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AMAC Supports H.R. 2453 – The Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2013

by Andrew Mangione – AMAC members may be interested in learning more about a bipartisan bill brought to our attention by the office of Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA), entitled the “Medicare Beneficiary Preservation of Choice Act of 2013.”  Jointly introduced by Reps. Rothfus and Kurt Schrader (D-OR), H.R. 2453 seeks to restore a degree of consumer choice for those attempting to find the best health care plan for their individual coverage needs.  Under ObamaCare, the open enrollment and disenrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries was significantly altered, limiting the ability of older Americans to make important changes in coverage.  The Medicare Beneficiary Preservation Choice Act of 2013 returns the open enrollment period dates for Medicare Advantage plans to the first three months of the year like it was prior to 2011 – an act  97% of poll respondents favored when asked on our website.  Last week, an AMAC representative delivered a letter of support for H.R. 2453 to the sponsors, highlighting the critical steps it takes to preserve Medicare benefits.  AMAC emphatically supports this bill, which restores a degree of consumer flexibility to beneficiaries, enhances the freedom of economic choice, and gives seniors peace of mind.

AMAC Letter of Support for H.R. 2453

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Carl Naquin
8 years ago

I worked all my life from part time in high school through college, then full time until being totally disabled at age 38. If not for Medicare, I’d have no house, or anything, I’d likely be cremated already. I am anticipating that nothing changes, because we’re barely scraping by. It’s good that summer is here because we had to go the winter with no central heat. If obamacare remauins, my primary care doctor claims he will just retire in his early 50s, because he won’t be able to make aliving at his practice. That’s quite a few full time jobs down the tubes and lots of patients looking for a new doc.

8 years ago

If the House Republican strategy is going to be to pass one bill to over-ride or at least temporarily suspend each change being brought about by Obamacare with some Democrat bi-partisan support, they are going to be very, very busy indeed. Obamacare is essentially a modification of at least 80 to 90 percent of anything that has to do with the health sector. We’re talking years of legislative action in the House.

Here’s my question to AMAC on all this. What level of bi-partisan support do you see in the Senate for moving any of these bills towards a floor vote? The House can pass a 1,000 bills aimed at neutralizing most of the changes associated with Obamacare, but if Harry Reid just keeps tossing them all into a corner of his office, nothing changes.

I hope the Republican leadership of both the House and Senate both issue identically worded statements explaining to the American people, in very plain and direct language, that while they are trying to stop implementation of a law that 65 percent of the people don’t want any part of, the American people have to make life very uncomfortable for Harry Reid so he can’t simply just keep tossing these bills into the wastebasket in this office.

Jimmy Knight
8 years ago

I agree with Shirley 100%. We need term limits on all congress and other elected positions in the government. Looks to me like congress just keeps there face up the presidents butt. We need to fire them all in the next coming elections.

Shirley Goff
8 years ago

Someone needs to support and protect Medicare. People have paid into this insurance all their working lives and expect it to be there when they reach 65. And it would pay for itself if the government would keep their greedy paws out of it. So would a lot of other programs-including social security. Mishandling of these two accounts should tell you why the rest of the country is in such a mess. Thieves. They take from us and give to people who hate our guts and want us dead. I don’t think that is a fair deal. And if Obama would stay put for just six months, the money we saved would support at least one of these. I’m tired of the people getting the shaft while he and his family enjoy trips all over the place and while he sends billions to terrorists and guns to drug dealers. It’s time to stop this crap. Apparently our senators and representatives aren’t going to do anything. Obama needs to go, medicare and social security need to be protected and we need to stand up to the people we “hire” to run our government. They work for us-not the other way around.

7 years ago
Reply to  Shirley Goff

That’s a weglt-houlht-out answer to a challenging question

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