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Better for America: Immigration’s Illegal Highway with Dr. Jon Spiers

Better for America brings Dr. Jon Spiers to the stage to shine a light on the very dark situation at the US Southern Border. This month, Rebecca and the BFA team traveled to Del Rio, Texas, to see firsthand how bad the situation truly is. There we met Dr. Jon Spiers – a surgeon, lawyer and current candidate for Texas Land Commissioner. As a Texas resident, Dr. Spiers shares how our President’s open border policies there have directly contributed to one of the most egregious forms of modern day slavery . Tune in to hear why Dr. Spiers believes the border crisis is the number one problem facing America today!

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greg hansen
8 months ago

I believe Biden is the strongest Godfather in the world. He can allow illegal immigrants, terrorists & criminals to enter our country violating his oath of office and aiding & abetting law breakers & drug dealers with no republican politician threatening to stop him or impeach him.

8 months ago
Reply to  greg hansen

The “threat” of impeachment gives the news media (which is mostly, not entirely, a propaganda outlet for the Democrap Party) a chance to allow the Democraps to appear to defend and persuade and get the message out to member Dcraps to support whatever the upper controlling Commune does and wants. If we want our Nation to veer away from the liberal left-wing sewer of leadership, the Democraps must be voted out of office … period. The situation is not self cleaning … the voters have to do it from the election voting process, which failed in the last POTUS election. I still believe the American voters will make the best decisions if the election is not rigged. Remember, the Democraps want to RULE the Nation, but the Republicans want to GOVERN the Nation.

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