AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

Another Busy Week in Washington

by Andrew Mangione

Another busy week in Washington is in the books.  With 15 meetings conducted over the span of four days, AMAC covered a lot of Congressional ground and forged new strategic relationships with offices vital to promoting our mission.

These meetings on Capitol Hill continue to yield valuable results and reveal myriad ways in which AMAC can work with specific members of Congress to promote important legislation and to protect the interests of mature Americans and seniors.  Just like our 1.1 million members, members of Congress and their staffs are excited to learn that a viable, conservative alternative to AARP exists and is making a difference at both the Federal and District levels.  The opportunities for collaboration with Congress are endless, and we’re able to tailor our support for offices based on the particular needs and concerns of their constituencies.

Not surprisingly, many of the same issues that concern AMAC members also trouble lawmakers – who are desperate for new, fresh ideas to the problems afflicting our nation.  AMAC is regularly applauded for taking the lead on these issues and bringing innovative ideas to the table.  From the solvency of Social Security to real health care reform, AMAC is out front leading the charge and working with Congress to achieve sustainable results.

Our constant, active presence in Washington enables us to stay abreast of the political issues that pertain to our membership.  This week, I was able to personally observe the Energy and Commerce’s Health Subcommittee’s hearing on Medicare Advantage (MA).  For several weeks now, AMAC has been closely monitoring what Congress has been saying about how ObamaCare will impact the future of this important program.  Testimonies from expert witnesses – combined with insight from Congressional leaders with medical expertise – divulged startling information and confirmed that $25.4 billion will be stripped from MA in 2014 alone.

To our members, and on behalf of many other mature Americans across the country, AMAC has already pledged to combat these funding cuts at the Federal level and to continue to educate lawmakers about the popular, robust benefit that is Medicare Advantage.  As part of what will certainly be an ongoing effort to defend MA, an AMAC letter of support for the Cassidy-Barrow initiative was submitted to the Congressional Record and can be viewed on our website and Facebook page.  The Cassidy-Barrow initiative – which has garnered the bipartisan support of more than 80 members of Congress – urges the Majority and Minority leaders of the House of Representatives to protect MA from detrimental program cuts in budget negotiations slated to occur in 2014.

While the road to achieving our legislative goals may be hard and long, our principles have been worth fighting for every step of the way!  AMAC has made significant strides in Washington, despite the relatively short amount of time we’ve been engaging with elected leaders on the Hill.  Our rapid membership growth over the course of the last year has propelled us to previously unthinkable heights, and we plan to ride that wave of momentum into the New Year.

Thank you for clearly charting our advocacy course in Washington.  We will never stop relying on our members for guidance when it comes to the daily decisions we make and to the issues we take to our nation’s capital.

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Gilbert J. Weissler
7 years ago

Why are we surprised? In the last election were our people simply naive or did they just bury their head in the sand and ignore what Obama represented?

Obama Care was not created for the good of the poor but to enable government to control people by controlling their ability to receive proper health care. It is being run by people who do not believe in government serving the people but the people serving the country. Their expressions of the need to limit care to the elderly who are past their productive life and their emphasis on aborting children who are assessed to being born disabled is treating human beings as simply a machine to be discarded when it no longer produces for the benefit of the state.

The current of change that our government is advocating is one of change without continuity to the past, C.S. Lewis said it very well when he wrote change without continuity to the past is not change but chaos.

Please send me information on joining AMAC.

Judith B. Mader
7 years ago

I see this take over as just another way to destroy, another business. More loss of independent businesses, and prevent many people, especially women from being able to earn as much as a man. We have so many women at this time and age, have lost their husbands. The ratio of men to women, many women will need good jobs to help them have the same quality of life most middle class people have.

After divorce, or death of a spouse, many women could turn to Real Estate. They could make a living and their children could have the same advantages of their peers. Carter tried the same thing, giving people loans on homes they could not afford. Many small contractors were hurt, many Realtors went out of business. Then this last market crash, did the same thing again.

I do not see how the Obama health care system, can stand on its own. People with insurance have for years been supplementing the uninsured for years.

I just pray we have a mature adult, business knowledgeable person to run for the next election. I also pray, all of the voters, that were lied to vote out the incumbents. If they could pass a bill they did not read or understand then they should not be there. Term limits would also be nice. Let the people decide when congress needs a raise. It is time they were brought to task for the mess they have made.

7 years ago

I am not “dismayed” I am totally pissed off–the people who can fight this won’t–

7 years ago

Thank you for lobbying. What strategic relationships have you developed?

We are one step away from socialized medicine and dependence on foreign energy and unreliable power grids.
China and other countries are full speed ahead with nuclear power. If we do not use our
energy sources wisely, we will be brought to our knees.

When will Americans wake up? And why are we not called their reps and senators?

7 years ago

It’s not surprising that Medicare Advantage would be impacted as part of the larger Obamacare takeover / transformation of the health insurance industry. Medicare Advantage is simply another competitive form of health care insurance to Obamacare, so it would of course be targeted in this fashion. Obamacare cannot thrive in a competitive environment, so the government’s solution would naturally be to target that competition for eventual elimination. This is something that was evident going back to 2009, when the details of Obamacare’s design started leaking out. That MA is actually seeing the cuts that were planned for the program shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at this point.

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