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AMAC Supports Removing Discriminatory Regulatory Burdens

AMACAll religious and non-religious organizations should be treated equally in programs supported by the U.S. Department Labor.

Re: US Department of Labor NPRM: Equal Participation of Faith-Based Organizations in the Department of Labor’s Programs and Activities: Implementation of Executive Order 13831 – 85 FR 2929, Doc. Number 2019-26862

On behalf of our more than two million members, The Association of Mature American Citizens (“AMAC”) and its affiliate AMAC Action strongly endorse the Department of Labor’s proposed rule that would implement President Trump’s Executive Order No. 13831 (May 3, 2018) and remove the discriminatory regulatory burdens imposed by the Obama Administration on religious organizations and ensure that religious and non-religious organizations are treated equally in Department-supported programs.

The Obama Administration’s discriminatory rule requires that, under Labor
Department-supported grants and programs, religious providers of social services – but not other providers of social services – must make referrals to secular providers if someone complains about their religious character.
The Department’s proposed rule would reverse this unequal treatment of religious organizations receiving federal grants and enable them to apply for awards on the same basis as any other organization and not be discriminated against them based on their religious exercise or affiliation.

To quote the President Trump’s Executive Order, this rule is an important
implementing action by the Department to affirm the First Amendment’s guarantee of “…the freedom of Americans and their organizations to exercise religion and participate fully in civic life without undue interference by the Federal Government.” We applaud this action against religious discrimination by the Department in its programs.

Robert E. Carlstrom, Jr.
Chief of Staff – AMAC and President, AMAC Action.

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