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AMAC’s Veterans 2021 Project – A Synchronized Commitment to a Cause

veteransThe Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) has long held the support of our country’s armed forces Veterans to be a priority, having through the years endorsed a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of millions and millions of citizens who have answered the call to serve. Initiatives like those designed to improve the quality of health care for Veterans, address the growing challenge of homelessness affecting Veterans, and aid Veteran-owned small businesses are but a few of the areas where AMAC has pledged support, all with a common theme of honoring those who have defended our freedoms and our way of life.

Now, in a move to take its Veteran-support commitment to a higher level, AMAC has launched its “Veterans 2021 Project,” a multifaceted blueprint for organizing an approach on several coordinated levels. Working in conjunction with a variety of established organizations providing assistance and guidance to Veterans and their families, the “Veterans 2021 Project” will expand AMAC’s reach into the Veteran community. It will provide a number of specific new programs intended to make a material contribution to the benefit of this large and growing community of American Heroes.

Target areas for the “Veterans 2021 Project” are focused on building alliances with Veteran Support Organizations and major organizations dedicated to supporting the Veteran community. The intent will be to serve in a liaison capacity between support providers and the Veterans and Veteran families needing assistance and guidance across the many services available to them. The project will work through partnerships with the U.S. Veterans Administration, the Hiring Our Heroes affiliate program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Lone Survivor Foundation, and other formal support organizations to foster the mutual exchange of assistance and information, all to the benefit of the Veterans Community.

On a more granular level, the “Veterans 2021 Project” proposes to track and disseminate detail about legislative initiatives introduced in Congress on matters relating to the Veteran community, and will operate a clearinghouse of programs, information sources, and resources available to fill specific needs and interests of the Veteran community. The clearinghouse is housed and maintained in databases carried on AMAC’s computer network and will be available on-demand for search by interested parties.

The “Veterans 2021 Project” is a coordinated effort involving input from AMAC, Inc., AMAC Action, and the AMAC Foundation in a concerted effort to help meet the needs of the Veteran community in America. AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom will serve as primary spokesman for the project, coordinating the activities of a project team committed to the cause.

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Steve Ebersole
10 months ago

I am excited about the Veterans 2021 Project. Hope you are working with organizations like the American Legion. The Legion provides its members with legislation that is being worked on and they even help to write that legislation

Lincoln Sorensen
1 year ago

I have tried for years to get a person to person meeting with the representative of my district to no avail. I am a U S Navy Viet Nam veteran and learned that the V A facilities have dental clinics but will not provide dental care to veterans unless they are rated 100% disabled. Why the distinction? Any medical procedure, regardless of cost will be provided except dental. Strange how the only two medical programs run by the government, IE: VA and Medicare do not provide dental. The VA only to those 100% disabled and seniors only through some add on plan, and that only within the last few years. I cancelled my Medicare many years ago for that very reason. Why should I have more than $100.00 taken out of my SS check monthly when it provides no service that I can’t get from the VA. My curiosity makes me ask why our elected employees back when Medicare was formulated were so stupid as to not know that seniors require more dental care as they age. I really do not think they were that stupid. Not about that anyway. EVERYONE knows that!! I believe that we can all agree that good dental hygiene precludes a multitude of other medical issues, that are covered, and expensive. That applies to both seniors and veterans not to mention the quality of life. We know there are thousands of homeless veterans out there, some by choice. Think of all those suffering from painful teeth and gums while living in the elements, under bridges and on the streets. Most seniors and veterans, whether homeless or not, cannot afford dental care out of their pocket. I am 79 and just a month ago I had my last 7 teeth extracted and am being fitted for dentures to the tune of $7300.00. Luckily the dental facility has a financial agreement with a lender so I can include that with my already oppressive monthly bills. I know the reason the two programs do not provide dental care. It is because some special interest lobbied our elected employees to eliminate dental care from their programs. Now who would benefit from that? The only one that comes to mind is Big Pharma. The poor hygiene brings on other illnesses and those are covered and whenever one is seen for a medical condition one is going to emerge from the medical facility with at least one prescription in hand. So, Big Pharma said to hell with the quality of life for our seniors and veterans and our elected employees agreed and accepted whatever perks and bribes Big Pharma extended to them and withheld dental care. This needs to be addressed NOW!!!!!

Kenneth L. Pointe
1 year ago

I agree to the above comments about the lack of dental care for veterans that are less than 100%. I served in the US Army for 28 years but have only 20% disability, therefore I also don’t qualify for the dental care at VA. This is not only insane, but a total disservice to all those veterans who willfully served out great country with honor and dignity but have been pushed to the curve by our country in this area.This is a crime and a great disservice to us all. I know that all our senator and congress personnel who serve either 2-4 years to our nation is treated with better health care dental wise than all of us vets who have served 20 or more years. I should not have to lie to my health care system to qualify to get 100 % to be taken care of. What a travity. “CSM Retired” USA.

Sandra E Drake
1 year ago

Regarding Veteran health care etc. I have been fighting for years with the VA to provide benefits to Vets and all we get is a big run around. No one can even answer what a code relates to on the DD214 honorable discharge. The manuals are not available, been changed, don’t exist etc etc. So we get the nothing…. My father passed away over two years ago and never got a dime for his hearing loss or anything. Was a WWII vet served in the PACIFIC. My husband was injured on board a ship and no records can be found. Well of course not, the incident occurred during a typhoon and the ship nearly sank! The assistance for servicemen is nearly non existent. The local Veterans Assistance tries and gets the same response, ” What we need now… what we need now” I am so sick of this negligence I could go crazy myself!!! It is no wonder that suicide is a high when it comes to Veteran care. Yet, the illegals in this country are treated with kid gloves lined with gold. I see a Civil War coming, yes I do.

Carolyn Hayes
1 year ago

Find another venue to play your videos..i will no longet support YouTube.

1 year ago

That’s a very good point Mr. Parker. I agree, before we launch into fantasy programs designed to help a few lets look at the big picture. Veterans like Bruce need help getting “primary health care”. Let’s put main mission first in our efforts. Primary Care should be priority 1. Every veteran deserves primary care and not at $1785 a month. Heath care to our veterans should be a benefit. Let’s first fund primary health care, doctors, nurses, support staff and specialty clinics, surgery and pharmacy. And maybe some one should think about dentistry health care. Many health problems our veterans suffer from are dental related. Dentistry is a large cost item that the VA doesn’t touch. Veterans pay it out of pocket or through their own insurance policies – that ain’t cheap. Health care needs to the priory, get that under control before going off to Disneyland….

Bruce Parker
1 year ago

I hope something can be done about the outrageous cost of health care for Veterans. I am a retired veteran with 4 years served in the Navy and paying $1750.00/month for health insurance in 2021 for a bronze plan and receiving zero help from the country I served.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bruce Parker

The VA offers great healthcare for Veterans. Did you ever look into that?

1 year ago
Reply to  Bruce Parker

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. My partner gets free healthcare from the VA

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