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Biden Betrayed Afghan Girls


In another undiscussed, thoughtfulness, devastating blow – President Biden not only left Americans and allies to die in Afghanistan but devastated millions of little girls, erased any chance for a formal education, reduced them again to property, and destroyed their hope.

Between 2001 and 2020, the life of girls across Afghanistan – and women – changed 180 degrees. Prior to 2001’s destruction of Taliban rule, one million boys got educated, less than 5000 girls.

By 2016, 10 times that number of children were being educated – a process that, until this fall, was on track to continue, bringing everything from math, science, literature, and history to young, hopeful Afghan children. This was the real movement slowly changing that nation.

Of more than nine million, “an estimated 39 percent” were girls. Roughly 32 times the number of kids were graduating from secondary schools in 2015 than in 2001. USAID recorded almost 22 times as many university enrollments. See, e.g., Education in Afghanistan; Women’s Education: Afghanistan’s Biggest Success Story Now at Risk.

Although all levels of education were regionally low – for both genders – the numbers continued to rise. Cultural pressures pushed against girls’ education, but long-term projections were hopeful. And the word was getting out – this was a nation-changer. See, e.g., “I Won’t Be a Doctor, and One Day You’ll Be Sick”.

As more young Afghans graduated, and as girls grew into women and took top posts in communities, business, education, government, things were changing. Virtually any women’s rights group, education-related non-government organization (NGO), or tracker corroborated this vital trendline – until August 31, 2021.

On that day, Mr. Biden shocked the system, literally devastating more than 10 million young Afghans, throwing at least four million girls permanently out of the educational system. See, e.g., The U.S. Is Leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban Is Growing in Power, and Education for Girls and Women Is Already at Risk.

When announcements are made by the Taliban, repeated by the Biden team and liberal US media, saying the Afghan public educational system has restarted – do not believe it. See, e.g., Afghanistan: Girls excluded as Afghan secondary schools reopen; Taliban say Afghan boys’ schools to reopen, no mention of girls.

Restarted are the 2001 process of religious education, minimal training for boys, and zero education for girls. For many, their educations are now effectively over unless they escape. For many, their lives are being sold into child-bride status to terrorists. Thank you, Mr. Biden.

Mr. Biden’s precipitous, non-conditional, give-it-all-away, run to exit – was the opposite of Mr. Trump’s insistence on continued education for girls in a peace deal, followed by conditional withdrawal, with credible enforcement by a credible Afghan government.

The sadness of this is almost too much, as it was entirely avoidable. Biden need only have continued Trump’s robust, conditional peace process, kept US troops at Bagram, maintained security at forward operating locations, kept control of tens of billions of sophisticated communications, combat, and transportation equipment, moved to integrate the Afghan government fully into the process – while continuing to educate girls.

If that course had been taken, instead of the unforgivable, unplanned, disgraceful scamper from terrorist threats – for misconceived political advantage – millions of Afghan girls would still be in school, learning, hoping, aspiring, lives filled with hope, not unthinkable misery and pain.

The magnitude of this miscalculation – not being discussed anywhere – is breathtaking. The enormity of the misery that Mr. Biden and his feckless, uncaring, untruthful team has imposed on these girls in one fell swoop – should cause every American, liberal and conservative, old and young, rich and poor, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim to stop – and ask, “How could you do this?”

This is a humanitarian crisis occurring at this very moment. The agony will increase as time passes, as lives are taken away, stripped of their young dignity and hoped-for destiny. Again, thank you, Mr. Biden.

If the plight of young people, young girls especially, mattered anywhere – it mattered where their education could change the future for generations by just sticking with them, working to assure that we did not step away until they were on solid ground and protected. Biden did not do that.

Instead, like abandoning Americans and allies, Biden and his thoughtless team abandoned these girls – by the millions – to a fate that is sad, somber, but incontrovertible. What was, is no more.

So, where is the accountability, outrage from left, right, and middle? Where are reporters by herds seeking answers, making the point, or Hollywood saying, “Do not let this happen!”

Where are millions of US teachers, many women, and teachers’ unions who ostensibly care about children and who speak for causes from education to women’s rights?

Answer: Silent, as they were prior to the August 31 travesty, the Big Betrayal – of Americans, of Girls, Women, Education, Hope – on an unprecedented scale. None of it had to go this way. Mr. Biden’s indifference made it so.

In a country where four in ten citizens are under 15, and four in ten of those were girls in school, this development was changing everything. Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump knew it, knew it mattered, stayed to assure it happened, with security and governance. A third of all teachers were women; another reality suddenly ended. See, e.g., Education in Afghanistan; List of schools in Afghanistan.

That is all over now. The Taliban are back – no education for girls. I hate to deliver bad news, hate it more when reversing it seems hard, but some acts are indefensible, must be understood. Yes, brave souls will keep hoping, pressing, trying for leverage, speaking – willing to die. But that is not where we were, or should be now.

Objectively, on top of all the rest of this mess, Biden and his foreign policy team committed an act of genuine repugnance, of deceit and reproach, replacing hope with horror for Afghanistan’s girls. When will the press hold Biden accountable – or will we pivot away again, content to be indifferent? Biden destroyed hope for millions of girls – someone should say so.

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anna hubert
3 months ago

their religion is the most reactionary force on this earth unless that changes nothing will

10 months ago

Why not? He has betrayed all of America and Europe with all his ignorance.

10 months ago

I was cut off once again and when I called AMAC they said that Comcast was the culprit this time. I have been cut off three times before.I told them I want to read Mr. Charles’ reports as he always hits it so correctly. I read every comment carefully and I still see so much clueless rhetoric.from people who have not had the experiences I have had. I cannot blame you but you really need to hear from people like me or my husband (born in Berlin in 1938 and suffered under communism until the age of 18). We have always believed that education is so critical to the people in this world. I have read about so many wonderful people who have given their lives to ensuring that eduction will be available to everyone regardless of sex, race, etc. I keep praying that God will be able to free the people of Afghanistan from the horrible future they have. I am sickened by the women in this country who cannot bring themselves to fight this horrible group here who try so much to bring marxism to this country! I am 81+ years and I have seen so much that it would make you all ill. Recently I had a woman I have so admired and thought she was so good with her poetry and photography books. I looked her up as I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday. She just lost her daughter to a Fetenayldrug overdose. It was one of the drugs that the cartels are bringing over the border that the current government “regime” has made so porous again thanks to biden and his ilk! I could go on and on but I need to stop. Thank you Mr. Charles for bringing attention to this very sad situation. Sincerely, Carol

tom B
10 months ago

I’m so tired of these women movements in this country. do something truly critical and push for safety and fairness to all these damn countries that treat women less than farm animals. I challenge men to do the same. We have become a self absorbed bunch who thinks we have it so tough? really? Are suffering from a hang nail? A bad Mohito? Let’s get our heads straight please and fire our outrage at those TRULY discriminating against people. Remember, strict Muslims are killing homosexuals… it’s a sick fact… it is so easy to come after the US as you won’t die from your protest. Ask those poor women in Afganistan who are being whipped, raped, killed and given no rights. Our movements sicken me in comparison.

10 months ago

In my opinion Biden has never respected women. Just look at how he treats them. Sniffing hair, touching inappropriately etc so I doubt he really cares about they that are now trapped being beaten,killed or married off by the Taliban. He is a danger to this country and the rest of the free world. His love of socialism/communism has always been on display but is becoming more and more radical as is with the rest of the Democrats. Particularly whose in high places. One day if this continues it’s going to come back and bite them and us because, when you invite the fox into the hen house it’s the hens that lose, and that is what they are doing bring all these people in to our country. What is happening in Afghanistan could and will happen in this country if it is not stopped.

10 months ago

I can only say, never trust or believe a Democrat. They are destroying our wonderful country and coluding with terrorists. It’s as simple as that.

10 months ago

Lyin’ Biden is a total disgrace to America and her Allies.

Chris B. Grodhaus
10 months ago

And every man should own 4 of them…. NOT! CHRIS

Dave Smith
10 months ago

Sippy Cup joe made a deal with his buddies the taliban…he gets an invitation to all the forced marriages of 12-year old girls to 50-year old “men” so he can smell their hair as he walks them down the aisle before their lifetime of rape and torture…built back better! That orange guy Trump used to just kill scumbags like that without even a warning from his chairman of the joint chiefs…can you imagine how terrible our allies thought of such mean things? No one respects someone who tells the truth and carries out strong decisive actions against terrorists, c’mon man! You have to show how strong you are by running away in the night without telling anyone and then give your enemies the names of all the Americans and Afghans who helped you…that’s real “adults in charge” leadership the likes no “mean-tweeter” could ever accomplish! And those who didn’t walk proudly to the airport in Kabul probably wanted to stay behind anyway. It’s their fault for supporting global warming and white supremacy!

J. Farley
10 months ago

I was raised in the day that your word was your bond, if you did something wrong or made a mistake or bad decision, you did everything within your power to correct the issue, but, with Lying Biden, his word is no better than the last lie he told and the last lie is whenever he last opened his mouth. Biden is the first person in my lifetime that resides in the Oval Office that has never told the truth in the whole time he has held Public Office. Thanks allot to all the slime-balls that voted for or helped rig the Election to put this half-wit in office. He and his Minion, have not made one right decision in the whole 9 months that he has been in office.
Everyday that he and the Democrats are in office is another day we move closer to a Communist Dictatorship in America, and we can’t stop it because of the corrupt Judges and a lying News Media and all the Weak people that won’t free stuff and the Foreign Invasion at our Southern border, people who only want to Rape America of its wealth and will never except our freedoms and Protect and Defend Constitution. One more year of Hidden, Lying Joe Biden and you can kiss America good by.
I want my Free America back !!

10 months ago


I kind of have to laugh when I hear the Taliban saying they will educate women in Afghanistan to “the limits permissible under Islamic law” or that they will “consult with Islamic scholars on the matter.” This is the same nonsense they fed western journalists in the 1990’s. It is well known that under fundamentalist Islam, women and children have NO rights and are treated as little more than property by the man. Male children have some value, so they are permitted to be trained in the Quran so they can grow up to be the next generation of brutal oppressors stuck worshipping a 7th century Bedouin warlord that pretended to be a messenger of God.

Biden in essence has sentenced every girl and woman in Afghanistan to a life sentence of slavery and abuse. The Taliban don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of them. They didn’t in the 1990’s and they don’t now. They are already doing deals with China, Iran and possibly even Russia. They are doing what they believe is the supposed will of Allah in their sick minds. It is what it is and at this point all we can do is watch as the people of Afghanistan are dragged back to the 7th century. I hear news reports of people being shot or beheaded every day, yet the media in this country has moved back to hyping Covid or something else to avoid reporting on any of it. So the Washington two-step continues.

Last edited 10 months ago by PaulE
10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

TRUE AGAIN, Islam is what it is, it has never changed over the centuries. Islam does not have to honor its word to infidels so they lie right to your face so they can get what they want on their time schedule.

10 months ago
Reply to  Max

Sounds like biden

Chris B. Grodhaus
10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I will never say any religion is wrong. In Afghanistan girls and women are Slaves, Farm animals, Maids, Cooks, Prostitutes and Baby factories. Culture differences. BUT why do American women vote Democrat??? Change Afghanistan back to old ways? I do not understand it? Can anyone explain to me (a moron)? CHRIS

10 months ago

I am as sick of this as anyone else in their right mind should be…
So…. what do we do?!

Susan curry
10 months ago

I am sick of the Democratic Party ruining peoples lives

10 months ago

Let’s Face It! . . . What Hasn’t Biden Failed At?

Stephen Russell
10 months ago

for Genocide by gender, Nazi Dems again

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