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AMAC Supports POTUS Memorandum on Governors’ Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Facilitate Economic Recovery

AMACThe Association of Mature American Citizens (“AMAC”), the leading conservative alternative for both emerging and maturing seniors, commends the President for issuing his June 2nd  “Memorandum on Governors’ Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Facilitate Economic Recovery.” Our Nation’s people have been strenuously challenged by both the COVID-19 pandemic and in recent days by the fomented lawlessness and violence spawned and incited by those preying upon America’s sadness and disgust over the circumstances resulting in the tragic death of George Floyd.

The President’s decision to extend a 100% Federal government cost share for governors to utilize their National Guard through August 21 for COVID-19 related activities will greatly assist the states in their pandemic response programs, particularly to assist and to protect seniors in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.  Moreover, this action will help the governors restore public safety in preventing further lawless violence and destruction, and thereby enabling their state’s communities to regain the general peace and economic growth and jobs.

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Mary Ann
2 years ago

What will AMAC do now that Travelets Insurance is giving money to bailout rioters, looters and murderers? I went with Travelers’s bc of AMAC

2 years ago

If the national guard was useless in stopping the destruction caused by thugs during the past 10 days, we don’t
need them. They did nothing because the swamp prevented them from doing their jobs. So why are we paying
for a national guard ? What can the Nat Guard do about Covid ? The Guard is not
a medical team. It IS an anti-riot team for which it was not used. I say disband the Guard. Ordinary citizens have
been told to get 3 or 4 guns and shoot looters destroying your property. Whose going to stop me ?
The police ? LOL

Edward T Curtis
2 years ago

PopPopB, I imagine that is what your grandchildren call you, I am “POPPY”. I agree basically in what you have to say. I too am a retired peace officer with a total of 33 years with two different departments and have been involved with these types of situations a number of times. I agree with you that police often become the scapegoat for other’s criminal activity. I am completely in favor of the people’s right to demonstrate to oppose a situation, law, or whatever the complaint for the day is. What I am not in favor of is allowing demonstrators to interrupt the daily lives of the citizens who just want to go to work, see their children off to a “SAFE” school to become educated, and be able to have a safe family life during off work time. I am also against people breaking a law to demonstrate against a law they don’t agree with. I, personally is appalled at what I saw regarding the death of Mr. Floyd, but I am also appalled that the news media elected to telecast this man’s death incessantly for days. Obviously, I was not there, but everything I saw indicated a nonchalant police officer applying unnecessary pressure on Mr. Floyd’s neck until he died. Now, whether I believe this police officer was guilty or not is really beside the point. I don’t believe if I was called to be upon the jury during his, inevitable trial, that I could be impartial. I don’t know if you could find 12 adults in this country right now that could honestly say they would be impartial in the same circumstance. All that being said, all of you have been publishing and televising this horrific scene, demonstrating, rioting, destroying and stealing private property can blame yourselves when the officer(s) involved all receive punishments less than what you, or I believe they should by allowing them to plea bargain to lesser charges because 12 unbiased people cannot be found for a jury.
If this senseless rioting, stealing and destroying does not stop “NOW” this country is in danger of becoming an anarchist’s dream and killing could easily become a daily, if not hourly occurrence across the entire country.
As for all police calling in sick, I disagree – Yes there are police out there not doing the job they are expected to do BUT, if you have a sudden case of “BLUE FLU”, the anarchists win, or, at the very least, the Democrats who are supporting all those involved in this upheaval because of their hatred of President Trump, will win.
During my 33 years in Law Enforcement with two different departments, I found, most of the time, officers who received the most complaints and/or the most discipline issues were initially attributable, in many cases, to a supervisorial problem. Many supervisors are either unsure of themselves or just don’t really know what is in their departments policies and/or legal codes that they don’t often use.

Lisa Davis
2 years ago

I believe there is a distinct line between the red states and the blue states, in terms of the actions of the governors responding to the riots. I see the rioting as domestic terrorism, and a complete hijacking of the national mourning of the death of George Floyd. But the blue state governors are dragging their feet and not supporting their states’ people’s safety by allowing the riots to continue. This has gone on for far too long, and all blue states still seeing riot activity should have requested the National Guard to put down these riots days ago. The fact that they have allowed rioting and told police to stand down in some cases is unforgivable. These states should see consequences, such as the ouster of the governors for inaction to protect their citizens, and immediate deployment of the National Guard to quell the riots. November will reveal how Americans truly feel about having been left to the mobs.

2 years ago

The refusal of mayors and governors to use police and the national guard to quell these riots has caused
the purchase of guns to double. Citizens have been shown for certain that they must take care of themselves
as there is no help coming. We are third world. Get a rifle and teach everyone in your family how to use it.
Forget pistols.

Lisa Davis
2 years ago
Reply to  steve

For the first time in my life, I am seriously considering purchasing a gun and getting training to use it. I have never held a gun, but I have seen enough of liberal governors refusing to protect the citizens – you are correct, no help is coming. I believe in our local police force, but they need to be supplemented by the National Guard to PUT DOWN these anarchists.

2 years ago

Good. If we are not using the Nat Guard during this insurrection, we should disband it.

Lisa Davis
2 years ago
Reply to  steve

I believe we should be making full use of our trained National Guard in all cities that are continuing to see riot activity. This is stretching our local police forces too far. In our city, we have a group of 1500 citizens that are patrolling the commercial areas to repel the rioters. The mob has been quoted as responding with “Let’s go get the suburbs”. Unbelievable. We need the National Guard.

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