Beijing’s Military, Maritime Militia ‘Likely Training’ to Strike US and Allies, Pentagon Says

China Chinese espionage FBI investigating militaryChina’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) bombers are likely training for strikes against the United States and its allies, and a massive fleet of maritime militia that’s controlled by Beijing is being used to support the regime’s aggression in the South China Sea and beyond, according to a new Pentagon report on the Chinese regime’s military capabilities.

The 2018 annual report to Congress on China’s military and security developments estimates that Beijing spent $190 billion on the military in 2017 alone, an increase from last year’s estimate of $180 billion, even as China’s GDP growth has stalled.

The Aug. 16 report explicitly described the PLA’s expansion and restlessness as being aimed at preparing for a war.

“Over the past three years, the PLA has rapidly expanded its overwater bomber operating areas, gaining experience in critical maritime regions and likely training for strikes against U.S. and allied targets,” the report says.

The description echoes numerous reports from Taiwan and Japan. Both countries have had increasing interceptions of Chinese aircraft and warships in the East China Sea and Western Pacific.

The report also says that some of the investments in China’s One Belt, One Road initiative around the world could advance “military advantages” for the Chinese regime.

Another new aspect highlighted in the report is China’s massive fleet of paramilitary sea forces that could be used to augment the PLA Navy in a war. The fleet consists of hundreds of ships from China’s coast guard—which is already the world’s largest—and the People’s Armed Forces Maritime Militia, which could mobilize vessels from China’s state-owned fishing fleet and other non-military sources.

The Chinese regime can use these paramilitary sea units to advance coercive territorial and maritime claims in the South and East China Seas, the report says.

Andrew Erickson, a professor of strategy at the U.S. Naval War College, says the new report’s focus on the Maritime Militia is important because it alerts the world to the force’s existence and thus could deter its future use.

The Chinese regime’s Ministry of National Defense issued a statement Aug. 17 blasting the Pentagon report, claiming that its military buildup is aimed at “upholding world peace and prosperity,” and criticizing the United States for having a “cold war mentality.”

The new report, however, doesn’t cover some potentially significant aspects of China’s military advance that have been documented by analysts elsewhere. For example, it doesn’t mention the PLA Navy’s prototype electromagnetic railgun that was widely reported earlier this year, which many observers say could become a game-changer in future naval warfare.

Meanwhile, the report does predict that the Chinese regime will start building a new aircraft carrier in 2018 that will feature a catapult to enable additional fixed-wing early-warning aircraft and more rapid flight operations. The construction of the third aircraft carrier has already been reported by some sources earlier this year and is further supported by recent photos uploaded to China’s social-media sites that supposedly show work underway in two Chinese shipbuilding yards.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Paul Huang

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3 years ago

Thank you Duckeye! If only they had listened to General MacArthur we would not have these problems with the CHICOMs and NORKs. True history not taught. Leftists have controlled writing history since Charles and Mary Beard. Our true heroes have been discredited and our domestic enemies have been praised.

Thomas H
3 years ago

PLA… PLO… coincidence?

3 years ago

While China is on the world wide course of hegemony; President Trump trying to return America to its greatness; yet, some in media and Congress are obsessed with Mueller. Can anyone explain why the Left is so bent on OUR destruction?

Glenn Rsmyr
3 years ago

Yes Glen. For complete domination of the political field and permanent control of the government.

Martin Steed
3 years ago

It MAY already be too late to do much of anything. The Chinese operate using a 50 year plan, updated every year. We, on the other hand think only about the next quarterly earnings report, or the next election, or sometimes, just the next spot quiz. We don’t teach our kids history, we don’t teach our kids government, we don’t teach our kids geography. Most cannot identify their own state on a map, let alone China. Few know anything about how our government is supposed to work. The only thing they learn about the founding fathers is that some of them were “slave owners”. They don’t learn who we won our freedom from. They don’t learn why the Civil War was fought. They are taught that we have what we have because we stole it from all the poor minorities around the world. No one man can change what the liberals have been working on for a hundred years.

Glenn Rsmyr
3 years ago
Reply to  Martin Steed

You’re right Martin but you got to start somewhere and you can’t give up the ship.

Don Cook
3 years ago

Heck! We have to take care of these looney Democrat Socialist here before we can worry about those fools in China. Us REAL Americans are going to be busy.

Brian B
3 years ago

Russia attacked Ukraine and took possession of Crimea with no meaningful opposition from NATO. Likewise, China is building it’s maritime infrastructure for similar invasions that they hope the free world will tolerate, if not ignore. These acts of aggression are essentially “dry runs” for the ultimate invasion of their biggest obstacle to world domination…….America.
These nations have no moral grounding that governs their behavior toward other nations. Their thirst for power is the driving force that supersedes any respect for human life or national sovereignty.
China has it’s eyes on all it’s Asian neighbors. But it’s ultimate prize is the United States.

Army Vet
3 years ago

Start sending arms to Taiwan, expand our missile defense to Guam, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. When are we going to create a Cyber Force to combat threat hacking of our infrastructure like our electric grid, stock market manipulations by the Chinese, Russians, and the likes of George Soros, election meddling through voting machines and outsourcing to a Spanish company owned by Soros? Most of all to secure our national and technological secrets from corporate espionage by the Chinese, and Russians, to secure government and private computers against theft of personal data, and to prevent loss of money, work time and commerce through denial of service attacks and ransomware? These issues have been around for decades and our politicians have had their heads lodged firmly if not in the sand then up their back sides.

3 years ago

I hope president Trump counters them in the Pacific due to the fact that they are trying to take over the waters in the Philippines that belong to the Filipinos. They are building false islands for military purposes all over the china sea. We need to have a bigger presence in that area with the Philippines and Japan. Build up the base on Luzon and have joined military maneuvers with Japan and the Philippines. China is building up their navy considerably and if we don’t hold them in check they will move right in.

Pete from St Pete
3 years ago
Reply to  Duckeye

I agree with you. However, it would have been a lot easier to help protect them if the Filipinos had not kicked most of our military out of their country a few years back.

Glenn Rsmyr
3 years ago

Yes that was with President Aquino. When I was there back then, all of the people I got opinions from said the majority of people did not agree with that but new people that did. The base is open now again I believe and is being rebuilt.

Glenn Rsmyr
3 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Rsmyr

I stand corrected. President of the Philippines wants all U.S. and foreign military out of the country. Does he think China wouldn’t set up shop? That’s probably what he wants but I don’t see that going over to well with the Filipinos. This guy is losing popularity more and more.

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