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AMAC: Prepare For the Mid-Term Elections or Beware the Consequences

If Democrats win both houses of Congress in 2014, the country will take a sharp left turn toward socialism –

BOHEMIA, NY, Jan 25 – “Never have mid-term elections meant so much for the future of our country than the ones coming up in 2014.  If the powerful Obama political machine takes over both houses of Congress, be prepared to take a sharp left turn toward Socialism,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

He called on his organization’s membership to get involved early in supporting Conservative Senate and House candidates.  “The handwriting is on the wall and it is up to us to help elect a loyal opposition that will remain true to the principals that made America the envy of the world.  If we fail, we will become an example of how the mighty have fallen.”

Weber said that analyses of the President’s inauguration speech this week by both Democrats and Republicans describe a second-term agenda that is concentrated on his socialist ideologies.

“He laid out a plan to force the nation to accept principals that are decidedly counter to the values established by our Founding Fathers.  He disregarded pressing issues such as Social Security and Medicare reform and, instead, put a focus on climate change and gay marriage.”

Reuters quoted White House officials who said that Obama will resort to an increased use of executive orders to implement his policies if he can’t achieve bi-partisan support for his agenda in the Democratic Senate and the Republican House.

Meanwhile, many believe that the President is counting on his well-established, nationwide campaign network to help him win a Democratic majority in the House and maintain a majority in the Senate in 2014, Weber cautioned.  “If he succeeds in creating a rubber-stamp Congress, his second term will have a far reaching impact on the way we live going forward.”

Dick Morris, a former close personal advisor to President Clinton, wrote in a recent column that President Obama is “determined to Balkanize our once united nation into competing interest groups who bet quadrennially on elections to secure a place in the sun. He is only for some Americans.”

Shortly after the President delivered his speech, another Democrat, political strategist Doug Schoen, said: “we have to interpret the speech in the context of his actions, which sadly involve more polarization, division, attack politics, and class warfare than is healthy. Indeed his whole approach, particularly during and since the campaign, has been to practice precisely the kind of politics he eschewed in today’s speech.”

But, according to Weber, perhaps the most damning indictment of the speech came from a British observer, author Toby Young, who wrote a column in the London Telegraph.

He said Obama’s inaugural presentation: “was an aggressive assertion of modern liberalism, with the emphasis on gay rights, gun control, gender equality, combating climate change and – if his remarks about Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and income inequality are anything to go by – redistributive taxation. This is a fully-fledged socialist agenda that will leave the 47.2 per cent of Americans who didn’t vote for Obama feeling ostracized and angry. If this is going to be the tone of Obama’s second term, the next four years are likely to see America more divided than at any time since the 1960s.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a chat.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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9 years ago

Thank you for your comment. I’m excietd as well. Often times it is hard for Ron Paul truisms to break through into mainstream media, but it seems that his platform is expanding and, to use his words, people are concentrating around the message of liberty.I’ve read a bit of your blog. Do you think Paul’s ideas on free markets are in conflict with what you talk about as fair markets?

Barry Bertocki, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)
9 years ago

America is over……..

John Leo
9 years ago

Rubbish!!!! The Republicans in the House do not bother Obama one bit. When push comes to shove they always cave in and Obama gets what he wants. Why? Because they are terrified of being pilloried in the media which has degenerated into little more then the propaganda ministry of The Obama White House. Forget the 2014 elections; they will change nothing. If you want to know the eventual fate of this country just take a look at Argentina 100 years ago and follow its progress down through the years to the present.

9 years ago

Not all Democrats are bad people. They are just uninformed. You can blame Obama and his great political machine (finanicial backing and lobbyists that he owes favors to). Corruption happens when you get a taste of power and you start to do things for the wrong reasons. The welfare of the country as a whole is no longer important. Also, when the main-stream media shows favor and looks the other way when lies are told and they do damaging reporting to do Obama’s bidding, this is also corruption. Of course you can tell what news organizations get under Obama’s skin when they report the news based on facts and lets us all know that we should hate them also. I would not have believed it either until I saw for myself the misleading news on ABC. I watched them for years. Now I feel betrayed. So, if I am betrayed, that means so many others are also betrayed. If you are not looking for it, you may not see it. These false new organizations need to be exposed. (Now I can understand how Hitler came to power-Great propoganda-no one saw it until it was too late)

9 years ago
Reply to  Gloria

From another Gloria…. you are right on!!! I keep warning people about Hitler and how easy it is for history to repeat itself… We have to get Obama out of office before it’s too late.

Jacquie Doty
9 years ago

Obama will continue his, so far, successful attempts to confuse, demonize and demean the GOP who seem to cower as this man preaches in all his righteous blather.
There is no question in my mind that the American public, thanks to our schools, is stupider and less willing to become informed than ever before in the history of this Nation.
I have no idea how there can be a change any time soon as the fraud filled Democrat machine is extremely powerful and well financed.
Perhaps only when the streets are filled with rioting, will we see any sort of change from the goals of the hateful Barack Obama.

Greg Stoutes
9 years ago

Well Mr. Dan Weber, what can we do to protect our Constitution and our Bill of Rights? How can we convince the free dumb that this Socialist Pig must be stopped and what can we say to convince the free dumb that they’re right to live a flourishing life with real freedom of choice is more important than a free cell phone, a lazy muching lifestyle, free food, free rent, free education, free medicine, free transportation, …..
This government is not of the people nor is it for the people! It is self serving and is guilty of criminal neglect in the greatest sense of the matter when it comes to serving the intelligent citizens of this great country!

Considering all the damage and division that has already been caused by the OBAMANATION and with his total disregard for what the real working citizens of this country want, with the bribery tactics he has utilized by giving the handouts to his uneducated, unwilling, government dependent voters, who are so ignorant that they are now fearful of what they will lose if they don’t re-elect this socialist criminal, how do we convince the free dumb that they stand to lose a lot more than the free cell phones and ……etc.

Who is policing this government? Why haven’t control protocols, and impeachment procedures been enacted yet?
Where, when, and how has it come to be that our congressional representatives, senators, and our elected so called president have so much power that they have no regard for what was a perfect constitution as written by our founding fathers over 237 years ago?!

This country was created by very tough and intelligent men who saw fit to write a constitution that would garaunty our freedom by limiting and preventing government from becoming to large and to powerful so that we could live freely and garauntied us the right to persue happiness! This government has no regard for our constitution at all. It wasn’t written with an open intention that the government could re-write it to serve its own self centered agenda! It was written so as to prevent that very thing, the self indulgence of a crooked socialistic government.
It’s not about how 535 or so crooked self indulgent dishonest “governors” want to vote how they see fit! It’s about how the American citizens vote on new matters! It’s not about changing what has already been written and made LAW!

Our Cconstitution should never be changed from what has already been made LAW to protect and garaunty our rights, but could be amended to increase our rights as the world changes! No Amendment to what is written! Only adoption of new LAW to protect us from the government machine! People wake up! We are soon going to be living under a Socialistic Regime with a GUSTAPO Like DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY! The free dumbs idiot socialist president has already made it a law that DHS can arrest and hold anyone that they SAY is a threat to Homeland Security and they can kill them or hold them incrcerated as long as they deem without proof!

This is the very reason this country and our constitution was created to prevent! Freedom is what the USA is all about!
It’s time to get tough America and demand that our law be enforced and police the government as the constitution was WRITTEN TO PROTECT US from a self indulging government, not the other way around as it is being interpreted and enacted/enforced now!
The second amendment was written as to garauntee by LAW that we could defend ourselves against being coralled by a self indulging socialist government! They’ve gone to far! Vote REPUBLICAN It’s our only chance to survive!

9 years ago

During the 2009 – 2012 election process for the Nov. 2012 elections, the GOP feverishly rewrote bylaws at every level, trying to get rid of Libertarian Republicans – most of whom were the young, eager voters whom they CLAIMED they were trying to woo. They weren’t trying to woo these young people – not unless they did whatever the GOP establishment demanded of them, regardless of the lack of ethics involved. In the process, they have alienated not only the young people, but those of all walks of life, of all ages, who finally realized that the GOP doesn’t want them. They were marginalized, treated as criminals.

Many young people, after Romney “won” the nomination (because the final GOP rewrite of rules took place at the RNC, & gave FULL control over all speeches & all processes over to Romney, seated all Ron Paul supporters near the door & made sure there were plenty of frustrated, couldn’t-quite-make-the-police-academy rent-a-cops by the door, warning them of the “evil” Libertarian Republicans who were going to keep St Mitt from the nomination by actually insisting on a REAL voting process. Ron Paul wasn’t expected to win; HE didn’t figure he’d win – he just wanted his say (last time I checked, that was Constitutionally guaranteed in America…well, until the so-called “Patriot” act & NDAA, for starters). He wanted to encourage the GOP to fight for limited government, & to show them how many people would support that effort. Romney was very scared of Ron Paul – I wonder why? Regardless, such a show of cowardice is likely the REAL reason Mitt lost. Treating their own party members like terrorists certainly didn’t help the GOP, either.

The GOP doesn’t want to win if it means getting rid of big government, in other words. Libertarians believe in far less government interference than your average “conservative” – who is usually a RINO or a weak willed fool who is scared out of his/her mind at the thought of the big, bad liberal bullies messing with their little pieces of pork scattered throughout the bills passed by our “illustrious” elected officials.

Maybe people are so utterly stupid that they think Libertarians are liberals. After all, some things we espouse do seem “liberal” to many religious conservatives (not Christian – religious…there IS a difference, a HUGE one). I agree with many of the positions of religious conservatives, based on my Christian faith…BUT…one cannot legislate Christianity, The true intent of the religious clause of the First Amendment is not to remove faith from American life, but to prevent the formation of a State religion. And while we’ve been fighting people like the “Freedom From Religion” types, we’ve allowed the formation of a State religion, via government interference – secular humanism which, like Communism, meets ALL the criteria of a religion. This needs to end, & it will not end with more laws – it will end with less government. There is nothing liberal about libertarianism, not in the way of the liberals currently ruining our country. There IS, however, something FREEING about libertarianism. It means TRUE conservatism…only enough government to defend ourselves, & stimulate business by staying out of the way except for egregious offenses that are against laws long ago on the books.

As for Christianity, the provision for spreading its moral ideals is embodied in the Bible, a book far too few who espouse Christianity have ever read, let alone studied in any detail. Here’s the basics: We are to witness to others what Jesus has done for us, pray for them to understand what He offers them, then LET THEM DECIDE whether or not to accept it. We are not to assume no one will accept it, & cop out. We must try to reach the lost, but with sensitivity, love, & caring. Worldwide, the persecuted Christians do so despite very real threats to their lives on a daily basis. We’re not threatened with death (yet) for witnessing to others about Jesus – we have no excuse. If we want to change the world, we must first introduce people to the Lord & let Him change their hearts. Only that will truly stop evil. It doesn’t mean we avoid politics; it means we know that’s only a part of our involvement in the world. Our most important job is still the Gospel – not fanaticism, just telling people about Jesus & why we opted to believe. The choice is theirs, just as it was ours.

It’s really easy to be a criminal in America & know nothing about it. We have 10,000 + laws on the books. NO ONE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW MANY – not in Congress, not in law enforcement (including the ESTIMATED 38 – 40 ARMED Federal police forces in agencies ranging from the obvious FBI, ATF, CIA, NSA down to groups like USDA, & they all have SWAT teams; including the fusion centers & the agencies affiliated with them; including the military & National Guard). For all we know, we all commit felonies multiple times in a year without knowing it. When will someone become aware of all these regulations? How about when they extend background checks on firearms for hard-working, patriotic Americans & they need an excuse to slap you in jail or a mental hospital & throw away the key (esp. if you own firearms)?

DHS has already made it clear that if you have the “wrong” bumper sticker on your car for the last election, you’re a right wing terrorist. It was on one of the news websites I comb, searching for REAL news. I sincerely doubt that Mitt Romney or Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich, to name a few, are the “right” names. Note that this is no longer “potential” right wing terrorist, as they have named our vets of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., or as they have named those who believe abortion is wrong, or who believe we need far less government than we have. No, we don’t get “potential” on our adjective list; we’re apparently ACTUAL right wing terrorists.

The GOP is running scared of the big bankers & corporations. They’ve almost wet their pants in their hurry to rid their party of liberty-loving Republicans who want to help during the Tampa RNC in 2012. In fact, those Republicans who managed wins in the 2012 elections were almost all Libertarian Republicans – a fact the GOP has roundly quashed.

The GOP needs to grow a backbone if it wants to return the country to the principles which the GOP originally espoused, & it needs to include dialog (minus name-calling) with freedom-loving party members. Otherwise, the GOP will continue to lose. BOLDNESS is needed, & COURAGE – neither of which the GOP leadership has any more. If not, the Libertarian party will not only benefit from the exodus of disgusted Republicans like me, it may replace the GOP in power quite soon.

Edward Cox
9 years ago

The Democrats will rig the 2014 elections just like thy did in 2008 and 2012.

9 years ago

The GOP had a group of enthusiastic, young voters whose infectious optimism & determination to return the country to the rule of law drew in others of all ages, races, both genders, all sexual preferences, & more, into the process of getting the government out of the nanny business. (A note: by “rule of law,” they & I mean the Constitution, not the Harvard & Yale machine that churns out liberal lawyers who become liberal judges who, between osculating the gluteus maximi of the liberal political machines & Big Bankers, RUIN our country).



9 years ago

I no longer give people the benefit of the doubt, everyone who voted for this idiot is a self serving, piece of trash. From Hollywood, academia on down to the generational welfare community they are disgusting.

9 years ago

tyhere’s a great chance republicans could take over the house and senate. beware

Charlotte Andersen
9 years ago

There needs to be restrictions on what the president can do when in office such as how many vacations he can take and a limit on what is spent on vacations and how many executive orders he can use in his term. Also how much money he can give way to other countries. After all we the people have hired him and when he doesn’t do what we really expect of him he should be impeached.

9 years ago

Can the rest of America see “the writing on the wall”?? How can people be so blind to this guy who we have to call “Commander in Chief”!! You want to talk about transparency?? Some of us could see right thru him, before he even got elected the first time! I am an Independent/ Libertarian. I do NOT subscribe to the political norm. The last generation of child bearing adults, have raised “entitlement minded” children, by not using decent displine and limits, and teaching them responsibility. Therefore, our country has turned into a bunch of cry babies, yelling they DESERVE to have the government take care of them! Not only was I NOT raised that way I did not raise my children that way, only this year am I old enough to join AMAC, so that tells you how old I am. A lot of my friends and co workers have raised children with this mentality, why? Because they thought if they gave them every thing they wanted it would be ok, their kids didn’t have to work for anything, they have no values, or integrity, and anything goes. We have a nation of people who think you can do or say anything to any one, cause it’s “their right” doesn’t matter if you hurt some one in doing so. But, at the same time, we have also become as was said, morally lax, and if you stand up for your beliefs, ESPECIALLY if they are conservative, then you offend some one, heaven for bid! But, if you are liberal, by all means say whats on your mind and you’ll get a standing ovation! I spent almost 15 years defending this country in the US Navy. I thought at the time I was defending the greatest nation on earth. But, now, I am saddened by all the political corruption and the socialist tone we have now. I warned my democratic friends, if you vote this guy back in, don’t be surprised if we are socialist in the next couple years, they laughed, REALLY? Why aren’t people getting angry? Why are you not upset that this guy is going to come in and take your guns, and make you send all you money to the government for “taxes” ect, and leave you with little to feed and cloth your families?? Does this seem like an exaggeration? Who died and made this guy king?? How is it that America thinks it’s ok, that if the president doesn’t like something, he just uses executive orders to carry out his plans??

I get that the Connecticut shooting was an absolutely horrible crime! I cried off and on the first few days because of the senseless loss of young life. But, here’s the take home message…”CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE LAWS” !! so making stricter gun laws is NOT going to stop people who want to do others harm. They will find a way… sad but true. I live in a rural area in the Western US that has one of the HIGHEST mexican gang population, we are talking towns with less then 10,000 people! They have murders EVERY SINGLE day!! NO ONE is going to tell me I can’t keep a gun, sorry! I guess I’ll die with it in my hand, cause that’s how they are going to have to take it from me!

9 years ago

At the rate Obama is incrementally transforming the nation, with the help of a largely ineffectual Republican Party being both too slow and disorganized to respond properly, as well as being far too willing in the end to cave to most of Obama’s demands, the 2014 elections really won’t make much of a difference. By then, the federal government will, in one form or another, control better than 80 percent of the economy and have the remaining 20 percent in its sights.

Anyone who has ever done a cursory review of Obama’s voting record through the years and looked at the people and organizations he associated himself with during his lifetime, would have come to the conclusion that he is an avowed socialist a long time ago. That he gave a largely socialist speech at his second inauguration is merely indicative of the fact that he no longer has to face voters for re-election anymore. He is now free to espouse his true beliefs and face no consequences from the voting public.

The bigger issue we face, as a country, is that so many people think his socialistic views are not only correct, but are actually preferred over the principles upon which this country was founded. That so few people have any understanding of what Obama’s “transformation” will ultimately do to this country, in a relatively few short years, shows how successful the left has been in the last 40 plus years to indoctrinate a large segment of the public.

9 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Well said, Paul.

Unfortunately, the media elects our candidates and once elected they represent the media and not the voters. We need to reclaim the representation the media took from us while we were distracted.

The answer is to focus on those who were elected right now, Republican, Democrat or Independent – especially our city, county and state officials. In a democracy we sit and wait for the next election. In our Constitutional federal republic of supposedly limited government we all need to tell our servants in government what their duty is today. Jefferson warned us that constant vigilance is necessary to preserve liberty, not 15 minutes every two years.

We in the private sector may no longer be a majority, but we can have influence beyond our numbers by communicating frequently and pointedly with our respective officials, both elected and appointed.

Nancy Lee Liebscher
9 years ago

Erwin L:utzer wrote an excellent book about what happened in Germany that allowed Hitler to slowly infiltrate and then gain control of that nation. It was insidious at first and all in the name of helping the citizens in areas where they needed help….social welfare types of issues. Then larger areas of control and then complete control. Those against his agenda disappeared. Society did not stand up but laid down and let his tyranny destroy the country! Why is America abdicating so easily? Why are we allowing lies to stand as truth? The only real answer is to return to the values that established the best country on earth….and that includes God. Less governmental control would be a sign that we are willing to be adults and take responsibility and we don’t need Big Daddy to control our lives! Yes, that would includes celebrating life.

9 years ago


Far too few people have any real understanding of world history over the last 100 years, which is why socialism seems like such an acceptable avenue to pursue today. People here also seem to not be able to connect the dots to the myriad of failed “social democracies” (another term for socialism / communism lite) of southern Europe playing out daily in the news. Even as these economies all implode in on themselves, their populations are not calling out for freedom, economic growth or an opportunity to turn their lives around. They are calling out for someone, anyone to bail them out, so they can go back to the social welfare state policies that landed them in their current situation.

9 years ago

If the majority of Republicans stay on their holier-than-thou high horse and focus on issues like abortion, birth control, and gay rights, we will lose big time. Most of us are centrist in nature and while agreeing in principle with some things, issues like jobs, the economy, tax reform, and social security are far more important than the social issues.

9 years ago
Reply to  DrJCA1

The battle today is between government and family.

Our Founders (who vehemently disagreed with each other then as we do now) established this federal republic (not democracy) on a judeo-christian worldview. In the Declaration of Independence our Founders established the rare and fragile principle of government by and through “consent of the governed”. The subsequent Articles of Confederation, The U.S.Constitution and the Bill of Rights were developed to realize and protect the “consent of the governed”. They understood that democracy is simply tyranny of the majority (or even plurality) over the minority. The federal republic was specifically formulated to protect political as well as ethnic minorities from tyranny in every potential manifestation.

One item upon which all the divergent views of our Founders agreed was that a nation’s very survival depended upon a secure environment in which new generations of children could be conceived, born, nurtured and raised to responsible participating adulthood. Conception was legally and ideally proscribed to the traditional marriage between one man and one woman. The issue upon which this agreement broke down was slavery.

Slaves of the 18th and 19th centuries were bred by their owners like animals (purposely) to keep them in a state of remaining “property” specifically to deny them family identity and humanity. While Christians both opposed and defended slavery (based upon race), it was Christian motivated abolition that won the cause. Those Mormons who practiced and promoted polygamy were considered a fatal threat to the republic, because they were seen to turn the order of husband, wife and children into chaos.

It’s not that people like myself have a “holier than thou” attitude about morality. Rather we understand that should we abandon the specific judeo-christian worldview that all mankind is born into sin and (all) our (natural) inclination is toward evil so we all need both a moral standard to live by to which we hold each other accountable, and that we need a Savior to rescue us (through Providence in this life and Redemption in the one to come) from the errors of our ways, then we shall all be slaves to the consequences of sin. And what is sin? Sin is any behavior that injures our fellow man without cause. While sex outside of marriage may not appear to injure the participants in particular, Scripture teaches that it injures both the participants and society as a whole.

All the devout Christians I know do not consider them/ourselves holier than anyone. They/we recognize their/our own attraction to sin and try to avoid same. Resistance to committing rape, fornication, adultery, abortion (especially to hide the former), and homosexual activity was in the past reinforced by public policy. The fact that many Jews and Christians want to continue what we consider healthy and necessary public policy for the survival of the republic may cause us “to lose big time” as you say. But it is a battle we feel must be waged. If the institution of marriage is scorned and/or redefined in the wisdom of contemporary man, then our society will decomposes into chaos and anarchy.

The answer is to anticipate the welfare of generations to come while we address the immediate issues of the present. The siren of sin (specifically redefining good and evil) is and always has been persuasive to the majority of people, especially the poorly informed and distracted.

9 years ago
Reply to  DrJCA1

Robert, thanks for pniuttg this up. It’s important that people begin to realize that there is an agenda involved here. It is a plot to take away our rights. While I am a member, I’m not always a big fan of the NRA. Sometimes they play too many political games, but on this they are 100% correct. Who knows better where the guns come from than the cartel members themselves. Besides, we are talking about groups with millions and millions of dollars at their disposal. Are we really supposed to believe that they aren’t able to have mass quantities of any gun they want delivered to them? These one and two at a time AK47s are nothing. These drug lords are using full auto stuff, and that isn’t cheap or readily available in quantities here. Do the math people, we are being lied to about this

Katie Winchenbach
9 years ago

I fully agree with Term Limits and once the candidate has used up his time, he does NOT get a pension, health insurance benefits, etc. He is on his own when his term is up. He goes back into the mainstream of working people and starts all over again. If he played his cards right while he was in office, he would have set up a nest egg to fall back on.

Secondly, I would like to see the Electorial College be banished and let the LEGALLY REGISTERED VOTING PEOPLE decide who they want as president. Do away with “touch screen” voting machines as well.

Thirdly, I would like to see a ceiling cap on all elections. We NEED to vote on a candidates integrity, honesty and values … not how much money they can muster up to win the election. It’s NOT about the money. I have seen good, decent candidates lose out of an election because he couldn’t “keep up with the Jones'”. It’s not right.

That’s it for now. Thanks for letting me post what is on my mind!

Charlotte Andersen
9 years ago

I fully agree with Katie Winchenbach on every thing she said but how do we get these things accomplished?

Doug Nicholson
9 years ago

Katie: Abolishing the Electoral College and instituting the popular vote for President/VP would mean the end of national conservative politics forever. The majority of the population lives in the big cities like New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, D.C., etc. Think of almost any large metropolitan area and how they vote. How many can you think of that vote Republican?
As to your other points, I agree. I would add one major change to your wish list: Mandatory Voter I.D. in ALL states.

Doug Nicholson
9 years ago

Eliminating the Electoral College would result in Democrats permanently holding the White House. The majority of the U.S. population lives in the big cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, D.C., etc., all of which consistently vote Democrat. Can you think of any large metropolitan area that votes Republican? Me neither.
I agree regarding term limits. The main advantage would be a paradigm shift in the candidates reasons for running. No longer would we have those looking to make a career out of being elected to Congress and to get rich while there. Those wanting to run would be looking to “give back” instead.
I would add one more thing. Mandatory voter I.D. in all states.

9 years ago
Reply to  Doug Nicholson

And I got into a similar shutniog match six months ago suggesting that I didnt think another candidate would win and will likely lose! I was called a troll, sell out, etc. That candidate WAS Obama, the same guy I voted for and plan to vote again! Just based on the polling and a down swing in the economy I thought his chances were lousey! I think they are be better now, but 50-50 at best! But I DONT argue with emotion like you people, simply NUMBERS, regardless who I’m for!

Joseph C Moore (USN Ret)
9 years ago

Be prepared for a sharp left turn toward socialist policies? With both parties colluding, that is ALREADY in effect. There is no difference between the socialist left and the Proclaimed Right. They BOTH are part of the New World Order cadre.

Steve Crane
9 years ago

Hard working people contribute, in good faith, to Republicans only to see their money wasted on a primary election that shows to the world how they can’t make a decision among themselves. Millions of our contribution dollars are wasted on attack ads against good candidates where they must spend to defend themselves in their own party.

The answer: synergize and make a decision within the party structure without a primary. Hold televised round table “debates” where positions are put on the table and “the platform” is agreed upon. Next, the most experienced and articulate Republican is agreed upon to be the candidate.

Next, waste no money on the Republican Convention. This is just the choir partying with the choir. I doubt there are any non-Republican TV viewers at all. Instead, hire the cheering crowd. What? On the campaign trail, go to colleges and MLK Blvd and bus people to the events. Include a free hot dog party and teach them to listen and then cheer. Non-Republicans do not attend campaign trail events. They attend Democrat events because, free hot dogs and bus.

9 years ago
Reply to  Steve Crane

There are so many great comments here and I also want to see the Republicans, the conservatives and the small businessman have a voice in this next election and agree with the comments referring to the divisive and pulvarizing cycle of chosing candidates through debate and attack ads. The GOP did so much harm to their own party for the Presidential election. Not only did they beat up each other, it didn’t stop after Romney became the candidate! While the Tea Party had it’s strength in teaching the GOP how to run a grassroots campaign they also spent their political capital tearing the candidates and the party apart. As a Precinct Chair, I was disgusted with the number of Republican voters who said they were “confused” about what their party stood for. Some who didn’t even go to the polls said they didn’t know “who Romney really was.” They didn’t even know the difference between a Dem and Rep candidate for Sheriff in their own home town!

You rarely see a Dem tearing another down as it is all about “the Party line.” They unite and they unite their voters with tiny little ideas that resonate. It is amazing that they vote from cradle to grave for their party of social government. They didn’t even question Obama’s first term accomplishments and he didn’t have to defend them! He came to the election with bags of money and candy AND THOSE handouts are perceived by the Dems and all for them. His party has been about divide and conquer the Republicans, the conservatives, the small businessman, the wealthy and the middle class, the poor and the immigrant. The GOP allowed the Dems to define them by defending all the attack ads that Obama’s campaign produced. AND if you didn’t read it yet, be warned that his campaign committees are still intack except now they have become a 501c3 non-profit to “educate people on voting and politics.” THIS IS very, very dangerous. They pay their campaigners to show up at rallies and they pay their voters to vote. They car pool from nursing homes right to a Dem precinct so if you are in the wrong precinct, your vote for the other party doesn’t count BUT those people don’t know that. I have first hand knowledge of so much fraud and nothing gets on the first page!

So I agree with the suggestion that the GOP should pick up voters in buses and have hot dog and BBQ events and reach out to the youngest ….and the oldest first! Small lessons, simple lessons in economics and the foundation of a great nation should be a constant theme. Look what’s going on in Greece, Syria, Egypt……..are those people better off now, than they were before? This administration is destroying peace everywhere it can for it’s own political gain ……….supporting Muslim Brotherhood, etc., systematically destroying Christian principles in the USA and the world. They want a one party system in America with a “ruler” of all the people and controlling the economy and minds of the children is how they do it.

Martin Pearson
9 years ago

If the conservatives lose the house in 2014 you can kiss America GOOD BY.

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