AMAC’s Petition to McCain Makes Waves

McCain petitionOn July 27, Senator John McCain of Arizona voted against the Health Care Freedom Act, also called the skinny repeal bill, effectively killing Senate Republicans’ seven-year dream of ridding our nation of Obamacare. For years, from the campaign trail to the halls of Senate, McCain had strongly advocated for repealing Obamacare, even voting “yes” on a clean repeal bill back in 2015. By changing his vote on the latest reincarnation of the repeal bill, many Americans feel that McCain has betrayed his party as well as his constituents’ trust (McCain’s past statements on why he supported the repeal of Obamacare can be found here). In voting against the Health Care Freedom Act, John McCain broke a major promise to his supporters.

AMAC was deeply disappointed in McCain and his unconscionable actions. AMAC founder Dan Weber spoke on the issue, saying, “One can only assume that his history of promising a repeal of the Affordable Care Act was sincere when he made it. So, I call on him to keep his promises and take the lead in an effort to fix health care for the American people now—before it is too late”. Weber has received media attention for calling out McCain on his broken promises, making it clear that McCain failed to uphold GOP values and that the senator’s act of political betrayal will not be condoned by AMAC.

Shortly after McCain surprised Senate Republicans by voting “no”, AMAC took action and created a petition urging McCain to change his vote. “We, the following citizens,” the petition states, “urge you to keep your word to repeal and replace Obamacare. We therefore request you to change your vote to support the progress in the Senate to rid us of Obamacare”.

AMAC would like to thank the dedicated patriots who have signed our petition so far — all 95,000 of you! By joining us at the forefront of the battle against Obamacare, you have made your voices heard and helped us advance in the fight for a better America. We are immensely appreciative of your support and proud to say that together, we are reclaiming our nation. As an organization, AMAC steadfastly stands for traditional American values, and has never, nor will ever support Obamacare. AMAC believes it is a serious mistake to have the federal government interfere and dictate how medical care is provided in our country.

Ultimately, AMAC feels that John McCain has let down the GOP as well as the American people, and urges him to change his vote. AMAC is grateful to all of our supporters who have signed the petition, but our fight is not over yet.

We, the people, believe in the values of a limited federal government with little interference, as laid out in the Constitution. We, the people, elected President Trump because he vowed to kill Obamacare, a disastrous socialist policy that has done more harm to this country than good. We, the people, want free market capitalism and not government subsidized health care.

We, the people, encourage John McCain to change his vote and finally repeal Obamacare.

To let your voice be heard, sign AMAC’s petition:

Sign Petition To Convince John McCain to Change his Vote

To learn more about Dan Weber’s stance on health care and his Obamacare alternative:

Click Here to Learn More

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C-ville Conservative
5 years ago

John McCain is [The] typical Washington DC bureaucrat; sadly one of many lurking in the swamp President Trump is trying to clean up. Real Conservatives know all to well that John McCain is a mediocre moderate and most certainly the primary reason why he lost the Presidency in 2008. He shamelessly abandons what he describes as his conservatives ideals, and does so only to assure himself reelection time and time again. The maddening reality is that Mr. McCain lands wherever the political winds blow – mostly outside real Conservative values. Time to retire John McCain.

5 years ago

Please get the word out regarding the HSA description. I have spoken to at least 20 people,who although they support repeal/replace Obama Care, they said they understood why Mc Cain would not cooperate. All of them said that the bill was not descriptive nor could they find specifically what was in that bill. The news media does not describe HSA in depth. The current HSA DOES NOT COMPARE with the HSA that Amac describes.

5 years ago

Mc Cain appears to be the only Republican who has a functional brain cell. All those other clowns in Washington are keeping theirs in their butts!!! It seems that many of these e-mail “people” have the same problem! COME AMERICA, WAKE UP!!!

5 years ago

I just read most of these comments. The real opposition to the “skinny” health care bill was from the Democrat Senators. You should be asking whether they were, or were not, “traitors”. What name should they have that sounds like RINO? I personally wish I had Senator McCain as my representative instead of Patty Murray or Maria Cantwell. Talk about people who are influenced by big money and were there when Harry Reid got Obama care passed in the first place. They should be taking the flak, not John McCain, who has more principles than 95% of those Democrats who he ran against to get elected in the first place.

James E Leonard
5 years ago

McCain has gone to the Dark Side! Pilot, or not, captured, or not, Vet, or not, he has become a failure to the very country he once defended. He has lost ALL credibility with me and the American people. When “those” we have chosen, no longer represent us and think they know BETTER than “We the People”, it’s time to call Johnny Boy what he truly is, Traiter, and get him the hell out of there!!!

bruce wickstrom
5 years ago

That vote from rino McCain does not surprise me in the least. As a Vietnam vet, I will also ask the Senator why we havent heard from him on the VA scandal in his state–Luckily, I have been well cared for by the Atlanta VA. His silence amazes myself and I am sure many vets.

5 years ago

Ive never liked mccain, now after reading all the comments, I can see why. He always looks like he’s got a
Mouth full of balls.

Douglas Smith 16770-15
5 years ago

McCain was an idiot from the start. Remember the
Kennedy/McCain sponsored bills from many years ago?! JFK was closer to being a Republican than John McCain is ! !

5 years ago

Just heard on the “news” this morning that John McCain has a 79% approval rating……among democrats. 37% among Republicans. Time for his to go or declare his new status.

5 years ago

Sorry but I think McCain has become so senile he thinks he’s a dimocrat.

Steve B.
5 years ago

McCain never misses an opportunity to remind us why he ended up 5th from the bottom of his Annapolis Naval Academy graduating class . . . ?

His “proudest” legislative achievement is the McCain-Feingold idiotic campaign “reform” law . . . see what I mean about J.M.

5 years ago

McCain is definitely a huge part of the Swamp. I remember how stubborn he was on the amnesty issue. Once again, he ignores the will of the people. He is no conservative. His only true service was in Vietnam.

5 years ago

Make sure Congressional personnel are covered by the same health care plan that is forced on the American people. Also take away their lifetime retirement and replace it with Social Security. At age 65, make sure they are on Medicare like all other Americans are required to do. Let them figure out how to get good medical care on a fixed income.

Vicky Gammon
5 years ago

Sadly, John MCain will & has said anything to keep his Arizona Senate seat. He has lied repeatedly to the good people of Arizona to retain his seat. His trials, heroism, & accomplishments have no influence on current matters. “Show me what you’ve done lately.” Nothing to support his constitents, the Country, his (supposed) Party, or the American people as a whole. McCain has for years worked very hard to support & promote himself – the rest of us are simple the tool which allows him to succeed. Time for him to go…he can take his puppet friend Lindsay Graham with him.

Wendy A Stoner RN
5 years ago

My only hope is McCain thinks the way I do and voted “NO” because the change would have amounted to milk toast. With the number of years the GOP had to complain, was no one working on an acceptable replacement? Swamp mentality. (needs a disgust emoji)

5 years ago

Just repeal the whole thing.I am so sick of these cowardly republicans who won;t do what they promised to do before we voted their sorry asses in office.

5 years ago

I have been a Kaiser member for 40+ years and have had great and bad experiences during those years. I have been a Kaiser Senior Advantage member since 1/2007. My wife had the same primary care doctor for the 36 years she had Lupus and RA and he provided outstanding care for her and orchestrated the same outstanding care during the last year of her life. I also have experienced outstanding care from my primary care doctors and 2 neural back surgeries, and a triple bypass surgery. My concern is that Obamacare targets Part C Medicare recipients by increasing their costs to force them on to Parts A and B. As far as I am aware, the only way out for me is TOTAL REPEAL of Obamacare. I want AMAC to support TOTAL REPEAL.

5 years ago

John is the new Ben Nelson. Ben was the vote that got us Obamacare. Check out his plush job after leaving the Senate.

Joe Merenda
5 years ago

The voters of Arizona made a big mistake. When they reelected Mc Cain to another term. President Trump new the Senate was bad news for the Republican party. The Republican party is too weak to accomplish anthing good. We need a Conservative Party.

Nancy F
5 years ago

McCain absolutely got his selfish revenge on the President. Let’s not forget that the rest of congress also let all of us down.
Republicans need to back THIS President. Are they lazy & don’t want their own section of the swamp disturbed?
Are they trying to avoid Mueller’s gaze? Either way it is shameful that President Trump does not get the support and
respect he deserves. Republicans that do not support the President will not get my support.

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