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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – National Security – America Endangered

By: Shane Harris

Oct 21 mag

The events that occurred throughout America’s disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan need little elaboration: the Biden administration ceded all control over the country, and even over the fates of American citizens, to the Taliban. The world watched America’s longest war end in stunning defeat.

Recognizing the Biden administration’s weakness, the resurgent Taliban felt empowered to dictate terms to the United States, demanding all US forces leave the country by August 31.

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17 days ago

National security endangered? How can you say that, with our excellent southern border and our friends the Taliban? Too many Americans are living fat and happy and don’t really know what is going on. By the time they “get it” it will be far too late. A grass roots effort is building. “22 is coming!

17 days ago

Obama/Biden/Harris and their evil empire desiring to destroy America!!! Wake up America were teetering on the edge!!!

26 days ago

All of you that Hated Trump!How are you feeling now?You Elected a Con Man! Joe Biden!

R.J. from Arizona
26 days ago

This bafoon at 1600 won’t even talk to media. How’s he going to keep America safe? WE ARE ON THE TITANIC!

The Wizard
26 days ago

The unfortunate part of all the tricks the Dems have perpetrated, no one will go to prison for what all has been done. The operative phrase for anything the Dems do is “They don’t care!” If you just question why they are doing what they do, remember that one phrase and it will all make sense.

Dale Rose
26 days ago
Reply to  The Wizard

Prosecution of democrats ended when Ted Kennedy drowned his mistress and nothing at all was done about it. Can you think of any democrats who hav been prosecuted for crimes? I can’t.

Stephen Russell
26 days ago

We need:
o Militia forces to estd
o Expand contractors
o System to ID foes for Intel via Joe Public

26 days ago

America IS in Danger as long as today’s So-called Democratic Party Leadership IS SPEWING SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM ! ! !

25 days ago
Reply to  Rik

Don’t forget that God is watching Biden closely. I don’t think God is worried. He may even be laughing. One thing for certain is that we are being humbled.

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