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AMAC Calls For ‘Rational Debate’ On Gun Control

gun control debateWASHINGTON, DC – Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, has called for “rational debate’ rather than politically motivated rhetoric” regarding the issue of gun control.

“The murder of innocent children in our nation’s schools by mentally disturbed individuals cannot be tolerated.  Nor should it become political campaign fodder.  Yet that is exactly what is bound to happen in the next eight months leading up the 2018 Mid-Term elections,” says Weber.

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens escalated the politics of gun control by calling for the full repeal of the Second Amendment.

Weber describes Justice Stevens’ solution as an “absurdly extreme way to control the use of firearms.  Not to mention that it would be perhaps the first time in American history that our own government would be taking away a Constitutional right.”

A scholarly critique of the rationale for gun control showed that many of the reasons cited for the need of more onerous regulation of firearms are deceptive.  One of the criteria cited is the notion that “homicides are largely ‘crimes of passion’ committed by otherwise law‐abiding citizens not distinguishable from other people.  Therefore, control must be directed at all gun owners rather than select criminal subgroups.”

Says Weber, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which keeps track of gun deaths, has found that nearly two-thirds of death by firearms in the U.S. were the result of suicides, accidents and legal interventions.  He notes that homicides accounted for only 33 percent of deaths.

Law professor Robert Delahunty has a different take on the need for more stringent gun control.  According to Delahunty, “progressives claim that more regulation of guns will deter violence and promote public safety.”  But, he says, they demure when it comes to the notion of abortion control.  “The progressive position seems to depend on what kind of laws they are talking about.”

Weber points out that he is in “no way” condoning indiscriminate sales of guns, particularly to individuals who are potentially a danger to themselves  and to others.

“The emotional and mental stability of gun buyers should, indeed, be a factor in deciding whether to allow such sales.  But, in addition we need law enforcement to be more proactive.  For example, there was plenty of evidence to identify the intentions of the shooter in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School incident.  The FBI and local police had been informed of who he was and what he was capable of.  He was said to go around introducing himself by saying, ‘Hi, I’m Nick. I’m a school shooter.’  Yet, the authorities seemed to ignore the threat he posed.”

More recently, however, police in Lexington, KY got an anonymous tip that a local high school student was threatening to shoot himself and others at his school.  The youngster had recently posted social media pictures of himself with a gun he had recently purchased.  Little time was wasted in obtaining a mental health petition apprehending him.

“Instead of disregarding the right to bear arms granted by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution, instead of targeting legitimate gun buyers and sellers, let’s focus on the reason for the mayhem.  We should be concentrating on the mental health aspects if the issue by finding ways of identifying those with problems and intervening and preventing further atrocities as school shootings,” according to Weber.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [https://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at https://amac.us/join-amac.

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Charles E. Chapman
2 years ago

So, thearguementashouldbebetween quiet, polite, Billof Rightssupportersand passionate, redin fangandckaw confiscationists?That’s nothow Librerywass won in yhefirst placeORsuccessfullydefended ever since!Letthe gun grabbers “nice”! Therestofus shouldbestockingupon torches, pitchforks tar-and feathers!

3 years ago

There is a small town school not far from my home. There are very prominent signs all over the parking lot and the buildings. They say ARMED PERSONNEL INSIDE THESE BUILDINGS and for someone who doesn’t have time to read there is also a picture of a gun. The small town is a short 15 minute interstate drive from a huge city and the locations of at least 2 very high profile mass murders. Those buildings had signs too. They said THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE.

3 years ago

The “gun issue” is not THE “issue”. The problem goes far beyond firearms, and unless these issues are addressed our society will continue to degrade. We have plenty of laws, we don’t demand they be enforced. We elect DAs & judges who buckle to political pressures. We have police officers who have changed from being “proactive”, to “reactive”, trending toward “inactive” because they are not supported in their efforts of enforcing the law. They put their lives at risk, make the arrest, only to have a DA or judge allow the violent offender to plea guilty to a lessor charge, or many times are released pending trial, only to commit numerous other violations while awaiting trial. We must stop “plea bargaining” for violent crimes. For all violent crimes, it should be “Do the crime, do the time”.

3 years ago

If it came to regulating freedom of the press, the the press, news media, and all the other news outlets would have a fit about what should be legal to print/broadcast in the news. Therefore regulating one amendment (2nd amendment) and not regulating the other amendments (specifically the First amendment freedom of the press and all the lies the media tells.) makes no sense. All of our amendments were written to be equal in protecting We The People.

Robert Fulton
3 years ago

Hey, I thought there already was an AARP. President Weber, the progressives always want us to engage in a “rational debate”, a “conversation” or “common sense discussion” and we have gotten where? Let us not be the fools. The required “debates” were held in Philadelphia a few hundred years ago. Governments continue to be fertile ground to grow tyrannies. Let’s not plant new seeds and expect different fruit. Read our Declaration of Independence one more time…that is where the power of we the people resides. We need no other law to defend it but our pitch forks.


3 years ago

Here’s an idea. Throw all guns in jail if they are shooting innocent people and getting out of control. That makes about as much sense as the extreme liberals calling for gun control. Look at other countries who have taken their citizens rights away for an example. If guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns. If there were some responsible armed Americans in those schools, our children would still be alive. It’s time for law enforcement to do a much better job at identifying the bad people behind the triggers because that’s where this focus needs to be!

3 years ago

Well, I don’t see the government being able to accomplish this or make gun control laws that include gang activities. They can’t even provide enough strict social workers to prevent child abuse and elderly abuse as it is now. People need guns in their home for protection from the law breakers. I grew up where everyone had a gun in their truck gun racks. We also hunted game to eat. The big problem is with government not doing their job to put these abusers away in mental institutions. Schools need to have check points to scan who goes in and out of the schools. They do this at the airport and tax offices, so it should work at schools. Military should drive around in the high crime areas with their guns to help prevent drive bye shootings, rape, & vandalism. They do this in other countries and it lowers the crime rate extensively. Just a thought!

3 years ago

If Amac is callings for Rational Debate, on Gun Control I will no longer need them!!!

Rodney Terrell
3 years ago

I believe we’ve still a ways to go in reaching rational discussions with the left regardless of the issue. This is a good vs evil battle in which the republicans are not all good and the libs are not all bad. This country has moved soo far to the left, and the left is terrified of losing any ground and will fight to prove that all republicans are evil with the hopes of getting rid of one. Its the largest offensive defense Ive ever heard of.Republicans have been caving in far too long, and its time restore this great nation and President Trump,regardless of the onslaught of lies, perseveres.

Diane Schilling
3 years ago

You obviously don’t understand liberals, their agenda or gun phobia people. Rational debate isn’t possible, or it would have happened by now.

Billie Michael
3 years ago

I recently joined AMAC specifically because AMAC is advertised as a “conservative” organization. This sounds like AARP and the “progressives”!!! I’lkl be one and done with AMAC if they pursue this line of “rational” debate nonsense. The left’s agenda is a total ban of firearms, there’s nothing rational about that.

Robert Dickens
3 years ago

To Justice Stevens’ position against the 2nd amendment, If you want an example of what happens when a is society stripped of its right to bear arms one needs look no farther than Jamaica. The penalty for possessing just one round of ammunition is a life sentence. Yet, Jamaica ranks 5th in the world for murder, with most murders committed by gang members using handguns. This is a clear example of what happens when only the criminals have guns. I will not go into the abject poverty and oppression those fabulous people endure, but point out that the state department strongly advises no American citizen travel to its capital city Kingston, and forbids state employees to do so. The problem is gangs; criminals; and the insane, not the devices they use. Cain killed Able with a stone. Do we need stone control or do we need to control those in society who will not follow the rules and the evil they perpetrate?
(Speaking in my personal capacity)

3 years ago

There is no ‘debate’ or ‘negotiation’. I’m an American citizen & have the right to bear arms. The children don’t get to define the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution.

GySgt. Joseph E. Barlow Jr. USMC (Ret.)
3 years ago

As the progressives who control the media, and the government, (hired un-fire able, bureaucrats), march toward punishing, law abiding people of this Nation. I can only wonder where it will end up.

About one month ago a Korean War Vet’s home was invaded, he was beaten and his care giver was tied up. He was then robed. And people wonder why I carry 24/7 at home and out and about, (I do have a CCL from my state), my weapon of choice would be considered an assault weapon, 1911 as that is what I carried on most of my flight is Viet Nam, (three tours). I would be hard pressed to give up my right for self protection. I do own a legal AR platform weapon but do not and never did like it, even in its combat configuration

The children that are being used by the progressives remind me of the movie Children of The Corn. After watching the adults portraying children on the Disney Channel and others like it, with no adult supervision. And not being taught real United States History or the Constitution of The United States. Their only apparent understanding is that all law, authority, and adults are outdated and they know best, and by all their power they will change the United States and adults to their taught progressive views.

It is in the Bill of Rights of Our Constitution, The only debate is how to stop the misguided ones (adults and children) from striping or Right and Constitution from us. Bring back the 21 years old to vote law it was good enough then and will be darn good now!

GySgt. Joseph E. Barlow Jr. USMC (Ret.)

Glenda O'Hara
3 years ago

Leave the Constitution the hell alone.

3 years ago

Enforce the laws on the books and expand the areas where citizens can carry and protect themselves.
“Common sense” gun laws and “rational” debate are not required. They are the communist’s ways of easing into restrictions on law abiding Americans.
Killings are an expression of deeper issues and guns are only one of the tools used. Witness the knives being used in London.

3 years ago

There is nothing to debate. My right and 330 million American’s rights are to own guns. Why is there no outcry about the FBI and local law enforcement missing the many tips on the Florida school shooting? Criminals do not follow the law. If they want to kill they will find a way!!! We can make bombs illegal too. Wait, the y are illegal but yet there have been several this year already. Look at England, they are having a rash of knife killings. It that next?
If we are going to try and make everyone feel good then why is there no outcry with the many bus deaths that have occurred this year. In Virginia so far this year, we have had one school bus wreck in Northern Virginia – Jan 30, 2018 driver and students injured; one bus wreck in Pulaski county where 13 were injured in March 2018. School bus wreck in Virginia Beach – 7 taken to hospital in Feb 2018, 3 bus wrecks in Richmond Jan 23, 2018, This is in just Virginia since the first of the year. What about other states like in Alabama? The Bus wreck in March 2018 killed the driver and injured many students. These innocent kids were returning from Disney World to home. What about the bus wreck on April 7th that killed 16 high school hockey players going to play hockey. Wake up America. This is not about gun control this is about taking away our God given rights as American citizens.
If AMAC pursues this “debate” I WILL CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP PEROID!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Irrational is assuming a “Gun Free Zone” sign will deter any armed criminal.
Irrational is having laws to bar felons from gun ownership and possession but never enforcing those laws.
Irrational is failing to follow up on reports of potentially dangerous behavior, aggressive or threatening speech or clear and repeated signs of mental disturbance.
Irrational is believing that disarming lawful citizens will interfere in any significant way with felons or terrorist ability to obtain weapons.
Irrational is refusing to consider hardening of our school’s security and defenses will reduce the risk to our students.
I could add another twenty items to this list, but I trust that you can see my point.

Bruce Von Sprecken
3 years ago

That is the way our rights have been taken away,so called RATIONAL debate! Everytime it turns into a left-wing gun grab and our Second-Amendment rights get raped again. Now we have brainwashed high school kids and retired supreme court judges calling for the end of our God given right to the Second Amendment,all fueled by the Fake News Media! The shooting in Parkland Florida should have been prevented but was let happen by an Obama funding program,the incompetent sheriff and the F.B.I that was probably looking at a story of Russian collusion by President Trump,and every one else is getting blamed but them!!!DISGUSTING!

Robert Lichtenberger
3 years ago

When in paragraph eleven Mr. Weber asserts that “the right to bear arms (is) granted by our founding fathers in the Constitution,” he repeats the same error which is made by many millions of Americans, both pro- and anti-gun. Amendment II neither grants nor confers the right to keep & bear arms, but rather protects a pre-existing right, the God-given right to defend one’s self from intrusion by an overbearing government. In the constitutions of thirty-eight states is the additional clarification of “in defense of self or state” or words to that effect; phrased thusly plainly indicates that Amendment II applies to an individual right as does the entire Bill of Rights.

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