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AMAC Thanksgiving Message: Give Thanks for Our ‘Precious Privileges’ and Join the Fight to Protect Our Rights

‘War is being waged against those who would preserve our Constitutional Democracy and the legacy of our Founding Fathers’ –  

BOHEMIA, NY, Nov 23 – Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens Americans, called on AMAC’s half-million members and all Americans to take time this holiday season to give thanks for our First Amendment Rights and to join the fight to “preserve these precious privileges.”

For the first time in the nation’s history, the “inalienable” right of religious freedom came under attack in 2012 when the Obama administration ordered faith based institutions to obey his rules regarding contraception and abortion.  “Obamacare does just that.  It imposes onerous penalties on church run hospitals and schools if they don’t accede to his interpretation of religious beliefs and provide contraceptive and abortion coverage in their employee health care plans,” he explained in a Thanksgiving Day message.

“Bear in mind, our concern may be focused on the right of free exercise of religion, but it goes beyond that.  What’s next—freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, the right to petition for a governmental redress of grievances,” he asked.

Numerous law suits have been filed by churches and by non-religious organizations seeking to expose the unconstitutionality of the Obamacare provision.  To date, at least 40 lawsuits have been filed by more than 110 plaintiffs seeking relief from the contraception mandate.

“Certainly, the issue will be adjudicated,” Weber said, “and almost certainly the courts will rule that the Affordable Care Act mandate in fact erodes a basic, precious personal liberty.  But, in the meantime, it is up to individual Americans to keep the issue in the spotlight because the mainstream media has chosen to marginalize its importance.”

Weber noted that there was barely a mention of the controversial provision during the Presidential Election Campaign, “except to echo the Obama camp’s assertion that its opponents were waging a war on women.  Instead, the real war is being waged against those who would preserve our Constitutional Democracy and the legacy of our Founding Fathers.”

He asked AMAC members and their relatives and friends to “put pressure on lawmakers in Washington with phone calls and snail mail and email messages.  Send Twitter messages and use your Facebook pages to emphasize the dire nature of the issue.  Express your concern that the Obamacare provision represents an insidious erosion of the individual rights of all Americans whether you adhere to religious beliefs or not.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a chat.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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Patricia Kappers
9 years ago

If you think Obama Care is bad just so to yahoo and search for Agenda 21 watch the videos. Its all about the environment but the way of life we knew as kids will be gone forever.

9 years ago

What about the type of bullying called gangstalking that is supposed to be a government program of bullying, harassment and abuse of innocent people? Why is this allowed to go on?

Sharon Minton
9 years ago

From the comments above I’m hearing “quit.” Obamacare is not a done deal, yet. There are a number of states that have refused to install the office for stripping citizens of their voices and rights. We, as seniors, must pull together to mount a battle against each state’s government to “hear us”. During this lame duck season, call your state legislators and tell them you do not support their using private citizens tax money, and assuredly not the tax money taken from seniors’ benefits to install obamacare. If the states do not set up the “office” for dishing out obamacare, the “blame” goes right back on Obama’s desk (if it will fit with his feet on the desk). Otherwise it will pile up on the floor until “he’s got some xplaning to do.” The $716 billion he stole from Medicare will not pay for setting up this housing to dole out his obamacare, nor will it hire and train the people to run it, nor will it answer the zillion of questions from the welfare club for how to access the insurance. Pound your legislators’ offices to NOT fund the federal office in your state. I’ve already emailed my legislators on November 7, and will continue to – with the help of our local TeaParty.

9 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Minton

Are you referring to the exchanges that are supposed to be set up in each state? If so, yes a number of Governors have been smart enough to say they won’t do it. After all, after a few years the cost sharing between federal and state governments to fund these things would dry, as the federal government “hands over” ownership of these things to the states. At that point, the states would be on the hook for these financially unsustainable things. That in turn would require the states to impose massive tax increases to try and cover the costs, which would destroy the economies of many states. Washington gets to claim they didn’t raise taxes. When in fact, they mandated the infrastructure that necessitated it. Remember it’s not about healthcare. It’s all about consolidation of power in Washington.

The Obama administration solution to the smart states opting out of creating exchanges themselves is typical Washington. The federal government will simply set up and run the exchanges themselves, which of course does nothing to make these exchanges financially viable over time. It does however eliminate what little say the Governors and state legislators would have had in the running of the exchanges in their states. Again, big win for the Washington crowd.

As for the massive cost overruns associated with Obamacare, you’re absolutely correct, the $716 billion cut from Medicare to partially fund Obamacare won’t cover all the expenses. As some Democrats admitted during the campaign, that amount simply represented a “down payment”. So listen very, very closely when the Democrats start talking about “tax reform” in 2013. The current pitch for raising taxes on those making $250,000 or above is just the opening salvo. That will generate peanuts compared to what this administration needs to generate in additional tax revenue going forward. Look for the amount of income that will be subject to new and higher taxes to move progressively lower over time. Today’s $250,000 will, through calls for greater “shared sacrifice” and “equality” become $150,000. Then you’ll hear yet more calls for “patriotic sacrifice” as the income subject to higher taxes drops to $100,000 or $75,000. You get the idea. Today’s call to soak the “rich” making $250,000 is really just the opening salvo on a hike in taxes for the middle class in the near future. That, after all, is where the real money is to fund Obamacare and the rest of the transformational agenda.

Sharon Minton
9 years ago

I believe we should make our voices heard louder than during the campaign. I am apalled that no elected official has challenged the bias reporting, and monopolized ownership of Time Warner and other big media outlets. The powerful, federal legislation handed down on the big oil companies did not exclusively limit the challenges to the other monopolies of power, i.e., print and electronic media. Fox News generated so small a following that the voice of the conservative people was near silenced. The vast amount of damaging, illegal acts of Obama remain open to charges, and a court in Ocala, Florida is currently adjudicating the dispersion of military secrets by Obama and Biden. Those acts, singley, should pave the way to impeachment, but our House singley, and Congress inclusively, will not bring the impeachment act without loud voice from the American people. This could take a greater march on WA than ’60s MLK move generated. We cannot wait for Obamacare to become installed; we must petition our States governments to NOT set up the lead-in, state goverment funded and operated offices to roll out obamacare. Our tax money, both employee and seniors’ benefits, will pay for this whale that is not even planned nor equipped for the massive effort. Call your state legislators white the lame duck session is here to get your voices of opposition heard.

Douglas Easter
9 years ago

The scheming has probably been going on for some time, but it culminated in the election of Obama. It is hard to say that the center of this activity was Chicago, but with so much of their power base coming from there (Daley, Ayers, Jones, Emanuel, Blagojevich, Obama) that’s possible. The groundwork was already in Congress with the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Frank. I think George Soros wrapped it all up in one neat package of dollar bills. Their goal? To make America a welfare state, dependent on the government for their food, shelter, phones, education and whatever else it takes to get their vote and stay in office. When Romney spoke of 47% this is the base he was looking at. They are bought and paid for. Whereas Hoover’s Republicans promised a chicken in every pot, they have promised so much more.

With control of the healthcare system, they are now in complete control of everything including our bodies! They don’t care about our religions or our Constitution, although most of them swore to uphold it. When you don’t have any moral or religious convictions what good is all that swearing? If they were kin to Pinocchio their noses would reach from coast to coast.

9 years ago

The arbitrary and divisive nature of Obamacare will bring forth many more such instances of Constitutional violations as time goes on. This is but the first in many, many more assaults on our Constitutional freedoms.

Sharon Minton
9 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

True, it will if we give up, lay down, and let the democrats walk on us. Stand tall, and voice Constitutional rights at the weak sheep being led to the slaughter. We do not have to install obamacare if our State refuses to open his office to handle it.

Jim Mosteller
9 years ago

Pressure needs to be applied to members of congress–House and Senate to get their act together and work together.
With a president that has questionable goals and restrictions affecting we the people, it is paramount that we the people unite and express our displeasure of the way things are run in Washington. Time has come when Representatives and Senators need to listen to their constitutients and do what is right for we the people. The grid lock cannot continue; compromise must be the key word and a more business-like approach should be taken by both houses of congress. There are solutions to our financial problems; to our jobs problems, to our healthcare problems, to the defense of our country, to our immigration stance, to our expectation of the performance of our congress persons.
A new Amendment should be considered that provides for quidelines for all congress persons. They are: put limits on length of service; provide that Obamacare be required of congress persons, limit pay increases to COLA’s quidelines,
service to we the people, not self serving, Most important is that congress follows the constitution, as is.

9 years ago

First of all…AARP will never get me as a member ! What AARP. Did to the american citizens and knowing it as they stood in line for the bidding to force apon the american citizens as washington and Obama did was to force citizens to buy a product !! How dare they ! With their greed is all they cared about,why ? You don’t have to bid at the seat of washington to get specials deals,money to compete.what AARP should have done was stand with the citizens and said no to force a product onto the citizens of 89% said no to Obamacare ! AARP had special interest instead of what we americans the right to choose as we pay officials income.It’s us the citizens who knows what we want as government push and push as our right’s,our way of life to chose what to buy,who and what doctor we want,what insurance we want,what we want to eat it’s intrution in everypart of our lives.Washington and companies like AARP is only out for themselves as we the citizens knows that this obamacare is nothing more then the last path to a government single payer take over by government.Next,Insurance companies that government will be and that’s their plans as government talks bad of health insurance compaies as its government wants to know them out and be in that business.Now,any fat cat or anyone else who lobby,lawmakers anyone to the government,the government ids to blame as government can say and has the last words. And can say no ! But no,its all about control over people liives and big payouts to them and favors to the fat cat….those are the ones who have and did put our coutry in danger and destroying what america is and has been it’s for the peopleby the people..not for the government and by the government and fat cats ! You know ,it takes the right one to sneak into our oval office who knows,study,watched,listened and even made rounds on getting a seat at boards of companies to learn who is who and what they do,how they cheat,later in the oval office knows how to bribe,take out a companie,and knows how to make them come on board with them as…we know who is who and waht you do and done…so play ball or jail.which is it ! Where are the honest business of walstreet,any business ? Sucked in to the evil of washington bribes,threats and money ! AARP stinks of aged old fish !

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