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AMAC Joins Coalition to Oppose Green Energy Mandate in Arizona


The proposed mandate will increase Arizona ratepayers’ energy costs by $720 annually on average. Arizonans, particularly retirees living on fixed incomes, cannot afford this increase to their utility bills.


January 25th, 2022

Docket Control
Arizona Corporation Commission
1200 W Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Re: Proposed Green Energy Mandate, Docket #RU-0000A-18-0284

Dear Members of the Corporation Commission,

Our organizations representing over 100,000 ratepayers in the State of Arizona are urging the Corporation Commission to reject the proposed green energy mandates being considered for final adoption.

To achieve the proposed 100% clean energy mandate being considered, utilities will need to phase out all fossil fuels, purchase more solar and wind generation, expand lithium-ion battery storage and convert to green hydrogen.

As shown by the ACC’s own independent cost analysis prepared by Ascend Analytics, the proposed mandate will cost ratepayers over $6 Billion dollars, or $720 annually for the average ratepayer. Simply put, Arizonans cannot afford an 80% increase to their utility bills to pay for this proposal.

Ratepayers also should not be on the hook when a utility makes a bad green energy investment, which will happen under this mandate.

We already know that previous mandates have forced ratepayers to pay for bad deals. The Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff adopted by the ACC in 2006 resulted in APS signing a 30- year contract for solar energy that was 400% above market rates. Sadly, the entire cost of this boondoggle is being paid for by ratepayers.

Finally, we don’t have to look far to see what happens when a state goes all-in on green energy mandates and banning fossil fuels. It was just 18 months ago when California was forced to implement rolling blackouts during a significant heatwave. And last summer, in order to protect their own energy grid, California was forced to buy up power from other western states because they were unable to produce enough electricity.

While we understand the Commissions interest in exploring options for developing clean energy in Arizona, mandates are never the solution. We urge you to protect ratepayers and prioritize affordability and reliability by rejecting the proposed green energy mandate.

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Kent Bostick
4 months ago

I will have to look elsewhere for living accommodations. I am an Arizona native

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