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AMAC Supports Legislation to Repeal Obamacare Fees

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – AMAC is proud to report that it has given its stamp of approval to H.R. 763, a bill that seeks to repeal the annual fee on health insurance providers enacted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known more commonly as “ObamaCare.” Earlier this week, AMAC personally delivered a letter of support to the office of Representative Charles Boustany (R-LA), commending his effort to address a crucial change necessary to unburden the public – particularly mature Americans and seniors – from a harmful tax that will force insurers to raise prices on health care premiums. At a time of widespread uncertainty regarding the implementation of ObamaCare and the state of the economy, seniors cannot afford to see their health care costs increase again. As an organization ardently committed to protecting older Americans from unnecessary overreach by the Federal government, AMAC is pleased to endorse H.R. 763 as a critical legislative step in limiting the excesses of ObamaCare.

View a copy of the letter here

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2000 Years of Questioning Authority
8 years ago

Where are the stats? How much is the fee, and how much will it increase premiums? I heard at most about $30. That is a pittance at the end of the day for all the noise that is being made about this issue. Let’s use care and common sense so as not to misguide people for Pete’s sake.

And, if it will improve information flow and guide people to better decisions it is money well spent – since it will be used to set up websites with cost cutting, and good decision making information. As one example, using a “useless” government website I was able to locate a board certified provider for a generic drug that cost $45 vs. $960 for brand name.

Without the website I would not even have known that there is board that certifies the safety of Internet pharmacies – let alone have access to a database for locating one or checking on the one I wanted to use.

Now, many people on this board will just post up a rant claiming that all generic drugs are garbage – and would go on paying the $960 through Medicare – how cost effective and socially responsible is that option?

8 years ago

I’m 67 years old & still work. Will try to keep my company ins. for as long as I can. I’m so afraid of medicare.
Thank you AMAC.

Ernest Fetchko
8 years ago

Unfortunately most Americans have no idea how the healthcare bill will effect them. As a retired older American, until my retirement plan decides the best way to control their cost, how can I know what to expect?

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