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America Must Hold China Accountable

ChinaChina and Iran wanted Biden-Harris – and got them.  Whether China helped in that process remains an open question, but they desperately wanted to be done with Donald Trump.  They will likely get new trade, nuclear, missile, and sanctions relief, an end to bilateral Middle East peace deals, and a complete pass on security issues which – in time – will jeopardize the United States.  But Trump is not done.

While Biden is likely to look the other way as China militarizes international waterways, asserts power projection from leased foreign ports, manipulates allied economies and currency, takes control of small nations with debt, bribery  and international organizations, then proliferates cybercrime, intelligence assets globally, penetrates US universities, and deploys space weapons – Trump is not letting up.

As truth is truth, Trump is making crystal clear how he feels:  Communist China is not a friend of the United States, does not have US interests at heart, or even under consideration.  President Xi Jinping, General Secretary of China’s  Communist Party – in Soviet fashion – appointed himself “leader for life,” and is content to suppress much of China’s 1.4 billion population, angling to control Hong Kong and Taiwan, randomizing rule of law, violating human rights – all in the name of progress.

Somewhat ominously, Xi increasingly is compared to China’s Communist pioneer, student of Lenin and Stalin, Mao Zedong.  No surprise, since past US Administrations have played the fool to Communist China – letting China’s economy, military and cyber-capacities mushroom, their intelligence apparatus penetrate the West, and vital American interests get eclipsed, region by region.

While past administrations waited for China to loosen politically, in some “Alice in Wonderland” world – and Obama-Biden got comfortable with offering Communism legitimacy (while they paid Biden’s son), the future is not made of wishes and hopes that our adversaries will respect us, even as they take aim.  To borrow a Chinese philosopher: “You cannot bolt the door with a boiled carrot.”

So, as the US election settles, Trump is not standing down.  He is stepping up. Last week, he put fresh sanctions on China – blocking American ownership in 31 companies tied to China’s military-industrial complex, which is vast.  See, e.g.,; and; and

Trump continues to tighten China’s access to US capital markets.  Why should US investors, pension funds, or companies assist China in suppressing her own people, and undermining US national security?

Trump is exactly right, as he was to call China out on trade manipulation, cyberattacks on US government and businesses, stealing research and buying curricula across US universities, violating international monetary, trade and security treaties, flouting human rights accords, upending the Hong Kong Treaty, threatening Taiwan, undercutting international sanctions (as with North Korea), and originating, spreading and covering up the devastating COVID-19 coronavirus.  Is any of this Communist behavior legally or morally defensible? No, under no circumstances.

So, Trump is right.  While he sits at the White House, we can be glad he continues to call a spade a spade, hammer a hammer, and sickle a sickle.  The worry, of course, is that Biden’s compromised team will cave on all this.  China knows Biden is old, weak, egotistical, and error prone, as does Iran. Harris is so inexperienced, malleable, and self-adulating that China would play her like a fiddle, or Chinese Erhu.

In short, if Congress cares about US security, they must – Republicans and Democrats – unite and put brakes on Biden’s plans to reverse Trump’s sanctions.  The Biden team should stop and reevaluate what serves America, what is realistic with a carrot, and when sticks are required.  They owe America not to be taken for fools, not to keep lining their pockets, not to be shining reputations with Chinese praise.

These are dangerous times. Trump continues to remind us, as he holds China’s aggressive Communist government accountable. Would that he had another four years, but odds grow long.  If Biden-Harris is the new team – they can, they should, they must continue to hold China’s feet to the fire. Let us urge them to do so, through every venue, and keep one eye on the far horizon. Trump has done that.

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shawn r.
10 months ago

China MUST be held to account! If President Trump should remain in office, I have no doubt that he will continue to act toward this end. Joe Biden is the exact polar-opposite. This is a two-fold problem for Biden. First, he doesn’t recognize the danger China poses, not just to America, but to the world. This “ignorance”, especially considering the five decades he has spent in Washington, is incomprehensible to me. America attempted to aid China when Japan invaded China during the 1930’s, “think Flying Tigers”. But shortly after America defeated Japan in WWII, China embraced Communism. Thus, China was our enemy when the Korean War took place–they were the major source of the North Koran efforts. Similarly, China backed North Viet Nam and was the major supplier that allowed the North to win. So, my question to Biden would be “at what point did China become our friend”?
And that leads to the second problem–namely that China OWNS the Biden family. Even if Biden should recognize the threat, he will have been compromised personally, and thus he will be expected to “provide a return-on-investment” for the countless dollars China has funneled into the Biden coffers.

10 months ago

By Joe Biden announcing his cabinet picks etc, he is attempting to make the American people accept that he has won the US presidency. Joe Biden has not won the presidency and it will never be proven to me and many others that he is the president-elect.

It they don’t want to play by the rules then we law-abiding US citizen may not either and just not file and pay our taxes this year. I know they can take the money from our bank accounts but it won’t be easy for them to do so as they would need to put that program together and figure out what we owed the IRS.

Why is it that the only government department that seems to be able to working accurately is the IRS? For some reason, taking our money is what they can get correct but not much else…..look at the silly “DO NOT CALL’ program the instituted. I get more calls now than ever and I even have a call blocker also.

10 months ago

Mr. Joe Biden loves China and will take care of Chine because he is greedy and China takes care of Mr. Biden and has made his family rich.

Patty Ann
10 months ago

Absolutely China must be held accountable. However, the “Cheater” and the “Loser” may now finish the job NObama left Trump to clean up. They voted Harris out of the primary and so what does the left demand Sleepy Joe do…chose the loser (Harris) as his running mate. Please wake me from this nightmare…and wake up America!

Allan Brem
10 months ago

Better hurry up of Republican Judges and elected officials are going to let the Dems steal the presidency.

June Darley
10 months ago

It’s a sad day to see this ONE NATION UNDER GOD is about to become more under satin and the hate that we see for Tramp and the office of the President. If ever we need to pray Ps. 91- it’s now. God is still in control.

10 months ago

Biden is a joke and not president – you don’t win by lying, cheatin, or fraud – Trump is the true winner and I pray every nite that he is the one who will be in the white house Jan as he should. too bad about china that they don’t like Trump – no one who is evil likes Trump – that tells you alot about the haters doesn’t it!

Kathryn DiPiazza
10 months ago

Biden Harris will destroy America in less than 3 months. He is old and hungry for power and she is salivating at the idea that she will step in for him. They are backed by Obama who just won’t go away. Talk about Xi, they are all vying for imperial ruler. We are headed for a nasty ride without our beloved President Trump.

John A. Fallon
10 months ago

Why don’t we all send a note to AMAC signed and stating who we voted for? They can have the votes verified to see if they were highjacked to present to the courts.

John A. Fallon
10 months ago

How much evidence against the bidens and clintons and the rest of these money hungry socialist/dems has already been shown? How many hundreds of millions in tax dollars have been spent on investigations and “special counsels” in the past couple of decades? And what has been the outcome? A lot of lawyers got rich and “donated” to the crooked politicians that they were “investigating” and helped them get re-elected to continue thier criminal activities, LAWYERS are responsible for corrupting our politics, education, health care and our court system, (remember what they put Gen. Flynn thru?) also let us not forget what they have put AMERICA AND OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP THRU these last four years, WAKE UP! STAND UP!
“WE THE PEOPLE” ARE THE GOVERNMENT! not the msm propagandists, not the lawyers, not the politicians, NOT THE RICH!!!

Biden: MAO More Than Ever!
10 months ago

As we all know, that further any situation spirals out of control, the harder and more costly it becomes to rein it back in. Things have been out of control in this country for far too long, which is why Trump’s unquestionably necessary actions are so painful and disruptive. Unfortunately, the left chooses to ignore this reality, and instead their PR department (mainstream media) spins the situation to make it appear Trump is blindly wreaking havoc and chaos, to the nation’s detriment. And as this election has shown us, their message resonates with far too many among us. Posters here opine that, had the election not been rigged as it was, Trump would have won by a landslide. I have my doubts – not about the rigging, but rather the extent to which it was required to throw the election. There’s an awful lot of people out there who really hate Trump, for any of a host of reasons. These can be broken loosely into two main (and overlapping) categories, those who voted against Trump because they can’t stand the guy, and those who voted FOR what a Biden/Harris regime represents. I neither have a good feel for how these two categories break down percentage-wise, nor can I conceive of a way to find out. Why is this important? Because at least some of the never-Trumpers may well be convinced to vote for a rational alternative to the left, especially after experiencing what is likely to be a very unpleasant four years of Biden-Harris. Some may even change their mind about the Orange Man, thinking, we didn’t know how good we had it with that guy, as obnoxious as he was. The true believers, though, are lost forever. If their true numbers are small, it is possible they can be defeated at the ballot box even if there is some amount of election tampering going on. But if they are a significant proportion of the populace, we are in really big trouble. As I said at the outset, the longer a bad situation remains out of control, the harder it is to bring it to an end. And I do believe their numbers are large. Remember, we are at the tipping point where 50% of the population is receiving governmental assistance of one sort or another. How likely are they to shoot Santa Claus, so long as he keeps dropping bridge cards down the chimney?

Here’s an interesting aspect. In a previous post I christened Biden the nation’s first “Time Share President” due to his divided loyalties, to China and also to the progressives. While those groups’ goals are to some extent similar, there are key differences which, should conflict arise, could cause Crazy Joe to react unpredictably. The left may well simply impeach the doddering old fool, but what of China, if they feel they are not getting value for the money they forked over? How will they react? Interesting, is it not, although in a sick sort of way.

Rumor mill: As we know the Secret Service assign pet names to the President and first lady. Scuttlebutt has it that their moniker for Crazy Joe is “Dim Sum”. No idea if this is true, but you have to admit, it has a certain ring to it.

Rick J.
10 months ago

Biden will screw up all the good work President trump has done. Lets face it Biden has been bought
and sold more than a cheap hooker; and the hooker is more honest about who they are!

David B.
10 months ago

“…dangerous times…” for sure- we are standing at the very edge of an abyss. If we fall, we may never recover. The Leftists will go full-throttle down “progressive” socialist/communist road, making us all miserable. Count on it! They must be stopped, by any means necessary, to quote their mantra!

Anthony Dell'Isola
10 months ago

Not only is Trump not done, but his speech about the election fraud shows he still has an excellent chance of still being our President for another 4 years. With the evidence they have, the SCOTUS would have no choice but to declare Biden out of the race.

Roger Davis
10 months ago

Unless some group or persons can get one of the 5 justices on the Supreme Court to bow to them as Roberts seems to have done.

Brenda Blunt
10 months ago

I do not trust Biden or Harris at all. They will sell out the USA for their personal gain!!

10 months ago

Great article and correct, but good luck with any of the weak,corrupt democrats and washington swamp with any significant controls.
The useless politicians wont do anything.
Looking out for America was President Trump alone, God help this Country.

10 months ago
  1. Everything being sold says “Made in China.” How about we take ALL of that business away from them and help South American countries (NOT socialist) ones) that could use some work for its populace. That said, how about the US also starts a “world-wide” lawsuit against China for their virus.
Art A
10 months ago

I do pay attention to most of the events and the motivation behind them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRASP OF THE OBVIOUS.




10 months ago
Reply to  Art A

The AMAC web site is updated constantly with new articles coming out daily. AMAC.US is their web site. If you’re waiting for AMAC to e-mail you something, the lag time may mean what you are getting it one to two days old already and AMAC doesn’t always e-mail out everything it posts on its web site.

A number of people, myself included, just pop onto the web once a day to see if anything is new or interesting. If something is of interest, I may comment as will others. If there is nothing of interest, then no one posts a comment. There are several articles each week that come and go off the site with no comments each week and they rarely end up making it into the weekend AMAC e-mail.

It is a shame no one from AMAC responded to you, but I guess no one is dedicated to answering member questions. Bad customer service. So anyway, that’s how the AMAC site works. Relax, have a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Lorraine Perez
10 months ago

Trump is our President. He’s not conceding. Trump will continue as total election was fraud and will be proven in Supreme Court.

Josephine pooley
10 months ago

I will keep saying, in the Name of Jesus, it’s NOT OVER! Keep praying church!

Roger Davis
10 months ago

I say “Amen” to that but how many Christians cast their vote for Biden? Those who depend on the New York Times, the Washington Post and other such rags.

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