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Better for America Podcast: Courage is Contagious with Kellyanna Brooking

This week, BFA welcomes its youngest guest to date, 13-year-old conservative warrior Kellyanna Brooking from Seattle, Washington. Before becoming a Turning Point USA President and Ambassador, Kellyanna noticed the polarizing cultural shift in the summer of 2020 with the push to “Defund the Police” and the attempt to divide students in the classroom on the issue of race. Unlike most young Americans, Kellyanna was brave enough to ask the questions necessary to expose the snakes in the grass. Join us to learn how Kellyanna’s life has completely changed after standing up to her school board and her bright future ahead!

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Mary Curry
1 month ago

What an inspiration to see a young person who is speaking out for our values. God bless her!

1 month ago

Thank you Rebecca for having Kellyanna on your podcast in order to get the Turning Point USA younger generation fighting for America voice out there. It’s so nice to hear the positive knowledge of Kellyanna and the understanding of what real truth is. God bless her and use her to help our country grow stronger by hearing the new generations speaking out for America and fighting the evil. We need more of these fighters and workers. The college age are being so gullible to what they are being taught at college. Not all, but to many are weak, selfish, out for fun only, and not directing their lives to help the America they live in. We need professors who don’t rule and teach division, lies and communism in our colleges. What a great America we would have if those teachers cared about the truth and making American freedom special to the young adults they teach.

1 month ago

very impressed with both

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