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AMAC Supports Repeal of Medicaid Expansion

AMAC is pleased to indicate its support for H.R. 1404 – a critical piece of legislation that seeks to repeal the expansion of Medicaid mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), known more commonly as “ObamaCare.” The “Medicaid Expansion Repeal and State Flexibility Act,” introduced by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), justly amends title XIX of the Social Security Act “to eliminate the increased medical Federal assistance percentage under the State plan with respect to the newly eligible mandatory individuals and to provide states with greater flexibility under Medicaid.” AMAC believes the Medicaid Expansion Repeal and State Flexibility Act empowers the states to provide higher quality health care to their citizens, instead of implementing a one-size-fits-all health care model crafted by Washington. Like Rep. Salmon, AMAC understands that Medicaid is distressed and needs reform – not expansion. AMAC is proud to report that a letter of support for the Congressman’s latest legislative initiative was delivered to his office last week, commending his effort to unburden state governments from the harmful impacts of ObamaCare and to take responsible steps toward meaningful Medicaid reform.

View The Letter Here

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Daniel Miles
8 years ago

Suport H.R. 1404.
Thank you,

8 years ago

This is certainly something that is worthwhile supporting. Could you tell us how many co-sponsors currently exist in the House for this legislation? Perhaps even supply a list of names, so we know who is not a current supporter and needs to be contacted.

Is there any equivalent legislation being proposed in the Senate? If so, same questions apply. Thanks.

wayne jones
8 years ago

we must become a nation that quick Spain for people that don’t belong here and sucking or system dry and pan for people to connect me be paying for stuff there selfs are getting a job

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