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Biden-Harris – Systemic Incompetence


The unfolding drama – tragedy of Shakespearean proportions – in Afghanistan, created by mindboggling incompetence in the Biden-Harris White House and State Department – stands alone. It is emblematic of a broader problem: Systemic incompetence.

To watch an American president stammer before the world, defending an avoidable failure of policy, planning, and execution, leaving thousands stranded in terror – is heartbreaking, defies our can-do history, ideals, and every American’s inner hopes. Flanked by tin soldiers, a black-masked Vice President and Secretary of State only adds to the sense of theatrical nonsense.

Reality is sweeping the country, media to main street: The Biden-Harris team is stumbling, ideologically distracted, over-impressed, under-focused, systemically incompetent. Like the Midas touch in reverse, what they touch withers, wilts, and suffers.

In Afghanistan, between 15 and 40 thousand Americans, based on internal documents, were left flat-footed by the sudden withdrawal and predictable collapse; many will not get safely out.

Another 20 to 40 thousand Afghans who put faith in us, who were promised safe passage by special visa, also may not get out.

Shockingly, internal sources report Biden’s State Department not only deprioritized them – knowing they may die without protection – but put only four employees on processing 20,000 applications. That is either breathtaking incompetence or heartless.

Then we learn that to shift blame to Defense, Biden’s Secretary of State signed in July – a document abolishing the bureau charged with evacuating Americans from danger, the “Crisis and Contingency Response” (CCR) Bureau. It got 100,000 Americans safely home in 2020.

State at first hid this fact, delaying notification to Congress. Then, they tried to hide their statutory obligation for evacuation, which resides at State not with Defense, under federal law.

Pivoting again, they downplayed Trump’s creation of the bureau, suggesting the Consular Affairs Bureau, which put four employees on 20,0000 emergency Afghan visa applications, has evacuation covered. Really? Facts say otherwise.

Then we learn a phalanx of Foreign Service Officers used the “dissent channel” to warn the Secretary and White House – this is going to be a disaster. That memo was ignored.

Now, we see the president blame everyone from our intelligence community and under-supported Afghans to past presidents and US allies. We see him say Americans will not be hurt, as they are dragged from cars and beaten.

We hear him say all 15 to 40 thousand will be rescued when they cannot get to the Kabul airport, are told to “shelter in place,” are not retrieved, and he cannot say how many are there.

We hear him say al Qaida is not in the country; then his own Defense Department says they are. We hear him say allies are not furious, adversaries not emboldened, credibility unharmed – when all know all that is false.

What this travesty tells us is bigger than foreign policy and national security mismanagement and dissembling. This cascading national security failure signals systemic incompetence. We are witnessing runaway federal spending; as inflation accelerates, federal debt shoots for 30 trillion, Social Security trustees labor to deliver bad news on solvency.

We see abdication of law enforcement on the border, attacks on law enforcement across the country, homicides, and drug overdoses at record levels. We are seeing failure to care for American citizens, as sick illegal aliens are secretly shipped to towns that cannot manage them.

We see fanning of racial tensions, attacks on culture, history, moral fiber, constitutional rights, and institutions – from attempts to intimidate individual Supreme Court justices to court-packing, abuse of legislative process to executive orders ignoring Supreme Court rulings.

We see an executive indifference toward – and collusion with social media monopolists to suppress – free speech, worship, assembly, rights preserved by the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, and 10th Amendments. We see ignorance and politics converging to trample knowledge, history, and law.

So, where is the hope? Hope lies where it always has, in three facts, each in sharp opposition to Biden-Harris’s systemic incompetence.

First, widespread awareness of central facts – near-universal acknowledgment by liberals, conservatives, and centrists that this administration is flailing, sets up consensus correction. Whether that is constitutionally, legislatively, or electorally is unclear.

Second, history teaches that America tends to indulge poor leadership, only to a point. We then snap back – responding with decisive action. We seem to be approaching the point when corrective action is needed on both foreign and domestic policy. Optimally, level heads prevail.

Third, electoral corrections in 2022 and 2024, while requiring patience, assurance of election integrity, renewed confidence in the process, and peaceable assembly – are likely. These corrections may begin with House and Senate, extend to the White House, but will likely involve major rethinking about party loyalty, State, and local elections down to school board.

Net-net, crises are never fun, nor correcting leadership failure. Americans would rather live at peace, undisturbed, free from government failures. But sometimes, things must be put right. As Americans watch Afghanistan in near-universal disbelief, Biden-Harris is demonstrating systemic incompetence on an order seldom seen. National correction approaches.

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3 months ago

Where are all these level headed people who are going to right the wrong going on in our government. We cannot wait for 2022. It will be way too late!

3 months ago

Resignation is too easy for a corrupt, incompetent with blood on his hands – lots of itt. First Impeach. Then Court Marshall.

Gail Carpenter
3 months ago

I honest

3 months ago

Republican leaders along with all freedom loving leaders must agree to the following; on September 11, 2021 we must have an American rally in Washington D C with millions and millions of freedom loving citizens to shut down this corrupt government of the Democrats. This war has smoldered long enough it is time to let this city burn out it’s evil corruption. The Democrats have burned their cities throughout America and expanded their evil with ANTIFA AND BLM. Biden will not protect American citizens at the border in any where in the world he is saying with his actions you are not my care. He will need every division of his followers to protect his bunker, and we will see if he can get Americans to kill Americans. Biden and most Democrats have brought insurrection to America, in Chicago, DC, and every Democrat strong hold in America, so let the first battle of this war begin where Biden has started it. He has half the country so this battle will most likely be very red with blood so go dig your own grave if fear rules your slavery agenda. Please send this to every Freedom loving leader you know Biden you are DONE DONE DONE AND ALL YOUR DEMON FOLLOWERS. AMERICA WILL SPIT ON YOUR GRAVES YOU HUNTER AND EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR CORRUPT FAMILY AND FOLLOWERS. YOU HAVE THREATENED AMERICA FOR THE LAST TIME. YOU HAVE CREATED AN AMERICAH TALIBON AND AMERICAN ISASS AND WE ARE NOT TERRORIST AS YOU KNOW FOR AMERICA NEVER LOOSES, AND THE ONLY TERROR IT WILL BRING IS TO YOUR CURRENT FOLLOWERS AND HATERS OF THIS GREAT LAND. YOUR AMERICA SURRENDERS BECAUSE IT SEEKS POWER AT ANY AND ALL COST. WE NEED MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF AMERICANS AT THIS TIME TO TAKE BACK AMERICA THE BATTLE STRATS IN D C . JILL YOUR DRUGS CANT HELP YOUR DEMENTED HUSBAND. ISIAH 5:20. Pelosie the insurrection you missed was the one YOU AND JOE STARTED, that took place on January 20, 2020. Get your head out of A O C’s ass and go eat your f—ing ice cream in your crap cover home. You and Joe have no power for all you have is a title, WE THE PEOPLE ARE REMOVING YOUR TITLES AND SENDING YOU TO YOUR COVID HOME CHINA. SEE IF CHI WILL SHARE HIS POWER WITH CHUMP WEAK CRAP AS YOU AND JOE. FREDOM AMERICA HAS MUCH WORK TO DO IT IS TODAY NOT NEXT YEAR NOT TOMORROW IT IS NOW. THEY HAVE SHOWN THEIR COLORS AND THEY ARE EVIL. NO COMPRAMISE WITH EVIL IN ANY WAY. BIPARTISAN WITH EVIL IS NEVER POSSIBLE FOR IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO CORRUPT THE WHOLE. DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS ARE A LIVING EXAMPLE OF THIS TRUTH. WE HAVE TWO WEEKS AND TWO DAYS GO AND GET READY NO TALK JUST ACTION.

3 months ago
Reply to  rjb

We can hope that this travesty of a presdient and the catastrophe he orchestrated will be the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party — and the Socialist wing that helped destroy it. Imagine an idiot girl graduate of Boston U with NO expertise in anything is dictating policy to all of us!!!

Eli 7777
3 months ago

Biden with the Socialist/Communist Democrats are pushing their agenda. They are systematically allowing the influx of illegals across the border, busing, housing and flying them around on tax payers funds. The Biden administration has deliberately sabotaged the U.S., bringing many Afghanistan Muslims, on their 500 million dollar budget here, while charging Americans $2,000 for their return. This is a follow up on Obama’s agenda. Obama’s father was Muslim, so he brought many Muslims to the U.S.. He said in his book, if he political winds should shift, he would stand with Muslims. Biden has been pro China, so now he has just weakened the U.S. again, while empowering Communist China. Pelosi and George Soros had Anti Trump Resistance Conferences in 2016-2017 to regain their Socialist power. If we don’t stand up, and let others know, the U.S. is lost. Canada, Australia, and other nations may be waking up too late. Stop Critical Race Theory in our schools, which is part of the Marxist BLM, Cancel Culture agenda, using the racism.

3 months ago

They all need to be hung for TREASON!!!

Diane Provost
3 months ago

Wow! You nailed it. Succinct but complete description of what is sadly going on in our country. And ‘Systemic incompetence’ is a great description—truthful and spot-on.

3 months ago

Yesterday, in Biden’s update speech, he sd “we’re changing America” or something like that, just like Obama used to say, but no one has sd anything about that.

Bruce Wolf
3 months ago
Reply to  Maryanne

Yes they did, just as today, those voices are stifled and reported over with lies they want you to believe
as the truth

3 months ago

Incompetence or intentional the consequences are similar. The US is at a nadir of weakness and facing three plus years of the same loathsome leadership. One must wonder if Biden is being paid off by CCP to leave Afghanistan for them to exploit, both natural resources and American military treasures. Maybe the VP is plotting the details during her tour. An impeachment is tempting but almost too easy; could it be a Marxist Democratic communist party trap? Time will tell. And rather than imagine the worst I prefer to hope for the best as laid out in the article, and plan for the worst.

3 months ago

Do not agree that this is failed leadership, but intentionally being brought on the American people on all fronts in order to change this Republic. It is the duty of American Military to uphold and defend the Constitution. So is it wrong to disobey the Commander and Chief and move into parts of Afghanistan and extract our fellow Americans? A Government who has no qualms with funding hideous abortions leaves in question the fate of our fellow American in Afghanistan . We must call on all Constitutional minded elected leaders in this Country to Unite against this barbaric assault on those who live and respect this Constitutional Republic and stop those so called elected leaders who are costing American lives through the crisis at the Boarder, Afghanistan and in the womb. I ask AMAC to advocate and do not let up for we all are in a bad way as long as this Administration moves forward with these destructive actions, guised as poor decisions.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago

Don’t think for a second this was bumbling incompetency on the Biden administrations part, on the contrary, is was done by design from the get go, i.e. once again the US is deliberately being flooded with foreign immigrants, this time, mostly men from a Muslim nation. We know full well how the Islamic radicals love us, don’t we? Look at our southern border & 24/7 flights into Texas from Central America on Southwest Airline planes, chock full of illegal immigrants & being flown to all points around the country. Is this gross incompetence too? Hardly, it is ALL by design & it continues unabated…
We are under attack & it is fully coordinated by the ” Insurgent Force ” currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…Effective immediately – It is time for their REMOVAL & placed under arrest…
The time to act is now & if the US military won’t do it, then We The People will do it…
Bill on the Hill…

3 months ago

If we were China this would not be tolerated. They don’t let Muslims into their country. We shouldn’t either.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago
Reply to  Carol

Same with Japan Carol…China is threatening them also, Japan learned a hard lesson from WW11 with respect to their barbaric ways, however they have indeed come a long ways since that horrific time in history…They forbid Muslims entry in their nation quite some time ago actually, with very few if any exceptions…President Trump was called a racist & xenophobic by MSM & the Democrats, along with the RINO’s with his flight restrictions on numerous Islamic countries, now look what JRB is doing, he is flying primarily male Islamic Afghanis’ out of Qatar directly into military bases in the states, lest we forget a completely unsecured southern border now with 200,000 plus illegal immigrants walking right in from around the globe, lest we forget the military & now Southwest Airline flights down to central America, loaded up with illegal immigrants & flown to Del Rio, Texas for processing & then bussed & flown to all points around our nation, 24/7…Add it all up, sounds like an invasion force being built up from within & ready to attack us when commanded to do so. Nothing good will come from this…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

3 months ago

The Biden group of complete and utterly incompetent Dems, and those appointed by the goofball, are so back asswards on EVERYTHING that they can’t muster up any common sense on any issue facing the country. Dems are the dumbest people around.

3 months ago
Reply to  Robert

Do you really think they are incompetent? I think it’s all by design.

3 months ago

Your monitor stated I had already voted for a comment which was posted only four hours ago. The last time I was on this thread was Aug. 23rd, which was yesterday. I have not voted for any comments other than the one I’m referring to.
I also figure since we are ‘mature adults’ that we’re completely able to decide what is appropriate or not. Monitoring for terrorist supporting behavior is understood, but other than that your monitoring as it stands is no better than Facebook’s Chinese Fact Checkers.

3 months ago

Tin soldiers, indeed. Gen. Milley, dispensing woke edicts and useless strategic advice has become Gen. Milli Vanilli: his lips move, but he says nothing.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago
Reply to  Phillip

This sad example of an Army officer along with his WOKE make believe general Austin, should be strung up from the nearest tree available, next…No racism here, vanilla & chocolate, what they call equity…
Bill on the Hill…

Bill Scanlon
3 months ago

Electoral correction REQUIRES getting rid of the machines. They were hacked in the 2020 election by China and they will be again.

J. Shenk
3 months ago

Obama said it best. “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f#@* things up.” (Stunning that an American President would allow himself to be quoted making a statement that brutally critical of his own VP.)

Di B
3 months ago

As always, Mr. Charles, a very insightful article. “National correction approaches” – from your lips to God’s ears!

3 months ago

SAVE THE ELECTORAL PROCESS so we can remove our problems LEGALLY !!! We must show ID for almost everything, so why should we not be required to show ID for voting ?

Mario Capparuccini
3 months ago

I like Mr. Charles’ articles very much, but without election reform, the oligarchy will be able to manipulate future election results to suit their purposes. Their purposes are not moral, neither do they align with our constitution. They are communists to the core and desire to keep the rest of us under their control.

Nick Patriot
3 months ago

I’m amazed at the amount of folks who read this forum that still don’t get this fact, sir.

John D. Beach
3 months ago

Man proposes, God disposes. God has fore-ordained. Man can choose to conform, one way, or the other. Historically, we have chosen to be moral, and to be on the side of moral rectitude, and to correct ourselves and others who pursued policies which were not. The advent of communication (telephones) and transportation (vehicles) technology, at the dawn of the 20th century, was the cause of great corruption which is at the heart of, literally, all of the problems in society, today. Despite these two most pervasive and enabling technologies, the current world situation is what it is because of communications and transportation and the natural resources needed to make them and fuel them. Between communications and transportation, they can’t fix the problems. Having the means, they can’t fix the problems. Having the means, they were not prepared. If the power to lose is a choice, the will to survive will replace it. America will self-correct and it won’t be pretty.

3 months ago
Reply to  John D. Beach

Telephones and vehicles, really? Have you or someone you know never called 9-1-1 or been taken to the hospital in an ambulance? I’ll bet that in 1969, you watched television coverage of the moon landing, along with communication between NASA and the astronauts. I’ll also wager that you drive to the grocery store, while on vacation, and to the baseball game.

And technology has gotten your comment published to the delight of all of us here at AMAC. “People” have been warring against each other for hundreds of thousands of years.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kim
3 months ago
Reply to  Kim

Sometimes I am amazed at some of these comments.

3 months ago
Reply to  Kim

I think I see where Mr. Beach is going in decrying technology. You have illustrated the benefits, but any tool can be used for evil as well.

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