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AMAC Supports H.R. 903 – American Job Protection Act

by Andrew Mangione – AMAC is pleased to announce its support for another piece of important legislation, the “American Job Protection Act.”  Introduced by Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA), H.R. 903 seeks to repeal the job-killing employer mandate that was instituted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or “ObamaCare”).  This troubling provision requires businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to provide government-approved health insurance to workers or face a stiff penalty for noncompliance.  Consequently, employers are choosing not to hire new workers, while the Federal government perversely dictates how businesses allocate their resources.  Recognizing the serious repercussions the employer mandate will continue to have on an economy struggling to create jobs, this critical piece of legislation returns authority to employers and encourages businesses to expand and hire desperate, job-seeking Americans.  AMAC firmly believes that small businesses spur American innovation and are essential to sustaining a strong economy.  With the delivery of this most recent letter of support, AMAC is proud to formally stand with Rep. Boustany to protect American jobs and generate the economic growth America needs.

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Robert Alexander
8 years ago

AMAC keep up the good work this country needs a knowledgeable and caring advocate.My present forthoughts are on all of men and women who have served and died on the battle fields throughout our history to protect our forefathers ideas let it not be in vain.

windel wilson
8 years ago

AMAC, you’re full of doo doo! When Ronald Reagan was spending millions of taxpayer dollars to help companies like Ford Motor Co. et al….shut down US Factories and move their operations to foreign countries Republicans/Conservatives didn’t opened their mouths……He opened the Flood gates to US companies moving to China, Central & South America, Southeast Asia, India, Maylasia, and even Russia. So, it’s no wonder that so many Americans can’t find work that pays decent wages & benefits. The top 1% keeps squeezing the middle class & the poor for more & more & more….and all of these Conservative groups are just PAWNS IN THE GAME for them. It’s almost too late for America to recover from what they’ve done and are still doing…..and most of us are too blind and/or in a zombie-like state (Mental Stupor) to really see the reality of what’s happening.

Mercedes Burtle
8 years ago

You are the same old story and people that believe everything they read anhear and see soak it up. We do no bill that helps americans. I do not know where you help anyone other than those that do not help anyone. People need to wake up to organizations like yours and understand who you are helping before they vote. I am really a senior citizen and reject your help.

8 years ago

In addition to eliminating the 50 worker threshold, another important area to adjust, fix or repeal, whatever you want to call it, is the definition in the ACA of 30 hours per week being considered full-time employment. As we have already seen, many, many employers have been shifting some or all of their employees from full-time to part-time status, in order to avoid this ridiculous and completely arbitrary threshold. This trend WILL NOT change simply because Obama unilaterally decided to delay the employer mandate portion of the ACA for one year. Business owners do not make long-term business decisions, like hiring and business expansion, both of which involve a substantial capital investment on their part, based on some short-term political shifts designed solely to get past the next election.

Of course there are many, many more areas of the ACA or Obamacare that need to be either adjusted, fixed or outright repealed, but that just reflects what how poorly thought out the ACA was. That is of course assuming that it was intended to work, which of course it was not. The ACA or Obamacare is merely the interim step to soften up the public into accepting the real goal of Democrats by creating such chaos and pain in the health care industry, that the people will accept anything in the hope that it is better. The ultimate goal is of course being single-payer, with the government firmly in control of everything associated with the delivery of health care in this country.

8 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Additionally, the senate amnesty bill gives employers an out if they hire the Senate’s soon to be “amnested”” illegals to the workforce–allowing employers to hire them without the need to give insurance. This bad bill also increases the number of work visas for a doubling of the foreign labor force which further erodes jobs available for Americans. The IT industry is overrun with foreign worker when qualified Americans are either not advanced or laid off because it is less expensive for employers to hire cheaper labor from overseas. Congress, both houses and both parties are selling the American citizen out. They intentionally buy votes. One day they are going to find themselves out of their political careers ( they no longer public servants) when the folks they are enabling to prosper in this country are not Americans. The American society is no longer a melting pot where people from different origins strive to assimilate into the American culture; rather folks coming to America have no intent of adopting American culture but rather strive to change our culture to resemble the crumbling culture s of the worlds they come from. They want the American dream without changing the aspects of their own cultures that prevent them from experiencing it. This will drag America into disaster. Americans no longer have representation. Our checks and balances are unconstitutionally being ignored. Has the Great Experiment” failed?

8 years ago
Reply to  Katiedidrn

“Has the Great Experiment failed?”

To answer your question, I’m afraid at this point the answer is yes. For our Constitutional Republic to survive, the vast majority of Americans would have to be willing to personally commit their time, effort and resources to ensuring the country remained strong and all branches of the government were kept on a very short leash. Our Founders understood that this experiment would only survive as long as the overwhelming majority of the people remained actively engaged in what was being done by their representatives on their behalf.

Sadly, too many Americans have adopted the idea of “let someone else worry about what’s going on in Washington and politics in general. I have other more important things to do like work, having a good time, or watching the next episode of whatever it the hot show at the moment.” This allowed those that hate this experiment called the United States to slowly, but steadily gain access to all levels and branches of government over decades. It started off with little benign sounding changes, that on no paid much attention to. Over time, the changes became more overt, as the numbers and influence of those opposed to this experiment gained ever more access and control of government.

Now we’re at the stage where those who want to permanently end this experiment have control of much of government and the old checks and balances are being replaced by executive orders and unaccountable regulatory actions. We are but a breath away from total rule by executive fiat, where the only voice and opinion that will matter is the one sitting in the White House.

Some of the people are starting to wake up, but it may be too little, too late to prevent the final collapse of this Great Experiment. The American people took their eye off the ball and relied on “someone else” to look out for their interests for way too long. Now that decision is finally coming home to roost and I can guarantee you that very few will like what comes next.

8 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Obamacare(ACA) not only took funds out of Medicare but it also awards hospitals for decreasing services to Medicare patients. Seniors care is going to be rationed and denied. Just by these measures euthanasia is going to be implemented through institutions wanting to stay in business by not wanting to be denied payment or by wanting to get paid stipends for saving Medicare costs. Additionally, if the death panels do not deny care hospitals and MDs will not offer the care. Patients will have no idea that care is available. Socialism has a better chance of survival when the last generation to know what the American Republic is all about have passed on. With our deaths so goes the Republic.

Additionally, the senate amnesty bill gives employers an out if they hire the Senate’s soon to be “amnested”” illegals to the workforce–allowing employers to hire them without the need to give insurance. This bad bill also increases the number of work visas for a doubling of the foreign labor force which further erodes jobs available for Americans

Richard Spitzer
8 years ago

I am finally glad there is some one besides AARP. I was getting fed up with them and now I am glad to say I belong to AMAC. Keep up your good work.

Marti M
8 years ago

Good! Now if ‘Affordable’ can just be defunded, we will all be in a better place. I am a new member and as long as you continue to do this kind of good work, I will remain a member. I tore up my AARP card and returned it to them in their pre-paid envelope cancelling my membership. Harry Bellefonte was part of that decision. Fear-mongering was another. Joining AMAC was a long decision for me b/c of ^ and I was, hopefully, careful. Please don’t disappoint. Thank you again for the support of HR 903.

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