AMAC Delivers Keynote Speech at NCRCO

“The Association of Mature American Citizens is proud to report that, in this past week, we were invited to deliver the keynote speech at the annual Washington DC conference of the National Conference of Republican County Officials (NCRCO).  On Monday, March 5th, at the Washington Hilton, AMAC delivered remarks to NCRCO members, who honorably serve in a number of positions at the county level across the United States.

The key themes of the speech were in direct keeping with the core values – like responsible fiscal policy and limited governance – of both AMAC and the NCRCO.  The speech also highlighted some of AMAC’s top priorities in the District of Colombia, like responsibly reforming Social Security to preserve the program and protecting free-market retirement investment options.  The speech was very well received by NCRCO members, particularly passages that addressed the importance of government at the county and local level, and many audience members asked specific questions about membership and policy stances.  In fact, some NCRCO members gave sound testimonials to the good work that AMAC does, and why they specifically decided to switch from AARP to AMAC.  While building a greater presence and taking action in Our Nation’s Capitol, AMAC rightfully recognizes that significant work needs to be accomplished at the state, county and local arenas as well.  As the crucial issues continue to gain momentum in both our higher and lower systems of government, AMAC will work to advance our cause and champion the interests of our membership.  Thank you all.”

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