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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Small Business Will Rebuild the Economy

smallPalmer Schoening, a member of AMAC Action’s advocacy team in Washington DC, is Chairman of the Family Business Coalition and provides insight on the importance of small businesses in rebuilding our economy.  You can read it below in the December 2020 issue of the AMAC Magazine,  Volume 14 – Issue 6.

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1 year ago

Small business WOULD turn the country around….
Stop the plandemic lockdowns. Stop the insane spending
thats sending money outside of the country.
If small business could be left alone and thrive there would
be ZERO reason for “stimulus” checks.
this is mass welfare and a step toward a base wage
that has no bearing on reality.
Bring REAL jobs back. Continue taxing the hell out of
domestic companies that go off shore.
With REAL jobs where a person could stay and retire
the “$15 burger flipper” would only be for minimum wage or
what the company wants to pay. These were for kids in school
or a second job (god help those who require such).
Our system is so trashed.

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