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AMAC Supports the Social Security Disability Insurance Return to Work Act

AMACSenator Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) Return To Work Act, S.2016, incorporates modifications for able-bodied Americans to return to work, but also includes protections if the individual has not yet recovered and needs additional time.

June 9, 2020

The Honorable Tom Cotton
Senator from Arkansas
326 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Cotton,

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), with over 2.1 million members across the country, supports the Social Security Disability Insurance Return to Work Act of 2019, S.2016. This legislation provides a commonsense solution to save Social Security Disability Insurance from bankruptcy.

Currently, the SSDI program is growing at an unsustainable rate. Able-bodied Americans are receiving these benefits and accelerating eventual insolvency. The Return to Work Act will classify new beneficiaries based on whether medical improvement is to be expected. Beneficiaries who are expected to see quicker recovery would be given a timeline and the necessary resources based on their needs to return to work while on SSDI. This SSDI reform legislation also provides necessary protections if the individual has not recovered and needs additional time. Ensuring accountability into the SSDI program would help eliminate the current abuse of the system, incentivizing healthy employees to return to the workforce. This legislation is a much-needed reform to preserve disability insurance for those that truly need it.

Mature Americans that must temporarily receive Social Security Disability Insurance while recovering should be encouraged to return to work if they are able. AMAC supports legislation that preserves the SSDI program long-term for the permanently disabled in a fiscally responsible way. We thank Senator Cotton on behalf of our over 2 million members nationwide.


Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action

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John Andersen
6 months ago

I am thinking of joining AMAC as I tend to be more conservative, especially since Covid. People who are permanently disabled are permanently disabled. There should be a place on the disability forms for doctors to say this may be temporary. This person should be reviewed by a Doctor and see if they still can not work, as work would make them worse… as is the case for many. Some people on SSDI would love a job because SSDI is poverty unless you live with people who help you get by. 1200-1500 a month is poor. Try it. My cousin had SSD and made 800 a month. He needed a subsidized federal apartment. Now that costs. Nobody would hire him for minimum wage, he was a worthless employee. He was fired from the three jobs he had within weeks and that was before green and red teeth and long fingernails. Crazy as hell. Go back to work. No. Permanently crazy. God bless him. He died of a stroke at 53 to save the government money. If your permanently disabled that means permanently.

2 years ago

This is an unfair step as those disabled from birth, accident that paralyzed from neck down, multiple health issues, should not be required to go to work as harmful to them. Most definitely do not get the proper care for rehabilitation to work. Push forward to get better grades for service rendered for the facility to gain more money from government programs. Some do more damage than good as don’t listen to people. Seen orthopedic surgery undone by mistakes to get them back to work early. As a medical professional I have seen to much pushing for the big bucks. I have been on both sides of of this issue. Anerica is not for cures but symptom coverage to rake in more money. Make too much money suppoti g big pharma.
No problem with rewriting fir narcotics for pain for years. Now instead of weaning off the drugs properly, cold turkey. No real care about botched spinal surgery that causes pain that is uncontrollable.
I will stop here. I have seen more than I care to write here. I don’t need nasty replies to something I have seen with my own eyes.

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