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AOC’s Ugly Delegitimization of SCOTUS


The fact that the Supreme Court hasn’t ruled on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health abortion case didn’t stop Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from attempting to delegitimize the decision, accusing Brett Kavanaugh of being “credibly accused of sexual assault on multiple accounts” with “corroborated details.” Yet the court, says Ocasio-Cortez, “is letting him decide on whether to legalize forced birth in the US.”

Of course, “credibly accused” is not any kind of legal standard, unlike, say, liberal notions about due process and the presumption of innocence. Indeed, there is nothing for the FBI to investigate because there are no “corroborated details” that sustain Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh. Ford alleged to have “100%” certitude that Kavanaugh had assaulted her in the 1980s, yet she possessed 0% memory of any details that could have substantiated her claim — not even a time nor a place. Every witness the accuser maintained had been at the suburban Maryland party where the alleged attack occurred has, under threat of felony, denied knowledge of the assault and stated they have no recollection of the get-together. This includes Ford’s then-best friend Leland Keyser. There is not even a witness who could corroborate that Blasey Ford had ever met Kavanaugh.

In the hierarchy of “rights,” abortion apparently sits above all others. In the mind of Democrats, then, originalist justices who may potentially overturn Roe v. Wade aren’t merely wrong, they’re nefarious extremists, and thus any smear or tactic is justified in the campaign to stop them.

The groundwork for Ocasio-Cortez to delegitimize the Court was laid by Democratic senators before Blasey Ford, or Julie Swetnick emerged and then-Sen. Kamala Harris was reading wholly unsubstantiated gang-rape charges against Kavanaugh into the Congressional Record. There were ludicrous hearings about yearbook jokes and drunken parties that were only meant to discredit any future decisions by the Court. Then there were the extraconstitutional standards Democrats kept inventing. Any nominee of a president who was even “under suspicion” of criminality — these were the days when Russian collusion was a thing — were “illegitimate.” Ed Markey argued that the nominee was “illegitimate” because the president was “all but named as a co-conspirator.”

Ah, the constitutional “all but” standard.

CNN’s lascivious chief legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, who has a personal stake in liberal abortion laws, would go on to claim that “40 percent of the Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct,” which is a good reminder that Justice Clarence Thomas was also smeared in much the same way. Despite hagiographic accounts of the incident, Anita Hill was not a “credible” accuser either. To this day, no credible person — and Thomas has had scores of subordinates working for him during his years in government, before and after his confirmation — has corroborated that Thomas had acted in the ways Hill described. And yet, Democrats continue pushing the revisionist histories.

Today, many Democrats demand that President Joe Biden pack the courts and destroy the judicial system, or they threaten justices on the steps of the Supreme Court. “I want to tell you, Gorsuch! I want to tell you Kavanaugh!” Chuck Schumer said last year. “You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price! You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions!”

Whatever does Schumer mean? And what exactly are justices supposed to do? Take orders from back-benchers and hyperventilating pundits on how they should rule?

There is no ex post facto clause in the Constitution. Kavanaugh was nominated by the duly elected president and confirmed by the duly elected Senate in the same constitutional manner that every Supreme Court justice in history has been nominated and confirmed. Even if you believe that the president’s behavior in January 2021 was an attempt “to overthrow the U.S. government,” that has absolutely no bearing on the appointments he made in the years 2017, 2018, and 2020.

Ocasio-Cortez also points out that Trump was “elected via minority,” which is either another extraconstitutional demand or a sign that the congresswoman is simply unaware that presidents have never been elected by the majority but rather by the Electoral College.

Furthermore, Ocasio-Cortez’s assertion that overturning Roe would necessitate “forced birth” — a new talking point among pro-abortion advocates — is both factually wrong and morally repugnant. Increasingly, progressives talk about pregnancy as if it were a gruesome affliction and unborn children as if they were malignant tumors. Whatever the case, a world without Roe would merely allow voters to decide when or how lethal force can be used against the unborn — because the issue has nothing to do with the constitutional law.

David Harsanyi is a senior writer at National Review.


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Bill T
5 months ago

Don’t think many remember how TED KENNEDY and BIDEN pummeled and desperately tried to destroy Clarence Thomas when he was being confirmed for the highest court in the nation

5 months ago

A moron is a moron.

5 months ago

What a moron they haven’t even made a decision and she and the Democrats are freaking themselves out over nothing. Hey AOC and pals here is a good way to use that energy of yours…STFU and go help your districts! You know the people who hired you and need you! Do your freaking job or move out of the way so those that can do will be able to do your job! 

5 months ago

I think AOC would be better off at working in a potato patch using a hoe to weed the patch after planting, and would be well suited and experienced to work as a hoer. As a politician….. well she’s pretty much in the range of competency with the Democrap comrades in the H of R, which probably puts her the 60-75 IQ range, tho still higher that Hidin’ Biden.

5 months ago

This woman has the morals of a rattlesnake and the brainz of a goldfish, anyone who takes her seriously needs medical help…The real goal here is to get her and her kind out of politics and office and let them experience the American Dream…The word Useless comes to mind whenever the press or msm gives them any noteworthy attention, you could put their collective intellect in a thimble and have room for a army…..

David Millikan
5 months ago


5 months ago

She is an IMMATURE spoiled brat of no CONSEQUENCE . Her lack of education of the TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY and her lack of INTEGRITY, CONSCIOUS and MORALS (and her LOUD MOUTH) will COMPLETELY sink her soon enough. Most THINKING citizens can see her for what she and her ‘squad’ truly are.

5 months ago

AOC has delegitimized herself when she first opened her mouth and began spewing the lies, hate, intolerance, and anger that she pours forth so readily. Let her go back to her bar and pour drinks…or did she get fired from that even?????

5 months ago

Do es anyone remember when AOS was first elected? How all the pundits said she was a flash in the pan, a one term representative? Well she has been re-elected and soon will become entrenched as a forever congressman. I have never been in favor of term limits, but I have no faith in my fellow man. Term limits are needed.

5 months ago
Reply to  Kurt

Double Amen to that!!

Rush Glick
5 months ago

AOC, like virtually ALL Demonrats, is a philosophical progeny of Joseph Goebbels. Repeat a lie enough and it eventually becomes accepted as fact.

5 months ago
Reply to  Rush Glick

The libtard news media uses the same format philosophy to serve out Democrap propaganda.

Rob Ralph
5 months ago

She is always wrong. Kavanaugh was punished because he was on Ken Starr’s staff during the Clinton impeachment. They discredited every alleged victim, all of whom received money to testify against Kavanaugh. And not a single corroborated witness came forward. AOC doesn’t understand the historical significance of the separation of powers but she understands her audience and caters to their ignorance and sense of victim-hood.

5 months ago

Nothing but another embarrassing tongue lashing from the bartender from Long Island City

5 months ago

Lies, more lies and corruption…maybe they’ll eat each other…

George Carter
5 months ago

Seems to me it’s the FBI who should be delegitimized. They’ve lost all respect, they’re not a law enforcement agency they’re a political agency.

5 months ago

Low cost call girl opens poke hole again.

Nancy Redding
5 months ago

Her lies make her unfit for office..are they trying to create division to the point of a civil war?

Mark L
5 months ago

Not true you moron!
There was an attempt to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation and have you have the balls to discredit that outcome is ignorant at best on your part!
Most of the witnesses have admitted they perjured themselves and outright lied!

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