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Better For America Podcast: Biden’s Riptide of Failures

Reb and Rob dedicate this episode to the victims, families, heroes, and all those affected by the tragic events of 9/11. It would seem that on this 20th anniversary of that fateful day, the Biden Administration has poured salt in the wound with their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Rebecca and Bobby recount Biden’s ever-growing roster of failures over the last eight months, and wrap this episode with a story filled with optimism and hope from a veteran who fought in the battle at Omaha Beach in Normandy!

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Julie De Luca
2 months ago

The Chinese government is developing biological weapons that can attack DNA strands specific to targeted racial groups.

According to Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” these “ethnic-specific pathogens” could amount to “civilization killers,” and leave China as the world’s “only viable civilization.”

This development is happening as China amasses the largest collection of American DNA profiles, even larger than what the United States has, through the purchase of DNA sequencing companies.

We sat down with Gordon Chang to learn more about why these developments necessitate the immediate attention of the U.S. government, and of governments around the world.
-Epoch News

2 months ago

Very nice article…we should acknowledge our Veterans, Law enforcement, Firemen, and EMS workers…
God is still in charge…and he knows what is happening.

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