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AMAC Opposes H.R. 5165 as Pandering to Older Americans

americanH.R. 5165 is not  credible legislation. It has the potential to accelerate the insolvency of the Medicare program and create financial stress for America’s hospital systems.

September 10, 2021

The Honorable Kevin McCarthy
House Republican Minority Leader
H-204, The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable Steve Scalise
House Republican Whip
H-148, The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Cc: Representative Jim Banks, IN-03; Representative Elise Stefanik, NY-21

Dear Leader McCarthy and Whip Scalise:

On behalf of the 2.37 million members of AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens, I write to express our concern over H.R. 5165, the Improving Medicare Coverage Act.

On the surface, this bill looks like a blatant ploy to trick seniors into voting for Democrats in the mid-term elections next year. On a deeper level, this bill appears to be an initial step towards “Medicare for All” as lowering the age to 60 would be the first major eligibility change to Medicare since the Johnson Administration.

With the crisis at the border, runaway inflation, rampant crime in American cities, and the tragic loss of American service members during the poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan, one would think that Congressional Democrats would have higher priorities than pandering for votes with an ill-conceived adjustment to the Medicare program which is projected to become insolvent in a little over two years.

This potential expansion of the Medicare program by the Democrats, who appear to have no plan on how to fund their proposal, could accelerate the program’s insolvency and create financial stress for America’s hospital systems.

H.R. 5165 is not a credible piece of legislation, and we respectfully ask that it receive no votes from Congressional Republicans.

Bob Carlstrom
President, AMAC Action

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Geraldine McGann
8 days ago

I always thought Medicare eligibility should be tied to the SS Full Retirement Age which very slowly increases to help keep the program solvent. Reducing it to age 60 would just deprive everyone of any benefit that much sooner.

9 days ago

Even though we retirees have paid into Medicare while working, we are still paying Medicare premiums each month which is deducted from our Social Security check each month.
I also am paying a supplemental Medicare insurance premium and my total monthly insurance (not counting the copays) is over $350.00 per month.
Medicare is not a free program for most of us. We need government employees to be under the same Social Security and Medicare plan that they have voted for their constituents. The lawmakers should be bound by the same laws that the US citizens have to follow.

Mario Capparuccini
7 days ago
Reply to  Elaine

I wholeheartedly agree!

4 days ago
Reply to  Elaine

I am a retired government worker, and I assure you I am under the same Social Security and Medicare that you are and like you, I am still paying for it as are most civil servants. Government employees, since the late 1980s pay into Social Security. Gone is the Federal retirement system. And those that remained under the old system when the government changed over to the SS system lost out on their much of their retirement as the feds determined it would be double dipping. They cheat everyone except the 3 branches which steal every penny they can from American taxpayers. That will never change, until we change it.

Sharon Theobald
9 days ago

FYI: My original post had an error. I tried to edit the post, but wasn’t allowed to do it. Here is my intended post: We have over 200,000 illegals being invited and allowed to cross our southern border. There have been hundreds of illegal Afghanis FLOWN into this country…so far. It has been said that these, and those to come, will receive Medicare, Welfare, etc. If/when this happens, we who have paid into the “system,” and rightfully deserve to receive Medicare and Welfare, will be told there are no funds with which to pay us.

Sharon Theobald
9 days ago

We have over 200,000 illegals being invited and allowed to cross our southern border. There have been tens of thousands of illegal Afghanis FLOWN into this country…so far. It has been said that these, and those to come, will receive Medicare, Welfare, etc. If/when this happens, we who have paid into the “system,” and rightfully deserve to receive Medicare, will be told there are no funds with which to pay us.

Greg Dane
9 days ago

We ARE talking about hospitals (as they are currently being run) aren’t we? Hospitals (as we knew them) are now death camps – where care has been replaced with genocide – where do no harm has been replaced with kill everyone – lie about it and get paid to do it!

Dostors (we used to depend on) now promote the Gates/Fauci protocol which pushed remesdevir that is known to shut down organs and promote pneumonia – where they then stick patients on a ventilator only to have them die of “covid”

People are a whole lot smarter than these cheap suited sell-outs who only want to get rich at the expense of seniors. as long as seniors allow them to bilk the system for exhorbitant rates – it WILL continue on! Think Nuremburg Trials – section 1 – and then make sure they pay as they did during those trials

Cissy Hansen
2 days ago
Reply to  Greg Dane

Look buddie, your data is screwed up. It isn’t Remesider that killed people on a vent! It was a last chance for people on a ventilator. Pre existing conditions killed people on a ventilator. I’m 73, was Covid 33 days in ICU on a ventilator for 10 days and 23 days in CCU. The drug you swear kills actually saved lives. But, you have to be healthy and have a great medical facility that is willing to try anything to keep your life.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
9 days ago

AWW come on folks. It takes a lot of money to keep up a 5 million dollar home with 200 thousand dollar worth of cars setting around. After all the upkeep of a 2 million dollar home on the lake with the 40 thousand dollar boat,plus a couple thousand worth ofwater toys. As for the best in health care, didn’t they give us the best scraps from the table. ??? Kyle L.

9 days ago

Cadillac health care plans need to be removed from the WA elites and they need to have the same retirement plans we get, Social Security and Medicare. They have no right to enrich their lives at our expense. None of us gets our full salaries for life after a few years of work, nor do we get absolutely free health care for life. It’s shameful.

9 days ago
Reply to  LauraC

Also if they already have high-income levels (millionaire level) at retirement age, they don’t need to be dipping into the Social Security pool for their retirement income as they already have more than a suffienct income of their own, especially if their entire work life was as a politician. Yes, they should be put on the same Medicare healthcare program (with all its limitations of medical service) as the rest of us.

9 days ago
Reply to  MariaRose

That’s MY money I was forced to contribute. Now I want it back! If people aren’t forced to contribute then I have no problem if they don’t get benefits.

8 days ago
Reply to  LauraC

No wonder we have all these losers in government. It is criminal and must be stopped. When did they sneak all this in?

9 days ago

I think this letter should also go to Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

9 days ago

Is the Better Medicare Alliance connected to HR 5165?

9 days ago

Here’s a better idea- let’s pass a measure that says all members of Congress, both house and senate representatives must have and use only the same medical and pension plans as are available to the general populace. How long do you think it’d take for the collective morons in the governing branches of the Federal system to start moving forward honest and true legislation for updated care for all?
As long as million and beyond -aires continue to populate the “governing” class, people that have no idea nor concept of what everyday life and concerns are for their average constituents, there will only be these pandering bills pushed forth by those that believe throwing we underlings bread crumbs will keep them in power. All of these people should just adopt, as their campaign slogan, “Let them eat cake”. And at the next elective opportunity, we should then figuratively behead them from any position they hold.

Philip Hammersley
9 days ago
Reply to  CaRepub

Don’t you know that they are SPECIAL? Just like Pressly, AOC, Omar who spend millions of tax dollars on private security while trying to strip citizens of their 2nd A rights!

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
9 days ago
Reply to  CaRepub

Long as they are in control,it aint gonna happen. Kyle L.

9 days ago

Politicians (especially the obvious left leaning ones) always do what they do for getting votes. They will lie & twist data to get voters on board. Pandering is their main purpose to get re-elected.

10 days ago

Do not want the HR 5165

Elvin Craig
11 days ago

H.R. 5165 is not a credible piece of legislation, and I respectfully ask that it receive no votes from Congressional Republicans.

Paul Dean
12 days ago

Well, not at all surprising. Liberal elites cannot manipulate with honesty. Honesty would simply make their credibility to the constituents suffer. Bait and switch, offer a carrot and give a plate of mud. Lovely title, gives the impression of achievement and support. A means to bribe seniors to vote for these political hacks. Everytime these politicians start to meddle in these areas I become deeply fearful of repercussions. As an example, increase the monetary amount on Social Security benefits. Great idea, but, they will attempt to take it all back with increased taxes. Who wins in this? Politicians look good in the media, add supporters, and get reelected. We are then stuck indirectly supporting them.

12 days ago

It is dumbfounding that DemocRATS cannot see logic and feasibility on the things they propose and try and shove into the faces of the American people. Is it ALL about power? We know it it is with Pelosi but come on, what about some common sense? Hey, constituents watch what your representatives are doing and saying!

Lauren R MacArthur
9 days ago
Reply to  D

They see the logic. They see that these actions get them more votes…and, yes, it is all about the power.

Teresa Storch
12 days ago

Socialized Medicine has been tried by certain other countries, with very sketchy results. I hope we can learn from their terrible mistakes.

9 days ago
Reply to  Teresa Storch

It will take them falling on their rumps with all their mistakes hanging from their necks as a measurement of shame to maybe get through their thick skulls while still screaming that it is not their fault.

Andrew Vitale
12 days ago

Please remind them of the billions spent on illegals nationwide when they speak of insolvency!!! We seniors will not go down without a fight!!! Any senior who votes for a Dumbocrat is definitely senile!!!

9 days ago
Reply to  Andrew Vitale

Yeah, I am tired of being thought of as non-essential because I reached a certain age because they are running out of resources to keep able-bodied young satisfied and not working during their prime working years. What happened to take care of your elders with respect. Karma will hit them eventually because we all age. I want to hear AOC complaining when she reaches old age. and can’t flaunt her body as an influencer and actually has to use her “brain”

9 days ago
Reply to  MariaRose

You’re assuming she has one – I have my doubts!

Penny Heather
12 days ago

Just another way for the Dumbocrates to destroy America and the American people !!!

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