Advocacy / AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

AMAC’s Lady Lake Office Hosts Congressional Visit

Frank Grace, Smokey Wist, Bill Hall, Dan Webster FL-10, Amy Ogan, Dan Weber, Gerry Hafer, George Spangler

Frank Grace, Smokey Wist, Bill Hall, Dan Webster FL-10, Amy Ogan, Dan Weber, Gerry Hafer, George Spangler

by Gerry Hafer –

U.S. Congressman Daniel Webster, Representing the 10th District of Florida, received a first-hand look at AMAC’s plan for ensuring the long-term viability of America’s Social Security program. AMAC’s Founder and President Dan Weber provided Rep. Webster and members of his staff an overview of a proposed legislative prototype designed to address Social Security’s fundamental problems. The AMAC approach, Weber stressed in the conference, would pave the way for a long-term solution to what many sources describe as Social Security’s impending bankruptcy.

Weber reported that AMAC’s prototype has been steadily gaining major support in Congress, and invited Rep. Webster’s review of its detailed components and assumptions. The Congressman expressed interest in examining the document, thanking Weber and AMAC for the effort put forth to solve the Social Security dilemma.

While touring the Lady Lake office, Rep. Webster and his staff members also reviewed AMAC’s history and its vision for America. The Congressman and his staff viewed AMAC’s recently-implemented Social Security-focused website,, described by Weber as a service to inform, educate, and update viewers on Social Security developments and breaking news.congressional

Congressman Webster also learned about AMAC’s delivery of nearly 200,000 member petitions calling for the repeal of Obama-care to members of Congress, as well as AMAC’s progress toward establishment of a Foundation dedicated to Social Security-related education and support for Americans.

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7 years ago

Susie Weber Posted on I have followed her grtwoh since I met her in Montreal. She is such a talented person with a lot of energy to brighten our world.

8 years ago

We do need to start over with a new system: of, by, and for the people. Why is D. C. not a state, yet treated like one in
some ways, others not????? By the way, ever wonder why all the begging letters from Charities, the return envelope
goes to D. C.??? What Business lets all the employees set their own salaries, bonuses plus, vacations, etc.
Should we really give full lifetime salaries for those who serve as President, their wives also, plus many guards for all
that time? What could we do with that chunk of money?? Remember they are starting the job (?) at younger ages each
replacement it seems. Slowly we are becoming enemy to the world; very few real friends left. We need real answers!!

R Wayne Rutland
8 years ago

I don’t recall being given the opportunity to download the AMAC plans for Solutions for Social Security. I would appreciate being forwarded the link. I admit that I have not always read the AMAC news letters but I am ready to be armed with some good info on the subject. Might even spur me on to responding to requested input by my elected Federal Gov Reps.

8 years ago

One additional change to reduce fraud on all entitlements which are not currently reported to IRS, would be to require the value of all entitlements to be reported to IRS by name and SS# and the same for all members of the household who are considered when determining benefits to include food stamps, rent subsidies, cellular phone(Obama phones), medicaid, tuition grants, earned income credit in excess of taxes paid and any other support provided by tax payers.
Another change would be to require all family income including foreign income be reported to gain financial aid for higher education.
The American people would then learn just how many people are actually living below the poverty line.

Philip E Davis
8 years ago

As stated above, What a mess. This covers our complete government. Only our government can do nothing. IT’S the idiots running it. Now, #2 speaking of idiots, Who voted them into office? A complete ouster is a must. Not the other guy, all, included my senators and representative.

D.B. Sims
8 years ago

I have not been privileged to see your plan just as I was not privileged to see any of AARP’s plans or solutions for Social Security. I do know however, in explaining the weakness to my daughter at age 20, I showed her that a private account compounded in a conservative growth rate of 4%, she could have as much as 6,000,000 of her own money to retire on when eligible. She didn’t pay attention just as no one in Congress will pay attention. The reason: No one wants to lose their power and when you control the money, you lose your power. Comments: I will let your experts do the math.

Give them hell on the hill. Reid and the liberal Senate has to go.

8 years ago

Wake up an smell the coffee. Obamacare is a joke. An there cramming it down our you no what!!!! Yet there trying hard to take away our social security benifits,right to bear arms etc.The list is long on what they want an what we have. Yet they have all benifits we pay for. Put them on the same playing field that were on. You’ll see some action then. Our Govt. is a disgrace to this country an world. Other countrys think were stupid an there right just look at the last election.

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