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Better for America Podcast: Washington’s Tyrants with Congressman Ron Estes

Has the purpose of our federal government been lost? Congressman Ron Estes join the BFA podcast to give listeners an inside look at his ultimate goal for serving the people; streamlining procedures to align with what constituents want, not lining career politicians’ wallets. From day one President Biden has stumbled out of the gate, join Rebecca and Rep. Estes as they unfold the worst policy decisions of the year!

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5 months ago

You want to fix this overspending, overtaxing, fiat currency printing (which would be called counterfeiting if anyone else did it), war mongering (& with a weakened military) government?
VOTE LIBERTARIAN. No one agrees with everything any political party does. If you don’t like the libertarian once they’re in office, you can always vote for someone else next election, but TRY THEM OUT. What have you got to lose?
Libertarians are for small government, low taxes, adherence to the Constitution as the law of the land, adherence to the freedoms guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. We are for bodily autonomy, including decriminalizing, legalizing, and taxing them. This has worked in Portugal, and we could learn much from them. Most people crave something they’re forbidden to have, then they get hooked. We believe in getting these people the help they need. This is also part.of.body autonomy. We have LOST the “War on Drugs” long ago. When all these drugs were legal, we didn’t have the drug problems we see today. In fact, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) was started during Prohibition because of the surge in alcoholism. We no longer have such a huge problem since alcohol was legalized.
Biden IS A HARD CORE COMMUNIST, foing just by his actions. He wants a federal digital currency to monitor every single transaction, and to freeze the accounts of those who disagree with him or do something that opposes his platform. He wants to federalize elections, which is explicitly against the Constitution, and as written, would perpetuate the issues pointed out in the 2020 elections. In addition, it would ensure an all one party legislature and executive, which could result in Biden’s stated dream of court packing. It could also result in the end of the Constitutional succession once a president resigns or becomes too sick or disabled to continue. We have already had presidents become too ill yet don’t step down, the most recent of which was FDR.
If nothing else, the 2 parties need to allow the largest and fastest growing of all 3rd party political parties, the Libertarian Party, in on all applicable televised debates. It’s time to admit the GOP is no longer in favor of limited government or a balanced budget, and the Democrats are Socialists, the progressive wing are full out communists. It’s time for more parties to be allowed to debate and to be covered by the news. If the existence of Libertarians scares existing politicians, GOOD! GREAT! It’s about time they were scared of something.

Mark Stellinga
5 months ago

Hi Rebecca,
I was wondering if you might be interested in posting a small group of political satire poems on your site for your readers to relish. Submitted by poet, Ilene Write, there are a dozen at the moment that I’ve been asked to share with our fellow conservatives. I’m a poet as well, and we’re about as conservative as it gets, so I’m more than happy to oblige.

Please let us know if you receive this email,

Kind regards,
Mark Stellinga (feel free to Google me)
Tiffin, IA
319-331-1949 any time

Joe Eisen
5 months ago

Waiting for all broken laws to be enforced retroactively. Arrests, convictions and imprisonment.

5 months ago
Reply to  Joe Eisen

I’m waiting to see if Hillary Clinton will ever stand trial for selling Uranium 1 to Russia, which means that Russia gets 20% of its uraniun through that company…URANIUM MINED IN THE US…or for Benghazi, where the military was told not to respond to their cries for help and we were told that this 2nd 9/11 attack was because of a YouTube video. No. 9/11 is the date on which expansion of the Muslim Ottoman Empire into Europe was stopped by Austrian forces, a “humilliation” extremists have never forgotten. Also when will she be held accountable for keeping classified information on her own server and an iPhone, and for “losing” so many Blackberry devices full of classified information. How about when she & Bill stole releif supplies from Haiti when the country was trying to recover from a giant quake? Then there are the recent allegations about the Steele dossier, Fusion GPS, & that in fact she paid for that, used it to involve the FBI and other alphabet agencies, even to get a FISA wiretapping warrant, in hopes of winning the election. I’d like to see her NOT get off the hook for even ONE thing on that list. So far, she is pure teflon. Nobody dares to touch her. WHY???

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