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AMAC Supports “Secure Annuities for Employee Retirement Act of 2013”

by Andrew Mangione – Signing off on our first piece of legislation this month, AMAC is proud to announce support for S.1270, the “Secure Annuities for Employee Retirement Act of 2013,” or “SAFE Act.”  This bill – introduced by an ardent champion of senior’s issues, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) – addresses critical concerns necessary to secure retirement savings for millions of hard-working Americans.  Through a series of simple public and private reforms to current pension plans, S.1270 helps people bridge the gap between work and retirement.  S.1270 establishes a Starter 401(k) that acts as a new, private mechanism through which businesses can encourage employees to save money, and the SAFE Retirement Plan eliminates pension plan underfunding so that state and local governments can more securely deliver retirement benefits.  With 40 percent of AMAC members still working and 51 percent of businesses offering no pension plan whatsoever, S.1270 is crucial to helping workers prepare adequately for retirement.  As an ongoing advocate for the responsible reform of pensions, AMAC emphatically endorses the S.1270, SAFE Act of 2013.

Read AMAC Letter of Support for S. 1270

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George A. Wallis
8 years ago

Everytime I submit a claim to AARP to help cover medical expensives in the doctors office it is denied. Does AMAC cover this type of claim? In other words am I paying for NO SERVICE with AMAC as I did WITH AARP?

George A. Wallis
8 years ago

Before I join Amac I would like to know if there is help for medical financial problems such as help paying towards the doctors office visits, I have had AARP for quite a few years and they have never helped out financially with the bills the doctors send out over and above what Medicare A & B cover.

Lee Leavitt
8 years ago

I put useful info about AMAC on their Facebook page but they removed it and blocked me. Why are they afraid of the truth?

Eddie Boettcher
8 years ago
Reply to  Lee Leavitt

I also like the answer to this

7 years ago

Glad I’ve finally found sotmiheng I agree with!

Barbara Simmons
8 years ago

What I am concerned about is the executive order that Obama has made allowing him to tap into our retirement funds when he needs more money. The businesses only used to be our risk–now Obama and the government is our risk for a safe retirement fund. No one should be able to tap into retirement funds that we have set aside for ourselves. People are ignoring this risk and there is more danger here than anyone can comprehend.

windel wilson
8 years ago

Exactly WHAT executive Order is that Barbara Simmons? I would like to read it! No one complained when George W. authorized 800 Billion in the TARP bailout that didn’t have to be paid back, and even that wasn’t the truth because what really happened was the Feds issued over 16 trillion dollars to banks, corporations, wall street..and also (get this) to foreign banks, foreign financial institutions, and countries in order to get them from failing…Yet no one is talking about this or telling us the truth.

Barbara Jean Gomes
8 years ago
Reply to  windel wilson

windel Wilson, FYI this is not the AARP website and Bush is long gone Were those foreign banks militant muslim owned?. We are concerned with what the current resident of the WH (He is not my President and never will be) is doing NOW. I am the daughter of two WWII Veterans, and I served 28 years, but retired 4 months after he was elected. He is an evil man propelling us down a moral path that cannot be rectified by mankind. I am seriously considering moving to Central America and Thank you for wishing I would.

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