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Baltimore Becomes War Zone as Democratic Mayor Refuses to Fight Criminals but Pushes to Defund the Police

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policeThe city of Baltimore is in the midst of a slew of homicides with more than 108 homicides and 215 non-fatal shootings this year as of last week–a 17% increase from this time in 2020 and a staggering sum for a city that still has some of the most restrictive lockdown protocols anywhere in the country. Now, outraged residents are asking why Democrat Mayor Brandon Scott is not doing more to address violent crime and calling on Republican Governor Larry Hogan to step in.

While Baltimore has long been one of the most dangerous cities in the country under Democrat governance, violent criminals have become far more brazen in recent attacks. On April 30, the 100th murder in Baltimore this calendar year took place in broad daylight in a residential area. The whole incident was caught on a security camera, which shows the murderer sneaking up behind another man in an alleyway before firing thirteen shots at point-blank range. One of the first victims in the recent killing spree, Kaylia Player, was just 19 when she died. Another victim, Efraim Gordon, 31, was fatally shot last Monday in what police believe was a botched robbery attempt as he walked to a nearby relative’s home. Gordon was visiting the United States from Israel for a cousin’s wedding at the time of his murder. That same day, two Korean women were violently attacked in their own store elsewhere in the city. Many of the suspects of these crimes remain on the loose as police, hamstrung by budget cuts and a lack of support from City Hall, struggle to manage the uptick in crime.

Not surprisingly, Mayor Scott was an early proponent of the “Defund the Police” movement, which appears to be emboldening criminals and straining already thin police resources in Baltimore. Earlier this year, Scott announced the creation of a task force that would “reimagine policing” – a now oft-cited phrase that is liberal jargon for gutting police budgets. According to the Mayor’s office, the task force would develop a “budget-reduction plan” for the Baltimore Police Department even as crime soars to record levels.

When Scott took office in January of 2020, he promised to reduce homicides by 15% each year, including getting Baltimore below 300 homicides during his first year in office. Three hundred thirty-five people were killed in Baltimore in 2020, and the city is on pace to see well over that number of murders in 2021. As long as Scott refuses to support law enforcement and take the necessary steps to crack down on crime, it appears unlikely that Baltimore will see fewer than 300 murders at any point during his tenure.

To make matters worse, Baltimore’s top prosecutor made headlines in March when she announced that the city would no longer prosecute crimes like drug possession and sex work offenses.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan responded to the recent surge with sharp criticism of Baltimore city leadership, saying that “[violent crime] seems to be the last thing that they’re concerned about and they need to come up with a real plan.” Hogan added that “I’ve been very disappointed in the record so far,” mentioning three specific ways that Baltimore could better combat crime: “Number one, we’d have to get tougher laws. Number two, we can’t defund the police, which is the mayor’s plan. We got to invest more in our police… and number three, we have to have a prosecutor that’s willing to prosecute crimes.”

Despite his unwillingness to face reporters or Baltimore residents following the wave of murders in his city, Scott wasted no time in responding to Hogan’s comments via Twitter, saying that “rather than relying solely on status quo ‘solutions’ and MAGA talking points, how about actually meeting with me to discuss violent crime, gun trafficking, or restarting the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council — as I’ve asked before?”

It is unclear why Mr. Scott believes calls to better ensure public safety and enforce the law are “MAGA” talking points.

Last Thursday, the Governor’s office announced that Hogan would meet with Scott and Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison on May 13.

Baltimore’s ongoing crisis is just one among many playing out in ultra-liberal cities throughout the United States that reflects the unmitigated failure of Democrat governance. Mayors and City Councils, facing pressure from radical groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, have chosen to side with rioters and anti-police activists and turn their backs on police departments desperately struggling to protect residents and property. While mainstream cable news and print outlets may ignore this violence because it is incompatible with their political agenda, AMAC Newsline continues to keep readers up to date on what is truly happening in America’s cities.

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19 days ago

The average citizen is not for defunding the police but I would think all of the criminals like this idea.
Use some common sense & review USA history.

2 months ago

Another member of the Idiocracy!IDIOCRACY: A society that values and rewards people based solely on a lack of intelligence. Societies that reward the resulting behaviors become dysfunctional, violent, and the rule of law becomes even more arbitrary.Frankly, the United States is rapidly becoming a prime example of idiocracy in action.

2 months ago

It sweeps in to my thoughts that it seems to be whenever a DemonRat politician gets elected to a leadership role at almost any level, things get more chaotic and dangerous … and the news media becomes more distracted in praising and backing DemonRats actions and decisions, however illogical and dangerous they might be.

2 months ago

It would seem to be a brush with insanity to expect cutting back police presence and availability to deal with lawlessness, but liberal DemonRats want to make sure they can get the criminal vote, I guess. Baltimore is apparently working under the illogical theory that lesser/weaker police presence/enforcement will reduce crime? Not only is that illogical, it is borderline insanity to think that way. Yes, like in all professions, there are some individuals in police work that should not be doing that type of work for various reasons. But you don’t throw away the whole barrel of apples if you find one or two rotten apples … you discard the rotten apples!!! Methinks the political liberal DemonRat strategy is at work here … with the undeniable biased support from the main news media.

2 months ago

Just another socialist s**thole, let it circle the drain. Who cares about Baltimore, been a liberal cesspool for decades.

2 months ago

I did crime prevention work in the city of Saginaw Michigan back in the 1980s. We combine social work and community organization with proper police techniques and reduce crime in the city while helping people maintain both their dignity and their rights. Liberals have taken that idea distorted it and are beating police over the head with it.

John fallon
2 months ago

Socialist/dems running cities and states care only about what is profitable for them, just like the ones in the SWAMP!! they have only so much in the way of funds that in order to give themselves raises and bonuses every year, they have to make cuts in funds somewhere, police budgets are on the menu now, they will put the funds into something they invested in to increase thier own profits, not caring what hardship this creates for thier citizens.

Joyce Gibson
2 months ago

The mayor must be loosing his mind – criminals must be prosecuted for their crimes whether they are black, white, brown, red, etc. and police budgets must not be cut in this critical time unless we want no protection at all and then criminals would be allowed to do whatever they want to, which would be mean we would not be safe anywhere. I don’t know about anyone else, but I DO NOT WANT THIS TYPE OF COMMUNITY ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY.

Fred DeBell
2 months ago

After 35 years living in the Reservoir Hill Neighborhood of Baltimore City, it is with mixed emotions that I state that I am glad I moved away in July of 2018. Miss many people but not the City.

Mike Bares
2 months ago

What is the problem with these mayors, governors, and states attorneys ? This is common sense for Gods sake! If you break the law, you face the consequences. Do they think these criminals are going to go to the voting booth , and vote for them? Is that what it’s all about ? I have news for you swampy politicians . . . the percentage of good, decent people outweighs the bad, and evil people. Living in suburban Illinois, and knowing the same thing is happening in Chicago is just wrong ! This isn’t MAGA talking points ! Wtf ! This is crime happening in our great cities across this nation.

2 months ago

Only a criminal would sanction crimes and sneer at the police. Perhaps a closer look at the mayor and his own activities is warranted.

2 months ago
Reply to  BARB

You got it! Don’t stop there, it’s all the way to Washington DC. Starts in your school districts

2 months ago

During the 60’s and 70’s Baltimore was one of the unsafest crime ridden cities. The conservative Democratic Mayor William Schaefer made his initiative to revitalize and clean up the city. It started with Camden Yards and the Inner Harbor. The 80’s and 90’s it was a safe city with a vibrant inner city. Unfortunately, the make up of the city council and mayor’s office changed and the cities liberal movement has spiraled downward. – A shame.

Last edited 2 months ago by par404
Fred DeBell
2 months ago
Reply to  par404

Unfortunately, by focusing on Baltimore as a “destination” and not including a desire to have downtown also as a Business/Corporate Home, many long time businesses started their exodus from the City to the Burbs. Downtown, thus a healthy working, stable economic environment, started it’s evolution to a fearful downtrodden ghost town. Mayor Schaefer’s successors also let the city down in part by not recognizing and building on what was good about the city.

2 months ago

Stupid is as stupid does, guessing it’s easy to tell who is who!!

2 months ago

This is what liberal democrats bring – chaos!
I say each individual chooses to opt. in and support law enforcement or opt. out and You can call someone else when it’s required????
Make these people choose. I’ll bet they will cry their being picked on.
Typical law breaking, anti American malcontents!
What a waste of time and $$$.

2 months ago

do like dc call in 25000 national guard . send the bill to 1600 penn ave they have lots of money put it to good use for a change!…. change humm no pun intended .

Bob Perkins
2 months ago

I want to ask one simple question! Exactly what “race” was the proponent of the majority of these crimes, particularly the murders? I have an idea for which I will immediately be branded as a “racists!” That’s OK because I’m no longer associated with Baltimore! I worked there for about 15 years in the late 1960’s and all of the 1970’s! I loved every minute of it and still miss it to this day!
Come on folks, YOU can’t keep hiding behind the race card, you’ve got to wake up and admit you’ve got a serious racial problem that is the root cause of most of these problems! You had an outstanding young lady by the name of Kim Klacik who is well informed of the City’s problems and sought the Congressional seat left by the passing of Elijah Cummings, and what did you do? YOU elected some old Muslim named Kweisi Mfume!!! NOTHING will be accomplished by a person like Mfume, and YOU ALL knew that when you elected him! If “anyone” really cares about the Beautiful City of Baltimore, you’d better get in league with Ms. Klacik and elect some high caliber members to support her and get all the do nothing garbage out of office, so the “new team” can come in begin getting the radical racial problems under control!

2 months ago

Mayor Scott ain’t Black. He can’t be because what he is doing is racist.
Democrats on southern plantations used Blacks to inflict pain on Black slaves like the Democrats today are using Black politicians like Mayor Scott to murder Blacks in Baltimore today.

Last edited 2 months ago by DS M
2 months ago

That mayor is not a democrat. He is an anarchist. Why else would he do what he is doing?

Jay Hamilton
2 months ago

The idiots in Baltimore who continue to vote in democraps are getting exactly what they voted for!!

John fallon
2 months ago
Reply to  Jay Hamilton

I am not sure people elected these hateful morons, flipping machines have been around for decades at state and local levels, they have just recently been entered in national elections.
It is time to prove voter fraud and get people in office we actually voted for and clean up the mess these disgusting slugs have made of our once beautiful country, states, cities and towns.
The world needs us to be strong!!! MAGA!!!!!

2 months ago

If the citizens of Baltimore don’t stand up to their local government and demand more action towards crime they be be the next Portland. When the lives of your family are threatened on a daily basis by criminal elements you must hold the local government officials accountable.

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