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AMAC: New Clean Drilling and Oil Refineries Can Provide Realistic Relief at the Gas Pump

Costlier gasoline hits seniors particularly hard by limiting their mobility and their ability to afford such basics as food –

BOHEMIA, NY, Aug 24 – “We’re going nowhere,   fast,” said Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American   Citizens in response to “yet another round of skyrocketing gas prices.   What we need is realistic relief, namely new refineries and new drilling   projects unfettered by outdated EPA scrutiny.”

Weber added that modern refining and drilling technologies   focus on clean production as “a matter of good business sense. By   encumbering domestic producers with overregulation only serves to increase   prices at the pump. It also increases our dependence on foreign   sources.”

He pointed out that pump prices have been spiking for   nearly two months and that costlier gasoline hits seniors particularly hard   by limiting their mobility and their ability to afford such basics as food,   which gets more expensive every time there’s a gas price hike.

“Current policies regarding exploration and   production of gasoline are based on liberal ideologies that envision a ‘green   America’ at any cost. They disregard the facts. We have growing underground   and undersea reserves at our disposal, for one thing. Oil companies have new,   cleaner and more dependable recovery and production methodologies. And,   alternative energy sources are in their infancies and could take several   generations before they might be ready to make a real difference in how we   power our cars.”

Weber scoffed at rumors that the Obama Administration   might tap U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves to check rising gas prices.   “At best, it is a stop-gap measure. But in fact, analysts agree that it   wouldn’t help much.”

The AMAC chief conceded that it is less than likely that   any substantial actions to lower petroleum prices in the mid-term or far-term   future will be taken any time before the November elections. But, he said,   whoever is elected to lead the country this fall, “he must be ready to   implement solutions in quick time.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone   interviews on this issue. Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected]  to set up a chat.

The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative   alternative to those traditional organizations, such as AARP, that dominate   the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.   Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas   for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members. We   act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a   conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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9 years ago

If we drill here we will have jobs here hundreds of thousands more than now.These are good paying jobs. That means more tax revenue for the goverment to maybe pay the debt down. We will have a stable supply of oil.We will not be sending billions of dollars overseas to countrys that dont like us and want to destory us. Even if the price of fuel stays the same which it wont this is all good things for our country the USA.

9 years ago

Take the shackles off the oil companies and we will be floating up to our ears in the stuff within twelve (12) months or less and then cut off ALL foreign oil. Obama made a statement that he wanted to put a stop to ALL oil drilling. Control the nations healthcare and energy and you control EVERYTHING!

Florida Jim
9 years ago

America has given billions to Brazil, Columbia and Mexico to drill off their coasts why has Obama done that and why has he stopped the Keystone Pipeline? The answer is he wants to bankrupt America preventing our oil and gas usage will do that. Obama says “I am drilling more than ever” but that is a lie! It takes years for the permits to drill and the “Obama”drilling was done under George Bush and Obama is trying to claim credit while wasting our tax dollars, in a debt of $16,000,000,000,000 , soon to be $20,000,000,000,000 in 2016 Please go see the movie “2016” by Dnesh D’souza, who like Obama was born elsewhere but he loves America Obama wants to destroy America and D’Souza explains how and why he is doing it.

9 years ago

Why do we always hear about “gasoline” prices? No one ever reports the price of diesel which costs more than gasoline and affects every aspect of our lives. Everything we buy costs more because of production costs (most farm equipment is diesel powered) and transportation costs. I doubt if anything we pay for hasn’t seen the inside of a diesel powered truck. Gasoline is used primarily for personal transportation. When do we get reports on the product that affects all of us whether we drive a car or not?

Glenn Shannon
9 years ago
Reply to  tedthebear

Diesel used to cost a lot less than gasoline mainly because it takes less refining. The high price is because the government taxes diesel a lot higher than gas.

9 years ago
Reply to  tedthebear

Dan,Obama (like most democratic ponlaicitis that need to be viable statewide and especially nationwide) is walking a tightrope on gay marriage. If you want to watch some of the funniest political contortion in modern political history, watch the Democratic primary debate sponsored by Logo.The gay community (a very politically active bloc of the Democratic party) is outside of the mainstream on the issue of gay marriage. Democratic ponlaicitis are in a tough position because of this.Although he is probably in favor of gay marriage, Obama doesn’t want to support it outright because the majority of the electorate, as proven in California, is still against it.If he was actually opposed to gay marriage, he would have no reason not to support Proposition 8. That’s why many liberals believe he secretly supports gay marriage.Proposition 8 about as black-and-white as it gets on gay marriage. And he refused to support a gay marriage ban.

Joe Shaw
9 years ago

I believe all the “green energy stuff” is a smokescreen for the high level folks (including B.O.) who are being paid off by OPEC to keep oil prices high. OPEC is scared of the US developing and refining our petroleum resources. Of course I’m sure it’s a very convoluted, roundabout payoff. It’s not going to be cash in a suitcase

bill ortmann
9 years ago

Just one comment, Obama has got to be replaced. It is our nation that is at stake. We are americans, we should be in control of of our nation, Not the Obama regime. So do vote your conscience we will be much better off !!!!

Mark B.
9 years ago

It’s always “that will take ten years!”, I’ve been hearing that for over thirty. I have a question, what’s to keep ‘Acme Oil’ from just selling to the highest bidder and keeping the price we pay still in balance with the world market. At least with more ability to refine our own oil and save shipping costs plus dealing with some of the problems Southern Cal. has with ONE fire in ONE refinery in Northern Cal. we could get back to the $1.70 a gal. price we had FOUR years ago or what say, less? Another idea is the natural gas we are “awash in” that comes as a natural byproduct of drilling itself. That price keeps coming down. Maybe since we are as coal rich as the middle east is oil rich we could do more of that. Anyone remember the huge low sulfur coal field that Clinton made a protected park so that he could keep his Indonesian political backers (Riady family) in the low sulfur coal shipping business and force us through the L.S.C. regulations from mining our own? If I’m incorrect in any of this I wouldn’t mind being corrected, factually.

Glenn Shannon
9 years ago

I just hope those that oppose Obama make sure they vote because another 4 years of Obama will surly take this country under. As it is it will take a long time to undue the damage done already

Ken Weeks
9 years ago

You are right. There are many blindly joining and supporting AARP. My daughter is one of them. When I tried to explain
why we no longer belong she seemed suprised. Had not heard that AARP supports the liberal causes and is no longer a friend to the retirement crowd. Because she is 50 and eligible to become a member of AARP they have deluged her
with propaganda and she has just sucked it all up.

Somebody needs to blow the whistle on AARP long and hard. There are too many like my daughter that have been caught up in the “NEW” AARP and are not aware of the facts..

John Oliff
9 years ago

Ever since the oil lines in the early 70’s the morons in washington have been talking about energy independence. It has only been lip service but they think it makes good political copy. The truth is that there is no guarantee that if we drill drill drill the price of oil will come down. What is going to stop Acme oil from keeping the supply down or just marking up the price of their product. The consolidation of the major oil companies only eliminates market forces from the pricing function. Furthermore, if Acme oil gets a better contract for its product overseas then even the availability of oil is not guaranteed.Energy independence is a pipe dream. (no pun intended)

9 years ago
Reply to  John Oliff

So it’s better that we keep more and more of our energy reserves off the market by the federal government not allowing known energy rich areas to be drilled?

9 years ago

Obama will also have the EPA shut down more refineries by imposing onerous regulations that no one will be able to meet. Remember, the ultimate agenda is to knock down the U.S. economy several notches for perceived past sins. That’s the left’s goal.

9 years ago

You outline all the right reasons why Obama has to be replaced by Romney. If Obama gets a second term, he will have the EPA shut down fracking through onerous regulations.

Mike Townsend
9 years ago

I expect the drilling into the differect shale doposits to start delivering new oil and gas pretty soon. This will drive down the price of oil and thus the price of gasoline.

Ray Downen
9 years ago

I would that every mature citizen would join AMAC rather than AARP. AARP is supporting things most mature citizens do not support and which act in ways which do not agree with our aims. Yet I know many who are not aware of what AARP does politically. Obama opposes the steps which would enable our nation to rely on our own resources for fuel. It’s important that we change parties in control in our nation’s capital.

9 years ago

Of course, you’re absolutely right, Dan, WE all know that, but how do we get thru to those idiot lefty-libs??
That’s why WE have to defeat them, to reclaim OUR country and restore it to its former greatness!!!!
WE deserve NOTHING less, but WE’RE going to have to help set the new President on the right track and keep him there!!!! Things are going to have to be different from here on!!
WE the people, control OUR destiny!!

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