Weber said that the issue is not whether a deal was cut, but who cut the deal, the White House or Senate surrogates.  He cited Texas Congressman Mike Burgess who said the documents describe “a sequential, planned, organized strategy for the White House to trade policy for politics.”

This is an important issue for AMAC, which represents more than 340,000 senior members, according to Weber.  “If these accusations are true it could mean the administration is allowing the drug companies to reap millions in profits at the expense of older Americans.”

He urged Congress to conduct an investigation and hold hearings “to look into these serious allegations.  The President must follow through on his promise for complete transparency of the actions of members of his administration. He owes it to the community of older Americans who pay for the majority of drugs sold in the country to divulge the truth”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a chat.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those traditional organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.


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Francine Mead
9 years ago

If Obama gave incentives to the drug companies to approve the Obamacare, there should be an investigation and let it hit the News establishment ASAP. Fran

lynda kacicz
9 years ago

C. Barlow you’re right on the money! He is a plant and I believe wifey keeps him in line! They are so bad!

lynda kacicz
9 years ago

Did you ever wonder – are the Secret Service Men ever in a quandry? Probably not, they most likely received high raises too!

Lita Z. Biejo
9 years ago

Let’s kick him out. Let’s all be vigilant this coming election as there will be a lots of fraud and cheating, worst than the previous election. All voters must have a picture ID that they are really that person voting. However, still there will be cheating but not as rampant.. God bless America! God bless us all! Yes, drop AARP.

Judy Jones
9 years ago

It breaks my heart to see my beloved country Hi-Jacked by almost half of the country who don’t pay taxes. This land is ours because we have a covenent with God. Now He has been EXCLUDED from almost every part of our lives. This USED to be a place where there was freedom to either believe in something or someone or not. Now we aren’t allowed to choose our own lightbulbs or choose NOT to buy OBAMACARE. We have created a government so intrusive that it can tell you what kind of car, food or thought a person should have. We are halfway to creating a birth to grave nanny state. Good Gracious Charlie Brown, wake up before we don’t have a country anymore. It’s very close.

John Higgins
9 years ago

Did you know that under President George W Bush three million elderly Americans with incomes less than $10,000 per year became eligible to get their drugs for free? Bush had bad PR people who didn’t know how to tell the citizens all the good things he did.
I understand that Obama made a deal with the Drug companies to keep us from getting cheaper drugs from off shore and Canada. AMAC says they should be made available to older Americans.

9 years ago

And where is the same outrage over the Bush changes to the drug policies that caused a major spike in drug prices? Well, I’m all ears? In one TV expose’ the cost of some drugs seniors need had gone up 400% due to his policies.

C. Barlow
9 years ago

I’m convinced Obama is a ‘Moslem plant’ with an agenda to take the U.S. down from the inside. He’s doing exactly that with everything he’s done since being elected. All his “past is sealed”. Never in the history of this great country have we ever had a President who was so ashamed or lying about his heritage & background that he would “seal all records”. The media has let him get away with it, which is beyond belief. In addition, he has allenated all our Foreign Allies. Moslems have patience & will wait until their timing is right to strike which they have proven with 9/11.

9 years ago
Reply to  C. Barlow

That was the plan from the beginning “cut America down to size”…read his books.

Tony C.
9 years ago

I do not forgive the Republican “Establishment” for giving us Dole and McClain, obviously “losers”.
We were forced to vote for the losers.

Too many so called “people”, such as Socialist-minded people (i.e. “journalists”), are making escuses for the conduct of those people (such as Obama) who constantly are doing un-American actions and things that impact unfavorably towards me, my family and the United States.

We are told by the “journalists” that Obama and the obama-loving people are “idealists”.
The actions of the locked-march-step “idealists” appear to be by humans who are not of this world.
It appears to me we have been invaded.

Art Orofino
9 years ago

Folks you know its all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and he is getting it,hard to blame good voters who want him out but MONEY TALKS you know.Thanks to our favorite movie stars that are smoking the cheap stuff.

Jack Miller
9 years ago

Obama was not the first one elected over a war hero, when the voters put a moslem in the whitehouse they get what they diserve

9 years ago

So many people continue to refer to the President as a communist or a socialist. He is neither. President Obama is a muslim thru and thru and has been at war with the United States for well before his election as President.. I truly pray that we will wake up before its too late but am afraid that it is too late already? Thank you AMAC for what you are doing and can only hope it’s not too little, too late. May God bless the United States!

Elaine Reavis
9 years ago

Please pray that enough people will wake up to what a liar Obama is. Every word out of his mouth is a blatant lie. You can check all of his statements for yourself, and you will verify what I am saying. The United States should never have voted a socialist into office who promised HOPE & CHANGE with no explanation of what that means.

Don Davis
9 years ago

This president is out to destroy this country. Look at his fruit

john p. waldron
9 years ago

Obama and his band of Democrats doing what they do best dirty dealing as always .
to bad the rest of the country don’t no what the truth is about the Democrats and
all there lies .Obama is brain washing our collage kids . in to thinking that the Democrats
are creating jobs and the economy is great . all the Democrats have done is tax and spend
our tax dollars . on failed policies that cost the tax payers eighteen trillion dollars .our
great,great,grand children just might be able to pay off there debt .

Sarah Jordan
9 years ago

God Bless AMAC for being the FIRST to jump all over this! Thank you, AMAC, for being ever watchful!

Tom Hayward
9 years ago

If it were’nt election year there would be thousands calling for impeachment. I pray that folks consider the last four years and vote based on the progress (or little of it) acheived in the last four.

9 years ago

Regarding other comments I read brought this reading to mind. Clarence Manion, the dean of the NOTRE
DAME law school from 1941-1952 was considered, by many, as one of the greatest thinkers in our country
at that time. A young man on the same flight as Dean Manion spoke with the dean about troubling times
in America in the early 1950″s. Whie listening to the young man, Dean Manion made some notes. As
the plane landed he got up, shook hands with the man. The man expressed what a privilege it was to talk
with a man of his intellect. Dean Manion smiled, thanked him, and handed him a slip of paper on which he
had written these words:
Man begins his existence in BONDAGE,
and rises from bondage through SPIRITUAL FAITH,
from spiritual faith to COURAGE,
from courage to LIBERTY,
from liberty to ABUNDANCE,
from abundance to SELFISHNESS,
from selfishness to COMPLACENCY,
from complacency to APATHY,
from apathy to DEPENDENCY,
from dependency back into BONDAGE. (This is Dean Manion’s adaptation from
The Decline and Fall of the Athenian
Republic by Alexander Fraser Tytler)
By this our only hope is a rise through SPIRITUAL FAITH. The problem I see here is many of the Pastors in
our country today have lost the Moral Courage to teach these spiritual truths (starting with faith alone in Christ
alone…no human works) because it might offend some of their church members. We need Pastors that keep
their eyes on God not on men (their congregation). We need to learn these truths and speak them to others
and teach them to our children.

9 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Amen, brother! Absolutely true and how DESPERATELY the people of this country need to hear it…(of course if we
had spread the word starting back at that time, it could have made a lot of difference). When I was in high school, as
recently as 1972, we had a course called Americanism vs. Communism which of course taught the benefits of our
system, and the problems of theirs. But when we look at each one closer, the truth becomes apparent…each one
has the potential to do much good, and also great harm. Because the battle really begins inside our hearts. Put God
first, then others, then…yourself last. That’s where we have to start.

Bruce W
9 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Check out

betty smith
9 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Amen to that. This president has done nothing but brought shame to our country, and if something is not done, we will be in bondage again. preacher, teachers, and christians all should have the commitment to stand up for God and Country.

jack mancusi
9 years ago

can’t we just throw this whole administration in the dumpster???

9 years ago
Reply to  jack mancusi

@ jack mancusi: from your mouth to God’s ear. Yes, I said it, GOD!!

9 years ago


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