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Better for America: Breach of American Faith

America’s longest war has ended, leaving dishonor, a lack of political confidence, and incompetent leadership in its wake. Rebecca asks Bobby critical questions about the state of our nation following the disastrous finale in Afghanistan. The problems we face do not stop overseas. Reb and Rob discuss the continued failures of the Biden Administration and the effect they have on our lives – and our pocketbooks. Bobby ends this episode on a high note, remembering the can-do attitude of Teddy Roosevelt.

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Lynda Buchholz
1 month ago

I see both parties being corrupt. There is no accountability on either side and we have put the ability to change in the very hands that are the problem and no way are they going to limit themselves in any way. It frustrates me and I am sure many more, that our governing people are so corrupt.

1 month ago
Reply to  Lynda Buchholz

So, you voted for Biden and…….I’ve finally found someone who voted for him……Be Proud, Hate Trump and Wear your Mask…..

1 month ago

Have you considered that this administration is destroying our country on purpose?

Bill on the Hill
1 month ago

Thank you Rebecca & RBC…We now know this played itself by plan well in advance…What has happened in Afghanistan was by design & once again the ” clowns ” i.e. CIA were involved in this with respect to the freed ISIS members at Bagram, getting their hands on military ordinance, etc., hence the Kabul bombing attacks on innocent people, with many deaths resulting, including ( 13 ) members of our own military. This was totally unnecessary & completely avoidable…
What has occurred here will be the undoing of the Biden administration…Biden has now partnered with the Taliban ( terrorists ) & gave them a list, i.e. ( kill list ) of American names we want back.
The Biden administration has made a complete mockery out of our US military, the soldiers that have to live with civilian decisions coming out of the WH & the Pentagon. The woke Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon are up to their necks in this nightmare…
China is now ready to move right into Afghanistan to begin extracting earth’s minerals for their nation with the cooperation of the terrorist group Taliban, formerly the Mujahedeen…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Mary M
1 month ago

How do conservatives make sure that the time we spend going to vote is not wiped out by corruption? Just look at what happened with the last election. This is what is at the heart of our problem. We would not have this problem if we didn’t have an army of detractors, subverts meddling.
I am not a person of means. I am a Christian and conservative, there are many like me. However I will never again contribute to a campaign (collectively) that renders me poorer only to watch deceivers ruin everything.

Eddie Van Halen
1 month ago
Reply to  Mary M

Yeah. Those of us who gave $100 mo. to Trump campaign only to see this.
And I’m not a “person of means” either.

Marly P
1 month ago

I understand your frustration, but your money did help Trump win 2020. He just had to let them cheat to start the awakening of the populous to the mass corruption beyond the fake press. This is proving to be a world awakening, so your $100 was very valuable.

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