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AMAC Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

vaccineAMAC believes the COVID-19 vaccine should be available to those who choose to receive it and objects to any federal or state directive for mandatory vaccinations. Americans who are age 65 or older, which will often include those at the highest risk for infection, should be prioritized to receive the vaccine along with frontline workers. AMAC disagrees with the CDC’s guidance that places people who are age 65 and older on a lower tier to receive the vaccine.  AMAC endorses the vaccine distribution plan in place in the state of Florida, which positions individuals who are age 65 and older in the first priority, and suggests governors across America move to adopt this blueprint. We also urge the CDC to amend their advisory to reflect Florida’s strategy for vaccine distribution.

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Elaine Keffer
5 months ago

Will not get a covid vaccine. No internet and when I try at FED-EX can’t figure it out. If my doctor wants it he will approve the shot. Other than that I won’t get one. COVID vaccine distribution doesn’t care about me and I won’ go to a pharmacy. Severe drug allergies already

6 months ago

Anyone who wants to be a lab rat should go ahead and take the “vaccine.” Even lying by calling it a “vaccine,” makes you know they’re not being honest. The manufacturers carry zero liability! Don’t you remember what happened in 1976 with the Swine Flu disaster? $billions paid out in vaccine injury reparations! This virus is not worse than those of the 1958 and 1968 pandemics, except it has been used as an opportunity to destroy our nation and others. Look at the numbers! Listen to Dr. Simone Gold and other Frontline doctors. Available antidotes were denied. Moving sick people into nursing homes, no matter what the virus and bribing hospitals to count non-covid deaths as covid deaths bogusly inflated the numbers. The “testing” is bogus too, according to the inventor.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ellen
Ben Ray
7 months ago

I agree it is an individual right to take the vaccine or not.
However, some states are doing well in making it available to our most at-risk population and others are not! Enrollment procedures involving sophisticated technology an complex rules or procedures put seniors at a disadvantage, There also appears to be political games on giving the vaccine to select groups for political reasons versus the health of those most at risk.
This is an issue Amac should take on and champion in defense of the ones who cannot do this for themselves.

7 months ago

Amazing how everyone is lining up to take a vaccine without asking for a list of its ingredient. Once you put this in your body there is no turning back. Don’t let fear of a virus rob you of your critical thinking skills.

Elizabeth Elliott
7 months ago
Reply to  Dawn

Dawn, I have looked at the ingredients in the vaccine and what i can pronounce, I don’t feel anything is wrong with the ingredients.

7 months ago

Don’t let that intimidate you Elizabeth, you can find out what those medical terms mean if you want to. There was a certain medical doctor on YouTube that was showing people how to find out what these terms meant, but she was subsequently censored. Everyone should be given all the information so they can make a rational decision about the vaccine. I think that’s referred to as “informed consent”. What a concept!

7 months ago

When someone gives me a list of the ingredients and a sworn Affadavit that this mRNA vaccine does NOT contain the dna of any animal or another human..that it will NOT alter my DNA..that it does not contain any type of traceable materials or chip..that it will NOT be linked to the cloud..that I have the right to legal recourse should I develop a catastrophic reaction…I MAY at that time, give consideration.

Cindy Allpress
6 months ago
Reply to  Dawn


8 months ago

I agree that people 65 and over need this as well as frontline. But what about froneline family members??? My daughter that lives at home with me Im 56 is Hospital food server to the patients she is in their rooms everyday And my Girlfriend is a nurse. How should I be prioritized????

Elizabeth Elliott
7 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Yes, all of you should be given the vaccinations. It should be this way for all families that have a person that is a frontline worker, then everyone in that family should get the vaccines, no matter what their ages.

Dan W.
8 months ago

Agree that Americans who are age 65 or older should be prioritized to receive the vaccine along with frontline workers including health care workers, police, fire fighters and corrections officers.

However, the Florida process needs some work. Having thousands of seniors line up for for hours for hundreds of vaccines without any portable bathrooms available is not what I would call a successful distribution strategy.

8 months ago

Seniors and anyone with preexisting conditions should be first! … From what I understand about this virus, anybody who is obese is also at risk and that’s probably 40% of all the population. I refuse to take this vaccine as I refuse taking any vaccine. I am responsible for my own personal health and I don’t trust “chemicals” to protect me! … I’m 73 and have learned that by keeping my immune system clear and strong, my body can fight off flu’s and viruses. I believe in natural alternative medicines and it’s MY freedom of choice! … But then again, if the results of this Presidential election stand, I will have to fight Big Government control to protect my right of personal freedoms! … Will you?

Dan W.
8 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Agree that seniors and anyone with preexisting conditions should be first (along with frontline workers).

Unfortunately, I am stuck in the course of a medical treatment which makes my skipping the vaccine too risky. However, everyone needs to act as their own risk manager and no one should be forced to take the vaccine with the possible exception of nursing home employees.

Last edited 8 months ago by Dan W.
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