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AMAC Supports the Comprehensive Care Payment Innovation Act – H.R. 3796

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – With a new session of Congress fully underway, AMAC continues maintain a tight focus on legislative issues that pertain directly to mature Americans.  Today, AMAC is pleased to announce support for a bipartisan bill sponsored by Representatives Diane Black (R-TN) and Richard Neal (D-MA).  H.R. 3796, the “ Comprehensive Care Payment Innovation Act, ” seeks to provide quality, affordable health care for seniors in a manner that prioritizes patient outcomes and reduces costs for taxpayers.  This bill employs a bundle payment program, allowing health care providers to treat a patient for an episode of care for the duration of that care.  Bundle payments hold providers accountable for patient outcomes, incentivize efficient delivery of care, and generate greater health care savings overall.  As our health care system continues to undergo significant transformations in response to ObamaCare, AMAC remains firmly committed to ensuring seniors have access to the care they need.  We are proud to give our stamp of approval to H.R. 3796, as it works to encourage transparency and fiscal responsibility in our health care system.

Read AMAC Letter of Support            Read H.R. 3796

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8 years ago

As they say “the devil is in the details”. This sounds “somewhat” like the HMO Advantage plans which discourage use of specialists. Those plans pay up front also but not by incident so it appears this bill is better. If it eliminates duplication of services that is a good thing also. However, time will tell on long term & more complicated illnesses.

A M Putman
8 years ago

Need more information. However, my experience is that there is just not ONE episode, but several disease entities progressing concurrently. Even simply, like rheumatoid arthritis and, say, hypertension. New-onset hypertension requires a chest x-ray for aortic evaluation and usually cardiac (specialist) eval within a year, plus regular visits for medication changes. RA is often a disease for the specialist, as new high risk medication is often required. Would love to have more information on this. Thank you.

Andrew Mangione
8 years ago

AMAC supports this legislation because it gives better oversight of the care for beneficiaries, decreases therapeutic redundancies, strengthens communication among providers and produces better outcomes for patients. One of this bill’s sponsors, Rep. Diane Black, has a nursing background and serves with other physicians on the GOP Doctors Caucus.

8 years ago

I agree with HAM. What Mr. Mangione says can be interpreted in various ways. H.R.3796 needs further

Cathy Miller
8 years ago

Where do you draw the line with “Bundling”? How do you decide with Chronic Illnesses the frequency of recurring episodes? Our government is going to decide a monetary limitation for a course of treatment! Scares me! I already know this was coming into play in Healthcare prior to 2013! And it is in regard to Seniors! A system known as OBD- Outcome Based Services. It has to do with reduced reimbursement to providers, if a patient is hospitalized for a chronic condition; is released to home,stabilized. Then within the following 30 days has another episode. A healthcare provider may receive $0.00, or, a reduced payment due to a recurrence, and readmission! Incentive inducing for quality care; nah! Tax the caregivers more; the profession is understaffed as it is! I’m on the side of quality healthcare! Let patients have the responsibility for their healthcare,and, expenses for the same! Patients sometimes need to hear; you, have to be healthy, pro-active! You need to follow the protocols for treatment for your illness! Cooperate while home care is present,and, be remiss when discharged of services! We need to just practice taking care to be healthy, period!

8 years ago

I would like to hear a little more about this before I am on board with it. There are too many illnesses & diseases which need lifetime care. How does bundling pay for those? Have these politicians gotten any input from any doctors or healthcare professionals before writing this bill? One of the problems with Obamacare is that no healthcare professionals were consulted.

8 years ago

Anything is better than Obamacare!

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