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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Biden Pushing America From Energy Independence To Dependence

By: Shane Harris


On his first day in office, Joe Biden halted construction of the keystone pipeline, jeopardizing the hard-won energy independence secured under President Trump. It was an ominous sign of things to come. Biden has since proceeded to further curtail, and in some cases shut down, American oil production. But even as Biden kills domestic production, he has been forced to pitifully beg for oil from hostile foreign nations. As this article was going to press, Biden was asking OPEC to increase its output. The contrast with President Trump’s energy policies could not be any starker.

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Sara J Grosso
17 days ago

AMAC: You make this sound like it is a news flash. Our family and many others have known this since biden got rid of the XL pipeline and okayed Russia’s pipeline.

Brian Eargle
20 days ago

You know that the Destroy America Agenda is at work here. Foreign and domestic enemies of the Constitution of the United States are doing this evil work. It is totally ingenuous to puzzle over,
“Why are they doing this? It doesn’t make sense!”

Sara J Grosso
17 days ago
Reply to  Brian Eargle

Tshey are doing this because they want our America to become a socialist country so THEY can run it with no one able to go against it. As I have said before, THEY ARE HITLER IN THE MAKING.

20 days ago

The United States has work hard to be oil independent & is a boost to our economy. Biden’s plan to do away with fossil fuels will wipe out all gains since the Iran oil Embargo in 70s, Two big warning signs this year are stopping Keystone Pipeline & the Cyberattack warning with Colonial Pipeline. Who or what group wants America to go backwards instead of forward is the question to Biden.

20 days ago

Am hoping we rebel b4 this happens.

21 days ago

I am not sure the current trend to make us dependent is the final goal. Are democrats trying to destroy our independence? Weakened we will be tuned into all the bribes to usher in command and control.

20 days ago
Reply to  Myrna

The final goal is TheNewGreenDeal that will create a country of electric cars, etc. Have never seen a plan that has abundant supply of electric power to do what Biden plans to do in such a short time period.

Stephen Lykins
21 days ago

Do y’all hear that whooshing sound? That is Biden flushing the entire country down the toilet!

Steve G
21 days ago

Satan is in charge through the bodies of Biden & Harris & the downfall of America is rapidly on its way. And guess what, the 2022 elections will change nothing cause the liberal nazi democrats will cheat, lie steal, kill your children, & do anything to stay in power.

Patriot Will
21 days ago

Biden’s incompetence and hatred for America is on full display when he quickly destroys our energy independence to make us dependent on other countries who dislike and hate us.

21 days ago

All part of the grand scheme……what else would we expect? Anything that is seen as a reversal of the previous administrations actions is acceptable to them. They have no conscience here.

Wayne Peterkin
21 days ago

We spent over 60 years advocating for American energy independence which is a national security priority as well as an economic priority. We finally achieved it through energy technology like fracking and with President Trump’s support and his intelligent energy policy. It has taken Biden less than 8 months to undo that progress making us dependent on OPEC and the middle-east once again. Biden has proven repeatedly that he is an American enemy.

21 days ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

Not just Biden, but the entire Democrat party as well. Biden is merely implementing the 2020 Democrat policy playbook that every Democrat ran on. It was all spelled out in straightforward language within that 110 page document for anyone to read on-line. Yet apparently very few bothered to do so. So now we are living with the consequences of that apathy and willful ignorance. This is just the beginning of what will be ever-escalating energy prices under socialist rule.

Sara J Grosso
17 days ago
Reply to  PaulE

WELL SAID!!!! And the democrats ALL know what they are doing

James Thompson
21 days ago

We will be dependent on our enemies.

Constant de Calonne
21 days ago
Reply to  James Thompson

China and communism / socialism rules WAKE UP AMERICANS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

Brian Eargle
20 days ago

Please recognize that this WAR for control of the planet Earth is far deeper than just CCP Communism, Eurocentric globalism based upon finance and religion, Is|amic world conquest, drug cartels, or old-fashioned political corruption and violence.

Don’t be afraid. Trust in the Lord instead.

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